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The World is flat
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The World is flat

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Relayed on Jorge Saguinsin's Entrep class by Loewen S. Kho. A book on globalization and the factors that made globalization possible.

Relayed on Jorge Saguinsin's Entrep class by Loewen S. Kho. A book on globalization and the factors that made globalization possible.

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  • 1. Globalization leveling the playing field Increases opportunities Makes work more competitive
  • 2. “Flatteners” Barriers are broken through improved communication More things are getting done through collaboration Technology: PC, Faster Internet, and Better Software
  • 3. Collapse of Berlin Wall Ended the Cold War Fall of communism in Europe: Germany Capitalism: Free Market Capitalism
  • 4. Rise of the PC Microsoft Windows (1981) Windows 3.0 – Better GUI – 1990 Improved productivity and communication
  • 5. Netscape Web Browser – used to browse content on the web Mosaic to Netscape to internet explorer to mozilla to Chrome. Made internet accessible to everyone Paved the way to better communication Internet became truly integrated.
  • 6. Workflow Software Software technologies that allowed work to flow. XML + SOAP + DBMS Middleware was developed to allow two different systems to be connected. Advanced software and internet communications allowed work separated into sub groups. Allowed companies, divisions, and departments to connect systems. Automated processes: paved the way for automated payroll, e- commerce, supply chain integration.
  • 7. Open Source Apache Web Browser – a free software that powers more than 55% of the Internet’s Servers. Apache gave rise to sophisticated Web Sites, Online Games, real time chat, e-commerce. Opensource (Apache) – Innovate Internet Gave rise (indirectly) to Web Standards, and Communication protocols
  • 8. Outsourcing Call Centers?  Allowed companies to split activities into components and subcontracted providing efficiency in both cost and performance. Companies in other countries suddenly are sought out. Year 2000: E-Commerce emerged
  • 9. Offshoring Outsourcing is taking an operation and having it done somewhere else. Offshoring is doing the Whole Manufacturing, or the Whole Business elsewhere. (China) greater competition worldwide. also allowed companies to seize markets in another country by increasing awareness. China joined WTO on Dec 11, 2001.
  • 10. Supply Chain Streamlined processes Better Information Systems IT providing competitive advantage: Walmart
  • 11. Insourcing Gives companies, big and small, to compete worldwide. UPS taking charge of logistics, repairs, replacement, etc (Streamlining the whole process)
  • 12. Informing Search Engine Social Media"Never before in the history of the planet have so many people – on their own – had the ability to find so much information about so many things and about so many other people"
  • 13. The Steroids Amplifies the flattening of the other Flatteners Wifi, VoIP, File Sharing, iPhone, Mobile Internet, Blackberry Productivity Apps, Finance Apps, Portable Inventory Management Software. Smart: Tap Share (NFC) - a technology which allows contactless data exchange between two devices in close proximity with each other. (Think Smart Money and the number of subscribers) All can be done in quick, can be done anywhere, 24/7, 365
  • 14. Convergence Technologies began to converge complimenting and enhancing each other. Ex. Newsgroup+email+chat = Facebook. Facebook+e-commerce = Online Shop. B2B converged – Banks can communicate with each other in real time. Inventory can be tracked realtime. China, Russia, Germany, Turkey, India, etc opened their economies to the world making it even more competitive
  • 15. What now, Philippines We are no longer competing in the Philippines, we should prepare to be competitive worldwide. The Government should take advantage of technology – just like MMDA. The Philippines, specifically, the Cities, should expand with the goal of improving economic activity in the whole Philippines. Universities should upgrade their curriculum, not just offer basic computer courses.  Businesses should be sure to be more efficient, they should think Global too. Know that they are in competition with companies from China, Vietnam, US, Europe, etc.
  • 16. The End