LOD2 Plenary Vienna 2012: WP12 - Project Management


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State of Play presentation at the LOD2 Plenary Vienna 2012: WP12 - Project Management by Nadine Jänicke, University of Leipzig (ULEI)

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LOD2 Plenary Vienna 2012: WP12 - Project Management

  1. 1. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data Project Management and Administrative Issues Nadine Jänicke AKSW, Universität LeipzigLOD2 Presentation . 02.09.2010 . Page http://lod2.eu
  2. 2. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataOverview1. Reporting2. Financial Statement3. Timesheets4. Questions (Emdesk, review process, submission of deliverables, etc.)LOD2 Event . 24.03.2011 . 2 2 http://lod2.eu
  3. 3. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataReporting 1 – When, Where and What? Reports Delivery Platforms Contents • Progress Statement • Resources Interim Report quarterly Emdesk • Events • Publications (via Bibsonomy) • Dissemination (foreground, standardisations) • Progress Statement • Resources Emdesk • Events • Publications (via Bibsonomy) Periodic yearly • Dissemination (foreground, standardisations) Report NEF • Financial Cost Statement (i.e. Form C)LOD2 Event . 24.03.2011 . 3 3 http://lod2.eu
  4. 4. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataReporting 2 – Report Writing Writing the progress statement: • Don‘t copy and paste! Textbox for work package: • a general progress statement covering current objectives of the WP (written by the WP leader) Textbox for task: • a more detailed progress statement about specific activities and achievements of the task (written by those involved) So reports avoid redundancy and become reader-friendly.LOD2 Event . 24.03.2011 . 4 4 http://lod2.eu
  5. 5. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataFinancial Statement 1 • Cost Statement (i.e. Form C)  declaration of eligible costs per item and type of activity to be entered into NEF  later signed and stamped by each beneficiary • Explanation of the use of resources  detailed breakdown and description of costs for personnel, equipment, travel etc. Templates available at: http://svn.aksw.org/lod2/Reports/Financial%20Statement/ • Certificate on the financial statements (i.e. audit)  necessary when the cumulated EC contribution is equal or superior to 375.000€  costs incurred verified by a suitably qualified auditor (Form D-Annex VII)‫‏‬  no certificate on financial statement if a certification on the methodologyLOD2 Event . 24.03.2011 . 5 5 http://lod2.eu
  6. 6. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataFinanciat Statement 2Other Aspects:• signed by one of the named authorised persons on GPF. If not available,include a letter saying the person is authorised to sign Form C on behalf oforganisation.• Make sure your financial and administrative people have access to NEF toverify‫‏‬your‫‏‬Form‫‏‬C‫‏‬data.‫“‏‬Participant‫‏‬contact”‫‏‬for‫‏‬your‫‏‬organisation‫‏‬can‫‏‬assign‫‏‬roles‫“‏‬admin‫‏&‏‬legal”,‫“‏‬financial”,‫“‏‬scientific”.‫‏‬New‫‏‬people‫‏‬need‫‏‬to‫‏‬register‫‏‬on‫‏‬ECAS, via participant portal, to gain access.LOD2 Event . 24.03.2011 . 6 6 http://lod2.eu
  7. 7. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataFinanciat Statement 3Eligible costs: • actual • incurred during duration of project • in accordance with usual accounting principles • recorded in the accounts of the beneficiary • used for the sole purpose of the project • reasonable – resources used must be consistent with principles of economy, efficiency and effectivenessNon-eligible costs: • taxes including VAT, • non‫‏‬productive‫‏‬time‫‏‬of‫‏‬researchers…LOD2 Event . 24.03.2011 . 7 7 http://lod2.eu
  8. 8. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataTimesheetsNecessary for Cost Justification:• working time of the resources participating in the project must be recorded on aweekly/monthly signed timesheet according to normal accounting practices• Timesheet template and explanatory notes available in Emdesk and the LOD2SVN: http://svn.aksw.org/lod2/Reports/Timesheets/• Personnel costs and timesheets have to be coherent.• Only the hours worked in the project can be charged (i.e. effective time withoutillness and vacations as reflected by timesheets).LOD2 Event . 24.03.2011 . 8 8 http://lod2.eu
  9. 9. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataPublications, etc.Acknowledgement on all publications and other dissemination relating to foreground:• This work was supported by a grant from the European Unions 7th FrameworkProgramme (2007-2013) provided for the project LOD2 (GA no. 257943).• The research leading to these results has received funding from the EuropeanCommunity’s‫‏‬Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no257943.LOD2 Event . 24.03.2011 . 9 9 http://lod2.eu
  10. 10. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data Thank you for your attention!LOD2 Presentation . 02.09.2010 . Page http://lod2.eu