LOD2 Webinar Series: PoolParty
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LOD2 Webinar Series: PoolParty



This webinar in the course of the LOD2 webinar series will present use cases and live demos of PoolParty (by Semantic Web Company). ...

This webinar in the course of the LOD2 webinar series will present use cases and live demos of PoolParty (by Semantic Web Company).

Knowledge organization systems like taxonomies or thesauri can benefit from linked data approaches and vice versa. In recent years SKOS became very popular in various industries due to its simplicity, SKOS turned out to be the entry point to the Semantic Web. Learn more about the possibilities to link your enterprise metadata with the web of data! Learn more about the possibilities to link your enterprise metadata with the web of data and PoolParty as means for linked data management!

If you are interested in Linked (Open) Data principles and mechanisms, LOD tools & services and concrete use cases that can be realised using LOD then join us in the LOD2 webinar series!




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LOD2 Webinar Series: PoolParty LOD2 Webinar Series: PoolParty Presentation Transcript

  • Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataLOD2 W ebinar . 29.11.2011 . Page 1 http:/ l /od2.eu
  • Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data LOD2 is a large-scale integrating project co-funded by the European Commission within the FP7 Information and Communication Technologies Work Programme. This 4-year project comprises leading Linked Open Data technology researchers, companies, and service providers. Coming from across 12 countries the partners are coordinated by the Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web Research Group at the University of Leipzig, Germany. LOD2 will integrate and syndicate Linked Data with existing large-scale applications. The project shows the benefits in the scenarios of Media and Publishing, Corporate Data intranets and eGovernment. http:/ l /od2.euLOD2 W ebinar . 29.11.2011 . Page 2 http:/ l /od2.eu
  • Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data Once per month the LOD2 webinar series offer a free webinar about tools and services along the Linked Open Data Life Cycle. Stay with us and learn more about acquisition, editing, composing, connected applications – and finally publishing Linked Open Data. http:/ l /od2.euLOD2 W ebinar . 29.11.2011 . Page 3 http:/ l /od2.eu
  • Linked Data and SKOSConnecting the dots.Andreas BlumauerSemantic Web Companywww.semantic-web.at
  • Agenda• Our view on Linked Data• Brief introduction to SKOS & PoolParty• Linked Data & SKOS 1. Publish SKOS thesauri as linked data 2. Generate SKOS from LOD sources, enrich SKOS with LOD 3. Make use of SKOS for linked data alignment & data integration• Bringing SKOS & Linked Data to Enterprises (Confluence, Sharepoint, WordPress & Co.)• Conclusio © Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 5
  • Our view on Linked Data© Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 6
  • Towards a „Web of Data“© Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 7
  • Two main applications of linked data• Super-Mashups • Complex search queriesGrapefruit (Citrus paradisi)is a subtropical citrus tree firstbred in Barbados. • Which other fruits provide a comparable amount of vitamin C like grapefruits do? Dietary restrictions •Gluten-free diet • Which country produces the most •Vegetarian •Veganism grapefruits per capita? Top Producers •USA • What is the relation between •China grapefruits and Georgian wine? •South Africa Other plants from Barbados •Coconut •Matico •Grandleaf Seagrape © Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 8
  • From ‚Gopher‘ to ‚Super-Mashups‘© Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 9
  • reegle.info Live-Demo http://reegle.info/countries© Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 10
  • Linked Data technologies – LOD2 stack© Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 11
  • Linked Data: Use Cases 1.3. 1. Linked Data for internal data integration 3. Linked Data Consuming 2. 5. Linked Data Publishing 7. Combine 1, 2, 3 © Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 12
  • Brief introduction to SKOS & PoolParty© Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 13
  • Example: Schools Online Thesaurus Live-Demo http://scot.curriculum.edu.au/© Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 14
  • PoolParty stands for ‚Simple Knowledge Organization System‘ 2. 4.1. 3. 5. 1. Each concept in one or many concept schemes 2. Each concept has one URI 3. Each concept has one ore more labels 4. (Poly-)Hierarchical and non-hierachical relations 5. Matching between concepts from various sources © Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 15
  • PoolParty product family© Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 16
  • Linked Data & SKOS© Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 17
  • Publishing SKOS as Linked Data http://vocabulary.semantic-web.at/PoolParty/wiki/semweb© Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 18
  • Generate SKOS from Linked Data sources, enrich SKOS with LODAuto-populate thesauri Live-Demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRgrrG-xHEI © Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 19
  • Using SKOS for entity extraction & content enrichmentEnrich text with linked data Live-Demo http://poolparty.biz/demozone © Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 20
  • SKOS & Linked data alignment<person> <employee> Thomas Miller Tom Miller</person> </employee> Source Source 1 2 © Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 21
  • Confluence Integration: PowerTagging Content- RecommendationAuto-TaggingSemantic Indexing © Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 22
  • Sharepoint Integration: Enterprise Vocabulary© Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 23
  • Sharepoint Integration: PowerTagging© Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 24
  • WordPress SKOS-Integration Download free SKOS plugin for Wordpress!http://blog.semantic-web.at/ http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/po © Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 25
  • ConclusioDownload slides: http://www.slideshare.net/semwebcompany Try PoolParty: http://poolparty.biz/try-it © Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 26
  • Contact Andreas Blumauer CEO a.blumauer@semantic-web.atSemantic Web Company GmbH http://www.semantic-web.at/Mariahilfer Strasse 70/8 http://poolparty.biz1070 ViennaAustria http://twitter.com/semwebcompany © Semantic Web Company – http://www.semantic-web.at/ 27
  • Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataCreditsJingle R.E.M., Martin Kaltenböck, Florian KondertCoordination Thomas Thurner Martin KaltenböckModeration Florian KondertPresented by Andreas BlumauerLOD2 W ebinar . 29.11.2011 . Page 28 http:/ l /od2.eu
  • Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data Hope you enjoyed staying with us – if you need more detailed information, visit us at www.lod2.eu and let us know how we can improve to meet your expectations! Don’t forget to register for our next webinar after the summer break in September 2012. Have a great day and don’t forget ... http:/ l /od2.euLOD2 W ebinar . 29.11.2011 . Page 29 http:/ l /od2.eu
  • Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data http:/ l /od2.euLOD2 W ebinar . 29.11.2011 . Page 30 http:/ l /od2.eu