LOD2: Guest presentation: French datalift project

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LOD2 project plenary meeting in Paris: guest presentation of French datalift project - http://datalift.org/en/ - by Francois Scharffe and Bernard Vatant

LOD2 project plenary meeting in Paris: guest presentation of French datalift project - http://datalift.org/en/ - by Francois Scharffe and Bernard Vatant

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  • 1. Datalift: A Catalyser for the Web of Data François Scharffe LIRMM, University of Montpellier francois.scharffe@lirmm.fr @lechatpitoWith the help of the Datalift teamAnd the support of the French National Research Agency FOSDEM 5/02/2011 1
  • 2. DataliftDatasets publicationR&D to automate the publication processTool suite to assist data publicationTraining, tutorials, data publication camps
  • 3. Welcome aboard the data lift Published and interlinked data on the Web Applications InterconnexionPublication infrastructure Data convertion Vocabulary selection Raw data
  • 4. st 1 floor - SelectionSemWebPro 18/01/2011 4
  • 5. Vocabulary of a FriendØ http://www.mondeca.com/foaf/voafØ A simple vocabulary...Ø To represent interconnexions between vocabulariesØ A unique entry point to vocabularies and Datasets of the linked-data cloud Linked Data Cloud
  • 6. nd 2 floor - ConversionSemWebPro 18/01/2011 6
  • 7. Reference datasets, URI design● Providing reference datasets for the French ecosystem: geographical, topological, statistical, political● Providing URI design guidelines ● Opaque or transparent URIs ? ● Usage of accents in URIs● Provenance and trust: modeling and reasoning
  • 8. rd 3 floor - PublicationSemWebPro 18/01/2011 8
  • 9. Analysis of RDF Stores : QSOS methodØ Qualification and Selection of Open Source Software § Open Source project on open source solutions § http://www.qsos.orgØ QSOS objectives § Qualify software § Compare solutions after defining requirements and weighting criterias § Select the most adapted product according to the needsØ QSOS provides § An objective and formalized method § A reference of available studies § Tools facilitating the method execution
  • 10. Platform Architecture and TechnologiesØ In the browser toolkitØ Modular, internal RDF storeØ RESTØ Rich IHM, HTML5Ø JQUery+JQuery UIØ Java 1.6+ / JEE 1.5+, Java RX (Jersey)Ø Velocity templatesØ Sesame 2.0
  • 11. th 4 floor - InterconnectionSemWebPro 18/01/2011 11
  • 12. Towards automated interconnexion servicesØ Automating data interlinkingØ The linkage specification could be simplified § Using alignments between vocabularies § Detection of discriminating properties § Indicating comparison methods by attaching metadata to ontologies
  • 13. 5th floor - ApplicationsSemWebPro 18/01/2011 13
  • 14. Ongoing data lifting effortØ IGN - geography, INSEE - statisticsØ DILA – legal, documentationØ Regards Citoyens - citizen, politicalØ DataPublica - open data portalØ Etat-Lab – open data portalØ APIE – legal aspects (licensing)Ø Sustainable development office - transportØ Cemagref - agriculturalØ Urban communities of Montpellier, BordeauxØ ...
  • 15. Nos Députés . FR