A comparative census of EU data initiatives, Martin Kaltenböck, 26.1.2011, Brussels, Belgium
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A comparative census of EU data initiatives, Martin Kaltenböck, 26.1.2011, Brussels, Belgium



This presentation has been the 3rd presentation at the LOD2 (http://lod2.eu) Meetup in Brussels, Belgium on 26.01.2011 at the fedict (http://www.fedict.belgium.be/) office. See also: ...

This presentation has been the 3rd presentation at the LOD2 (http://lod2.eu) Meetup in Brussels, Belgium on 26.01.2011 at the fedict (http://www.fedict.belgium.be/) office. See also: http://lod2.eu/BlogPost/?p=203



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A comparative census of EU data initiatives, Martin Kaltenböck, 26.1.2011, Brussels, Belgium A comparative census of EU data initiatives, Martin Kaltenböck, 26.1.2011, Brussels, Belgium Presentation Transcript

  • Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataA comparative census of EU data initiativesBrussels, 26. January 2011Martin KaltenböckSemantic Web Company
  • Overview: data initiatives http://bit.ly/open-data-map© LOD2 26.01.2011 http://lod2.eu
  • Summary data initiatives* worldwide and EU 27 Open Data initiatives Worldwide • 10+ nation-wide governmental data initiatives • 31+ local / regional governmental data initiatives • 06 private nation-wide initiatives • 03 private local / regional governmental data initiatives • Lot of competitions on open governmental data Open Data initiatives EU 27 • 06 nation-wide governmental data initiatives (+1 Norway) • 14+ local / regional governmental data initiatives • 05 private nation-wide initiatives • 02 private local / regional governmental data initiatives • Several competitions on open governmental data • 12 nation-wide governmental data initiatives in progress (!!!) * ….. public and private initiatives that provide Open Government Data and/or running challenges/competitions.© LOD2 26.01.2011 http://lod2.eu
  • Additional notes: global data initiatives There are lots of databases, websites and more & more open data systems worldwide by international organisations, NGOs and NPOs available! • United Nations – http://data.un.org • World Bank - http://data.worldbank.org/ • Eurostat – http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat • Also NPOs & NGOs already started ‚open data activities‘: reegle clean energy data portal: http://data.reegle.info Open Energy Info (CLEAN network) – http://en.openei.org/wiki/Main_Page • Media & Publishers: The Guardian World Gov Data - http://www.guardian.co.uk/world-government-data NYTimes data portal - http://data.nytimes.com/© LOD2 26.01.2011 http://lod2.eu
  • Governmental nation-wide data initiatives in EU 27Country URL Nr API available Apps Formats CKAN data available available setsDenmark http://digitaliser.dk 17.08 unlocated NO XML, HTML NO 6Finland http://suomi.fi/datakatalogi unloc. YES (XML, JSON) NO XML, CSV, pending HTML, PDF, XLS …Greece http://www.geodata.gov.gr unloc. YES (WMS, WFS) NO WMS, WFS In progressNetherlands http://www.overheid.nl/opendata unloc. unlocated NO YESSpain http://www.proyectoaporta.es 720 unlocated NO Mainly text pendingUnited http://data.gov.uk 4.511 YES YES - 72 RDF, CSV, YESKingdom (XML, JSON) PDF, XLS…Sweden http://www.opengov.se/ unloc. Partly YES – 9 XML, CSV, NO(not official) http://en.edelegationen.se/ (RDF, XML, (in galery) HTML, PDF, JSON) XLS …Norway http://data.norge.no unloc. YES NO CSV YES(not © LOD2 EU27) 26.01.2011 JSON) (XML, http://lod2.eu
  • EU 27 governmental data initiatives outreachCountry OutreachAustria The topic is discussed in the Austrian government at the moment (official aim to set 1st steps into the direction of a data.gv.at in early 2011). Also the cities of Vienna, Linz and Salzburg are discussing 1st steps of an OGD strategy. Catalogue available: http://datenkatalog.atSlovakia Project Transpararency International Slovakia in progress (aggregate data, search data, raw data etc) – see: http://www.transparency.sk - data portal: http://vestnik.transparency.skFrance The upcoming period is promising for France with a PSI data.gov style single access point portal planned to come on stream by the end of 2010. See: http://bit.ly/bV61hv ; Several data platforms are available: http://www.pollutionsindustrielles.ecologie.gouv.fr and http://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr - AND: http://bit.ly/e6K0L3 list of local data portals.Ireland DERIs Linked Data Research Centre currently prepares the launch of Linked Government Data in Ireland. There will soon be statistical data (CSO) as well as URIs defined for major entities in Ireland. Regional official data portal available since Dec 2010: http://data.fingal.ieSlovenia There are possibilities for re-use of governmental data – see: http://www.ip-rs.si/?id=195 – but no open data strategy could be located. Statistic Office: http://www.stat.si/pxweb/Dialog/statfile1.aspItaly 25.10. 2010: 1st version of open data license published and MiaPa (my government) portal announced. See: http://www.epsiplus.net/news/news/italian_open_data_license Presentation MiaPa (Italian): http://www.innovazionepa.gov.it/media/596293/presentazione_miapa.pdf © LOD2 26.01.2011 http://lod2.eu
  • EU 27 governmental data initiatives outreachCountry OutreachCzech Republic EPSI Directive (2006): Among other things, this amendment sets out the obligation for Public Administrations to provide online access to information in open data formats (e.g. XML). See: http://www.epractice.eu/en/document/288198Estonia Estonia: Government document repository entirely open to public See: http://www.slideshare.net/jenniferbell/benefits-of-open-government-data ; Open Estonia Foundation: http://www.oef.org.ee and http://www.riso.ee/en/Poland ‘Poland is Open’ Conference Discusses PSI Re-use 2010 - See: http://www.ebib.info/en/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=197&Itemid =1 ; See also Poland Transparency Camp2010: http://transparencycamp.pl/o- transparencycamp-polskaLithuania First geo data initiative in progress; see: http://www.esri.com/library/casestudies/lithuania.pdfGermany Ongoing administrativ reform including an open data strategy – data portal planned for 2013 – see: http://www.verwaltung- innovativ.de/cln_117/DE/Home/homepage__node.html?__nnn=true Also intensive open data activities in the cities of Berlin, Munich , Breme n et al.Countries where no information Romania; Portugal; Malta; Luxembourg; Hungary; Cyprus; Belgium, Bulgaria, Latviaabout a concrete governmental open (http://www.lv – to evaluate).data strategy / activity could befound: LOD2 © 26.01.2011 http://lod2.eu
  • Local governmental data initiatives in EU 27 (excerpt) Country Location Initiative OperatorFinland Helsinki Infoshare City of HelsinkiFrance Paris Paris: un pas vers l’opendata City of ParisFrance Rennes Data Renne Metropole City of RennesFrance Brest, Montpellier Open Geo Data City of BrestItaly Piemont Dati Piemonti UnlocatedSpain Zaragoza Conjunto de Datos City of ZaragozaSpain Basque region Eusko Jaurlaritz Euskadi GovernmentSpain Asturia Asturian Public Data Asturian local governmentUnited Kingdom Warwickshire Warwickshire Open Data unlocatedUnited Kingdom Lichfield Lichfield Open Data Lichfield District CouncilUnited Kingdom Kent Pic and Mix Kent GovernmentUnited Kingdom London London Data Store Greater London AuthorityUnited Kingdom Northern Ireland Open Data NI UK Department of Finance & Personnel Remark: for details & URLs to initiatives see: http://bit.ly/ogd-worldwide © LOD2 26.01.2011 http://lod2.eu
  • Private nation-wide & local data initiatives in EU 27 (excerpt) Country Location Initiative URL OperatorAustria Nation-wide OGD austria http://gov.opendata.at OGD Austria: private http://datenkatalog.at initiative universities & companiesBelgium Nation-wide Open Belgium http://openbelgium.be Krimson - Drupal architects & Belgian Open Data CommunityGermany Berlin Apps 4 Democracy http://apps4democracy.de Open Data Network DeutschlandNetherlands nation-wide Open Data http://opendataoverheid.nl Individuals OverheidGermany Berlin Open Berlin http://opendata- Open Data Network network.org/2010/08/openberlin- werde-ein-datenpateSweden nation-wide OpenGov Sweden http://www.opengov.se Open Gov Initiative SwedenFrance nation-wide Data Publica http://www.data-publica.com 3 SMEs – Araok, Nexedi, Talend – but funded by French GovUK Nation-wide Open Knowledge http://www.okfn.org OKFN Foundation (OKFN) © LOD2 26.01.2011 http://lod2.eu 9
  • Conclusion important to mention!• Some EU 27 countries have already started a focused open data strategy• Lots of others EU27 countries are discussing this and/or start activities!• Nearly any EU 27 country does have statistical data, geodata, environmental data etc public available as ‚open data‘ in HTML, PDF, XLS, CSV, XML formats already available (but often difficult to find)!• There are lots of governmental regional data initiatives (as well as private initiatives) going on in EU 27 countries!• Initiatives are rarely co-ordinated nation-wide & the idea of national OGD/LOGD infrastructures is not harmonised: nation-wide single points of access of governmental data for searching, browsing, comparing, analysing and re-using etc of data.• Furthermore an EC OGD/LOGD infrastructure is in discussion at the moment – a EC data portal has already been announced! © LOD2 26.01.2011 http://lod2.eu
  • Open Government Data resources for Europe & Worldwide Neelie Kroes (Vice-President of the European Commission ), December 2010: I have said it before, and I say it again: yes to open data!: http://bit.ly/f6R8Sd 20.01.2011: PSI Directive Consultation: Responses published by EC http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/policy/psi/index_en.htm Some upcoming events in Europe • ePSI-Conference: Open Data - Apps for everyone? 18.2.2011, Berlin, Germany - http://bit.ly/fLTjHG • CeDEM, 5. - 6. May 2011, Krems, Austria - http://bit.ly/cedem2011 • OGD2011 Conference Austria, 16 June 2011 , Vienna, Austria – http://www.ogd2011.at • ISESS 2011, 27. – 29. June 2011, Brno, Czech Republic - http://www.isess2011.org LOD2 list of EU 27 data catalogues (mainly based on CKAN) http://lod2.okfn.org/eu-data-catalogues/ Overview & collection of governmental data initiatives in EU 27 (in progress) http://bit.ly/ogd-eu27 World Map of Open Government Data Initiatives: An open map of those public and private initiatives that provide Open Government Data or running Challenges. http://bit.ly/open-data-map© LOD2 26.01.2011 http://lod2.eu
  • LOD2: OGD Stakeholder Survey & PUBLINK Consultancy LOD2 OGD Stakeholder Survey • 25 questions in 10-15 minutes time • Open: November & December 2010 • ~ 400 participants – Europe- & Worldwide - analysis is in progress • Results will be published in February 2011 (http://survey.lod.eu) LOD2 PUBLINK Consultancy Service • Information: http://lod2.eu/Article/Publink.html • Lower the entrance barrier for potential data publishers • Free consultancy for publishing (linked open) data • Up to 5 selected organizations - Overall effort of 10-20 days of support • From highly skilled Linked Data professionals • Decision: end of January / beginning of February 2011 • Applicants e.g. City of London, City of Vienna, Parliament of Finland et al.© LOD2 26.01.2011 http://lod2.eu
  • Thank you for your attention! Martin Kaltenböck, CMC Web: http://www.semantic-web.at Blog: http://blog.semantic-web.at Mail: m.kaltenboeck@semantic-web.at Phone: +43 - 1 - 402 12 35 – 25 LOD2 Project: http://lod2.eu LOD2 OGD StakeholderSurvey: http://survey.lod2.eu PUBLINK LOD Consultancy: http://lod2.eu/Article/Publink.html© LOD2 26.01.2011 http://lod2.eu