Venture Taranaki - Research & Development Grants

Venture Taranaki - Research & Development Grants



Research & Development Grants from Zara Ryan at Venture Taranaki

Research & Development Grants from Zara Ryan at Venture Taranaki



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  • Undertaking R&D can be risky for a business – it takes up valuable staff time, competitors can copy you, and at the end of it all you could be left with something that doesn’t work. One of the common barriers for businesses to undertake their R&D is money. Prototypes, lab tests, external experts….they can all be expensive. We might be able to help with this. I’m here to talk about the various R&D grants that are available to Taranaki businesses, through Venture Taranaki.
  • Venture Taranaki is in partnership with Callaghan Innovation to provide R&D support and funding for Taranaki businesses.The funding is available as an investment option, so you can undertake your R&D project: bigger, better and faster. Bigger in the sense that you could use the funding to make a more valuable prototype worthy of proper testing.Better in the sense that you could use funding to bring on board more experts to help develop your idea.And faster, in the sense that with funding you are able to become more focused on your R&D and get it completed much quicker than you would on your own. Venture Taranaki have administered more than $1.9 million worth of R&D grants in Taranaki since the beginning of the year……and the year is far from over
  • There are three grants available to Taranaki businesses
  • Have an ongoing R&D programme where you regularly look at new ideasPossibly an R&D team
  • Spill overs: how will your project benefit the wider NZ incExamples: Additional employmentExtra business for your suppliersSavings for your customersBenefits to NZ sectors
  • So for your R&D project, what costs will we cover?
  • Capital expenditure – eg buildings, new equipmentGeneric business planning – marketing activities – advertising, websites etc
  • Funding is available for Taranaki businesses to link with Masters and PhD students – our young innovators Ideal if you have an idea or R&D project that no one has time to get around to – why not get a qualified student to work on it for a yearIt’s a WIN WIN situation as the student will get experience in working with a real businesses whilst you will have a qualified resource dedicated to your project and you could possible test drive a future employeeFully fund the student stipend, university fees and travelYou would need to supply them with a working environment for them to undertake the project – eg work boots, desk/computer etc
  • Fine Particle Application (known as FPA) are a top dressing business in the agriculture sector. They basically help farmers grow more grass to the highest standard for less cost
  • FPA are a recipient of a project grant which helped them develop new ground fertiliser spreading technologyFPA designed an innovative system that takes one granule, grind it down and apply it so it is delivered to every plant and 100% controlled.This is more cost effective for the farmer and produces much better grass growth – all a while not having to worry about environmental damage
  • This is a photo of the equipment they developed. The best thing about this system is that it attaches to an existing ground spreading trucks and can be removed very easily to convert the unit back into a normal ground spreading truckThis reduces the barrier for existing fertiliser truck drives to adapt the FPA technology
  • Complex design required to grind down the fertiliser and spray evenly
  • Here is a photo from their prototype testing of the new system – which was a huge successAs you can see from this photo the wide spread they achieved which was better than they anticipated and a much more even application
  • They are receiving a lot of interest in their world-leading fertiliser spreading technology … economy awardAnd working with scientists in England to trial the technology on their wheat crops. From first meeting FPA to them finishing their technology, it was only 9 months. The process can be quick and easy
  • Bremner Music design and manufacture a range of practice mutes for brass instruments – called sshhmutesExporting to more than 20 countries worldwide, they have carved out a niche and sell to the world’s top brass players and orchestras. Bremner Music have received two R&D project grants. The first one being for the development of their Gold Series mute (pictured). This is a whisper mute for musicians to play on stage during quieter periods.So it is loud enough to play on stage, but can play softer than the instrument can normallyLaunched the product last year with great interest worldwide and new export countries. Increased exports by 36% - Whilst this is great news – It has created a new problem for Bremner Music…..they can’t fulfil the large orders that are coming in
  • So their second grant was to develop bespoke technology to increase the efficiencies in their manufacturing process.So the funding is not just for widgets – new technology to create efficiencies and meet new market demands is acceptableOld process:Glue the mute cap onto the coneDone by handUsing toxic chemicals that are banned in the US4 hours for 100 mutesNew process:Use a plastic welding machineVibration technology to weld the cap and cone togetherHad to develop customised handle for machineBecause it could not hold such a small object that was cone shapedNo chemicalsTakes 1.2 seconds
  • Van Dyck Fine Foods offer a range of crepes, hotcakes and blinis. They supply to some of the biggest food retailers in the world – such as Burger King, KFC, Foodstuff, Accor Hotel Chain and Singapore AirlinesThey recently received a project grant for a new product idea that they would like to add to their range of hot cakes.
  • They are calling the new product – TandemsWhich is basically a hotcake sandwich with a yummy filling of different flavours The grant is covering a number of consumer trialssamples to international distributorspackaging research and a number of food audit investigations
  • Where are they at : Excellent feedback from international distributorsRange of flavours researchedNot for wide sale yet …..but can buy for $2 from their BBK shop
  • My final example is with Efinity – who are an internet software and technology companyWhen I first met with Efinity they had developed an entire online modular system for o&g companies to manage rig staffThe TrackIT portal was developed for 1 o&g client, but it soon because apparent that the idea had huge potential worldwideBUT before they scaled up the unique TrackIT portal to sell to other customers, they needed to understand their IP They used their grant to engage with an external IP expert to determine their IP position and how to commercialise their idea on a much grander scale
  • So what is the TrackIt portal?Online system to map o&g staff moving from land to rigsBooks staff on flights out to the rigsAssigns staff to each rigMakes sure they have the right qualifications and H&S trainingChecks cargo weightAssigns staff to rig accommodation
  • If you want to discuss the grants further or want to start the application process….

Venture Taranaki - Research & Development Grants Venture Taranaki - Research & Development Grants Presentation Transcript

  • Research and Development Grants
  • What's on offer? - Partnership between Venture Taranaki and Callaghan Innovation - Investment option for R&D activity - Bigger, better, faster - We have administered more than $1.9 million of R&D grants
  • R&D Growth Grant R&D Project Grant R&D Student Grant
  • - For businesses with an ongoing R&D portfolio - 20% co-funding - 3 year programme with a 2 year extension - Spend over $300,000 per year on R&D - Spend at least 1.5% of revenue on R&D R&D Growth Grant
  • - For businesses with a specific R&D project - Funding for 30-50% of project costs - Grants range from $1,000 - $1 million + - How innovative is your idea - Are you committed to completing the project - Good returns on investment - Commercialisation plan - Spill over benefits to NZ R&D Project Grant
  • What costs are eligible? Internal staff time R&D related materials & consumables Depreciation on moulds/tooling Prototypes Meeting certifications and standards IP scoping and strategy Testing / Consumer involvement In the field trials Travel
  • What’s not eligible? - Ideas that are not unique/new - Patent filing - Capital expenditure - Generic business planning activities - R&D projects that have already happened
  • - Masters and PhD students - Ideal for that project you don’t have time for - Student: Technical skills in a real environment - Business: young innovators + test drive employee - Fully fund student - Need to supply working environment + mentor R&D Student Grant
  • What Does FPA Technology Do? 1 solid Granule Traditional Application the feed zone 1000 solid Granules the feed zone becomes
  • New Ground Spread Technology
  • Technical Stretch - Complex design and componentry - Ability to carry more fertiliser - Wider spray and spinner unit - But needed to fit through farm gateways - Safe and effective on the road - No wet fertiliser packing to the sides - Keep environmental concerns at bay
  • Prototype Testing 25 metre spread
  • Outcomes - 6 fertiliser companies using the new technology - 20 new staff - Presented technology to Ministry of Agriculture - Synergies with MAF and farming groups - NZ Green Ribbon environmental award - NZ Innovators finalist - International interest
  • Outcomes - Reduce overall production from 72 to 29 days - Cut production cycle from 5.3 to 2.6 hours - Safer working environment - More consistent product quality - Handle twice as many orders - Employing more staff
  • Technical Stretch - Flavour consistency and properties - Even spread - Shelf life restrictions - Freezing and thawing behaviour - Speed and temperature of hot plates
  • Watch this space…….
  • - TrackIt portal - Online modular system - More efficiency when managing rig staff - Only 1 client - Scale up potential - Need to understand their IP
  • Outcomes - Confirmed they have freedom to operate - Signed another large O&G client - Interest from international customers - Employing more staff
  • Contact Zara Ryan Venture Taranaki (06) 759 5165