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Mark Penningtons presentation on Design Led Business to Export NZ companies in the Bay of Plenty. Mark visited the Bay as the special guest for the 2012 Young Innovator Awards.

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  • Formway Design uses many processes to uncover the need – Market, White paper, Expert consultation, Voice of the market, but in the tool that initially identified the need for BE was ‘voice of the customer’ interviewing. The result questioned how users really sitting throughout there day? What are they doing and what seated support is required? It was clear that many of the users we interviewed took postures other that the correct task seating postures…. But why and for how long?
  • RW
  • What we discovered is that there are some areas that we excel in. We need to celebrate these areas of excellence and ensure that we continue to delight our customers in these areas.  
  • What we discovered is that there are some areas that we excel in. We need to celebrate these areas of excellence and ensure that we continue to delight our customers in these areas.  
  • What we discovered is that there are some areas that we excel in. We need to celebrate these areas of excellence and ensure that we continue to delight our customers in these areas.  
  • Teamwork – unleashing the creative power of a team in flow. Big audacious goals – anything’s possible challenging ourselves Being fanatical about what we do Self belief – Backing ourselves Making it fun
  • Neocon gold last year against the likes of HM Embody Fastest ramp up in production for a seating product in Knolls long history Knoll have sold in excess of 25 000 chairs since delivery began in September
  • Here is just one example of the output of this process We sold this to Knoll for 6m USD
  • This is the suite of product currently in the market and producing ese products are still in the market producing revenue
  • Knoll is one of the 2 top design lead players in the global furniture industry 1 or 2 in terms of design credibility One of the leading players in global furniture industry Formway design has transformed to the pinnacle of seating design Strategically enduring relationship, •Formway design continues to advise and support
  • Despite the difficult economic environment, in 2009 we had one of the most successful product launches in our company's history as we introduced the Generation by Knoll� chair. This chair has received many accolades including winning the Best of NeoCon� 2009 Gold Award for Office Seating. It has had one of the fastest ramp ups in terms of market acceptance
  • This family of product has transformed Knoll to one of the top three seating companies globally and the relationship is ongoing
  • Formway is an environmental leader in office furniture and have the knowledge to passion to become a leader in the recliner market
  • Design Led Business

    1. 1. Kate Sheppard Ernest Rutherford  Burt Munro Richard PearseSuffragette Atom man World’s fastest motorcycle First flying machine
    2. 2. Pioneering spiritFresh, unencumbered thinkers
    3. 3. YouthfulEnergeticAdventurousFree SpiritedCan-do
    4. 4. User focused
    5. 5. INTEGRITY > BEING OPEN AND HONEST integrity <>
    6. 6. Dive deepUnderstand the problemGain insightBe committed to excellence
    7. 7. EXPLORERS > Data Information Knowledge Insights IDEAS!
    8. 8. conceptual clarity
    9. 9. self belief!
    10. 10. CAN DO
    11. 11. disturbances opportunities
    12. 12.
    13. 13. Total revenue exceeds $700mHighest selling product in Knolls historyGlobal environmental benchmark
    14. 14. Fastest product ramp up in Knolls history 50,000 + chairs sold
    15. 15. $21mKnoll Seating Revenue 2001
    16. 16. Business Model•Long term investment (can’t be hand to mouth)•2-3 years per project (1 year to find partner)•IP equals up to ¼ of cost of development•Development cost covered by licence fee•Break even after one year•Profit and reinvestment created through royalty stream
    17. 17. Total sales$ (000) S600 Generati on Life Side chair
    18. 18. how do we do it?
    19. 19. Essentials  Knoll Cella  Herman Miller Look   Haworth Zody   Haworth Equa 2 Herman Miller Mirra Herman Miller Leap    Steelcase $670 $764 $798 $907 $987 $1031 $1199 (height adj arms) (height, width + angle arms) (height adj arms) (height adj arms) (height adj arms) (height + width arms) (high perf arms)Ambition   Allsteel Reaction Herman Miller Ambi   Herman Miller Amia Steelcase Relate   Allsteel Liberty  Humanscale Freedom Humanscale Acuity Allsteel Let’sb   Steelcase Caper Herman Miller Think     Steelcase Aeron Herman Miller Embody  Herman Miller $609 $650 $725 $783 $831 $864 $940 $981 $1055 $1110 $1217 $1306 $1695(height adj arms, lumbar) (height adj arms) (fixed arms, flexnet seat) (height adj arms) (height adj arms) (height adj arms, upholstery) (high perf arms) (fixed height arms, no pref) (height adj arms, no pref) (height adj arms, tilt limit) Embody 2  Sum Allsteel Soho      Knoll Cobi Steelcase Energy Allsteel Diffrient  Humanscale Herman Miller RPM      Knoll Chadwick  Knoll Bulldog    Knoll $649 $??? $770 $??? $??? $951 $973 $1005 $1248 (fixed height arms) (height adj arms) (high perf arms) (height arms,no seat depth) (high perf arms) (fixed height arms) S500     Knoll Life     Knoll $1295 $1443 (height adj arms) (height adj arms)
    20. 20. carbon foot print Life 107kg CO2 per chair Think 102 S500 101 Zody 70 Formway 27.9
    21. 21. Observational research“Understanding human need is half the job of meeting them” Adlai Stevenson
    22. 22. User Insights
    23. 23. Consulting the experts TIM SPRINGER Human environment research organization, Chicago
    24. 24. Copyright Formway Furniture 2009
    25. 25. user triallingCOMPARED THEIRPERFORMANCE Copyright Formway Design 2010
    26. 26. Mark Pennington Design