Delloch Hip Protection


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A presentation outlining the Innovative new Delloch Hip Protection system.

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Delloch Hip Protection

  1. 1. Hip ProtectionFor patients, families and healthcare professionals
  2. 2. The Delloch Hip protection system provides effectiveprotection for people whilst enabling ourcustomers to retain their independence and i h i i d d d ymobility.Our designs respond to your requirements and ensure that mostimportantly you are safe and comfortable.
  3. 3. Early on we worked out that not manyp ppeople like wearing hip p g p protectors. So westopped to ask why?
  4. 4. The problems✘ Non-conformance✘ Not comfortable✘ Undergarments poor textiles and style✘ F il Failure i use due to poor design and a in d t d i d lack of testing g✘ Most did not conform to the body
  5. 5. What we did in response✔ Undertook extensive research on body type and shape✔ Aligned with the best authority (IHPRG)✔ Tested, t t d then tested T t d tested, th t t d again i✔ Designed for people, and tested with them people✔ Externally verified our results
  6. 6. The Delloch Hip Protection System✔ Protection to fit your body✔ Highest level of attenuation✔ Positioned in the right place for each person✔ Two T o different levels of protection & comfort le els✔ Easy wear & care y✔ Tested by external experts
  7. 7. Your not flat✔ Our protectors have been bio medically bio-medically designed to fit your body.✔ Our curvature was derived off a wide range of anthropometric data.
  8. 8. Bio Mechanics Bio-Mechanics✔ Trochanter position & size maximum variation✔ Thigh circumference 10th to 90th percentile til
  9. 9. Protect the wrong place
  10. 10. What is the right place?
  11. 11. Protect the right place
  12. 12. Greater Trochanter Location
  13. 13. A Simple System
  14. 14. Delloch System✔ HipFit Plus Pad✔ HipFit Active Pad✔ Classics Hips undergarments
  15. 15. HipFit Plus✔ Engineered Polymer Shield✔ Shock Absorbing Layer✔ Variable positioning for your hip bone✔ Lightweight✔ C Comfort Curved P d f tC d Pad✔ Uni-sided Pad for Both Hips✔ Compatible with all Undergarments
  16. 16. HipFit Active✔ Thermoformed Foam Shield✔ Variable positioning for your Hip Bone✔ Ultra Lightweight✔ High Level of Protection✔ Comfort Curved pad✔ Uni-sided for both Hips✔ Compatible with all Undergarments
  17. 17. Classic Hips - Female✔ High Waist✔ Short Leg✔ Soft Waistband with bow detailing✔ Added stretch✔ Flat internal seams✔ 100% cotton gusset tt t
  18. 18. Classic Hips - Male✔ High waist✔ Short leg✔ Covered Soft Waistband for added comfort✔ Added Stretch✔ Flat internal seams✔ Fl Fly
  19. 19. Simple Useful Guides
  20. 20. Making it easy for your patients
  21. 21. Testing & Compliance✔ Anthropometric✔ Mechanical Performance✔ Comfort and conformance
  22. 22. Mechanical Testing
  23. 23. Tested to the IHPRG
  24. 24. Proven to Perform✔ Highest known levels of attenuation✔ Best off axis under test conditions✔ Materials selected for their resilience & attenuation ability.
  25. 25. Comfort & Conformance✔ An objective ethics approved study trial is being conducted through the New g g Zealand Assistive Technology Unit.✔ Th These results will h l further improve our lt ill help f th i devices comfort.
  26. 26. About Delloch✔ The idea was borne in 2006✔ From Sean experience in the ambulance service✔ E Experimented with ideas & solutions i d i h id l i✔ Catalyzed into a company with an innovative y p y approach in 2011✔ Paramedic Textiles, Apparel Design & Paramedic, Textiles Apparel, Engineering, Operations and International Business. Business
  27. 27. Result✔ A uniquely curved shield derived from anthropometric research p✔ The ability to vary the position of the shield t fit di tl over th t h t hi ld to directly the trochanter