2012 Young Innovator Awards


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The Launch presentation for the 2012 Young Innovator Awards delivered by Timothy Allan (Locus Research) and Reuben Woods (Woods Creative).

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  • Thanks Andrew Welcome everyone to the Young Innovator Awards, Reuben Woods and Myself would like to say a few words about the program this year and lead into the awards themselves.
  • We would like to specially thank Lyn, Jill, Priority One, and the Teachers and Schools. (we will also be thanking you great students in due course).
  • A logical partner for the potential incubator facility.
  • This year the two creative teams from locus and woods got together to create a campaign which Reuben will walk you through.
  • Facebook. Ask the Question. Bayfair Vouchers to get involved.
  • See how smart all the grown ups are..
  • Great Standard of Entries Ranging from a blister saver, to super rubber and hi tech jewellery and a desalination straw.
  • 2012 Young Innovator Awards

    1. 1. Awards NightThe Young Innovator Awards July 26th - 2012, TECT Arena, Tauranga
    2. 2. Special ThanksLyn Parlane & Jill BeedieAll the Teachers & SchoolsWithout them the initiative would not behappening.
    3. 3. VisionTo inspire students & young professionals tobecome true creative innovators.
    4. 4. ObjectivesCreate a platform for dynamically engagingwith students and young professionals;Consistently lift the bar in both quality andquantity of entries each year.
    5. 5. ObjectivesProvide the tools for teachers to effectivelyeducate students in creativity and innovation.Establish a series of Innovation eventsaround the awards each year thatconstructively engages with regionalbusinesses.
    6. 6. A key goal is to develop and enhance theresources available to students and teachersproviding an in depth range of inspiringinformation.
    7. 7. Expand to incorporate young professionals toprovide them an opportunity and a forum for theirgreat ideas.
    8. 8. Bring innovation leaders into the region andbuild activity around their visits;2010-Ray Avery, 2011-Paul Callaghan, 2012- Mark Pennington;Build an annual innovation forum aroundthis event each yearThat incorporates business, young professionals,research organizations, students & schools.
    9. 9. This year we got out and into schools.The YIA team presented into the 9 Schools toraise awareness among both students andteachers.
    10. 10. Chose something you are strongly interested in.Find something you can change or improve.Learn first, then apply.
    11. 11. Win the 13 Voucher thWe’ve made it easy with two options. First answerwins.This one is hard, a real test of prowess, whichinnovator started with the claw of an eagle to emergevictorious from a can of Sardines
    12. 12. ExhibitionBayfair came on board to help out and alsocreated a new award ‘Peoples Choice’.Help to create greater awareness of theprogram among parents & students.
    13. 13. Now to the Awards• Finalists• Highly Commended• Junior & Senior Winners• Internship Award• Peoples Choice (in a week)
    14. 14. Award Sponsors• Junior Award - Priority One• Senior Award - Page Macrae• Internship Award - Locus & Woods• People’s Choice - Bayfair/AMP Capital