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User-Driven Service Development: The GroupFinder Project -- Ryan/Boyer
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User-Driven Service Development: The GroupFinder Project -- Ryan/Boyer


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User-Driven Service Development: The GroupFinder Project …

User-Driven Service Development: The GroupFinder Project

Joseph Ryan, Digital Projects Librarian, North Carolina State University Libraries; Josh Boyer, Associate Head, Distance Learning & Research and Information Services, North Carolina State University Libraries

This session described the development of GroupFinder, a first-of-its-kind system designed to help students coordinate group study at the library. Beginning its life as a Facebook application and ending up as a system available on library kiosks, touchscreens, the Web, and mobile devices, GroupFinder has changed substantially during development because of the project’s focus on end user needs. Flexibility and the willingness to abandon preconceived notions about student group study have been key to the success of GroupFinder, and the team described how user research can be used to create new services to benefit library patrons.

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  • November 2007 wireframe: library curated location list. Newest activities first. “Join me” functionality. Facebook features, like Add to Friends and profile pictures.
  • October 2008: Prototype Facebook app. Shows activity by everyone and by your friends separately.
  • July 2009: Redesign after focus group with students says Facebook is a no-go venue for productivity applications. Twitter style display, including post limit for future Twitter integration. Yellow activity is live preview of how post will be displayed. Note Hours information and Study Rooms info.
  • September 2009: Beta version. Cork board design tried to create a familiar metaphor, recalls classic method of meeting up at many academic libraries. Live preview on pinkish post it. Although we loved it, testers did not like difficulty of scanning display when there were many posts. Hard to find a given location or activity description.
  • October 2009: redesign, inspired by a whiteboard. Users liked good scannability of posts. Did not like “sketchy” style and were confused by background graphic. Still anonymous posting! Added authentication right after live in-situ user testing.
  • As it appears today. Authenticated posts. Built into library web template.
  • Launched Oct 26, 2009.
  • Launched Oct 26, 2009.
  • Students did not understand that GroupFinder was different from the room reservation system in many cases. Did not understand that you could create GroupFinder posts when you were meeting somewhere else other than in a reservable room.
  • Transcript

    • 1. GroupFinder A case study on building patron-centric technology services Joseph Ryan & Josh Boyer NCSU Libraries March 10, 2011
    • 2. Some introductions
    • 3. Outline
      • What is GroupFinder today?
      • How did we get here?
      • Have we been successful?
      • What did we learn?
    • 4. 1. GroupFinder Today
      • What GroupFinder does
      • What GroupFinder looks like
    • 5. Who. What. Where. When.
    • 6.  
    • 7.  
    • 8. Posting to GroupFinder
    • 9.  
    • 10.  
    • 11.  
    • 12.  
    • 13.  
    • 14. Viewing GroupFinder Posts
    • 15.  
    • 16.  
    • 17.  
    • 18. 2. Development History
      • Motivation: What do students seek in the library?
      • Books, journals & other content
      • Computers & other technology
      • Services
      • Rooms
      • & they look for other students
    • 19. 2. Development History
      • Design
      • Test
      • Rinse & Repeat
    • 20.  
    • 21.  
    • 22.  
    • 23.  
    • 24.  
    • 25.  
    • 26. 3. Assessment
      • Usage
      • Survey results
      • What about offensive posts?
    • 27. Typical Uses
      • FLS 102 Exam Review
      • Bio 116 Lab Presentation
      • ISE 501 Group 1 Case Study
      • Spanish Conversational Group
    • 28. … and not so typical uses
      • Team Endospore
      • CSC302 Numerical Methods is really frustrating :(
      • Just to pass with a C-
    • 29. Usage Statistics
      • Lifespan of GroupFinder (Nov 2009 – present):
        • 1367 users
        • 4089 total posts
      • A recent, busy month (Nov 2010):
        • 245 users
        • 415 total posts
        • 14 per day
    • 30. Uses by User Nov 2009 - present 2.99 posts/user
    • 31. Display by Time of Day Nov 2009 - present
    • 32. Views by Source Nov 2009 - present
    • 33. Survey Findings
    • 34. Metadata
      • Survey sent late in Fall 2010 semester to every person who had posted to GroupFinder during the semester (n=591)
      • 13% response rate
    • 35. Does GroupFinder help you meet up at the library?
      • 46% “very useful”
      • 46% “somewhat useful”
      • 9% “not very useful”
    • 36. Do you have to wait around for your group members less?
      • 73% -- Yes
    • 37. What can we do better?
      • Let users schedule their own start times on main web form.
      • Text message reminders.
      • Awareness of all features.
      • And of course: more group study rooms, better food, more seats, more power, etc.
    • 38. And…
      • GroupFinder vs Room Reservation system: one and the same?
    • 39. 4. Lessons Learned
      • Iterative, user-centered design process
      • Exploring a problem space vs. solving a well understood problem
      • Explore gaps between functions of library departments
    • 40. Thanks!
      • On the web:
      • More info:
      • Josh Boyer ( [email_address] )
      • Joseph Ryan ( [email_address] )
    • 41. NCSU Libraries Student Advisory Board (FREE FOOD) 2nd Floor East Wing Assembly Room Mae 206 Statics Matlab Project Group from 5:30-7:30 ps 310 Getting Slayed in CH223... SERIOUSLY!! ECE 566 project HI 341 Group 14 5pm EC 302 Group E presentation meeting Fun with CSC 246 (LC entrance, on that weird orange circle couch thing) HI 341 Group 14 Cameron and Carl... meet us here Dr. Nau solids test Caffeine Chemistry and Facebook Soils Exam Prep Hamlett's HI310 Unconventional Warfare We the People Flashmob coffee analysis committee Little Knause on the Prairie Curling World Champion Tryouts The IT book group kd and ao's study group Jacob Goldbas's group is Studying 19th century philosophy on the second floor. Watch Jay Dawkins suffer (soil mechanics exam cram) Coffee chat i tech team III PS310 Group 6 Unconventional Warfare Durham Academy visitors concrete canoe group Thermo II - MAE-302... You know the routine. Just to pass with a C- Milking it right. The physics way. A PHI A Phi 331 study group WakeNature SW 307 group project Psy 400 Sensation & Perception Final Study! CH 201 PY 208 Final ACC 200 PHI 340-Optional Final Study Group Pi Kappa Alpha Study Group Philosophy Study Group crim study group MIE 435 Group 1 Physics/Accounting HI 351 review Syme five Maple Syrup Appreciation Association Group Meeting Chem 201 Reid's ENG101 Presentation Practice MIE 480 Group 5-UPS MIE 435 Group 5 IS 393 final exam study group. Anybody enrolled in IS393 sections 1 and 2 is welcome. KLD and KB's study group Wu-Tang Financial Krispy Kreme Challenge Meeting Melissa's German Study Room Peanut Gallery jessy eng332 project-boa boa Bio 105 Nezdek Feaver class studying for the test in old books room Goldbas Group soc 202 group presentation Jay makes graphics for the Senior Class CSC 246 party time (back of LC at the big computer stations) MA121 Tutoring Circle K Meeting MAE415 CH 221 Group Tutoring Phage Hunters BIO 183 Korean group? NCSU Nutrition Club FLS 202/331/332 Conv Group with Billie Espejo BUS 590 F6 project group Philosophy Warriors! Unite! (PHI 340) che 205 1037 to 1 ECE 209 Soils Study Party BUS 350 Statistics study group Comparative Politics with Dr.K study group learning studying on third floor local mapping working group CH202 - Owl 16.4-16.5 - HWork Session BCH 451 HI 203 Grace web team meeting anthropology study group ECE 452/592 Talecris Senior Design MAR History group BME 201 Study Group GN 311 Team Killtree Studyathon Brandon's Study Group CH101 Neyhart Exam Study Group PS310 ghiladi study group get my study on COM442: Quinn and Group Campbell, Tapp, Nienstedt, Gates 415 Gladys PHI 205/Heiner Lee's group BUS472: ITEC Team 3 Andrew Balamoun Calc 2 BIO 181 phi 340 optional final DU Study Group FLS 333 Chris and Jayni PS 201 & PS 320 Exam Review Session ACC 410 study group big tuna Equine Science Study Group BUS 478 GROUP Awissa Wabbitteam Narwal Saunders Study Group COM 257 Presentation Group Acc 200 Study Group: Candy, Melissa, Nancy Arabic 101 Finals Study Session calc2 study group MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY Jacob R. Goldbas for Dr. Timothy Hinton's Political Philosophy Final MA 341H Group MA241 Study Mexican Study Time Dream Team Friday Group Bible Study FLJ 301 study group fklodhi-chem./calc study group PY 211 Exam Cram aleja y ennio NROTC Chem 101 Study Group KJS PS 201 Study Group FLF 110 GN 311 Study Group Group 2 for Presentation in Elluminate Jamiez ACC 411 Presentation (NEM) CH 101 - Ana Ison ImmunoBio Practice