What is Sacramento Window Tinting and How is It Done?


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Window tinting is a process where a very thin and transparent material is used on windows to decrease the amount of radiation and heat from the sun.

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What is Sacramento Window Tinting and How is It Done?

  1. 1. Window tinting is a process where a very thin andtransparent material is used on windows todecrease the amount of radiation and heat fromthe sun.The thickness of this film ranges fromapproximately 0.0025 cm - 0.0102 cm. Thiswindow films are made from different kinds ofadhesive materials which can protect the windowsat any cost. www.WindowtintingSacramentoCA.net
  2. 2. This process can be both used in some vehiclewindows or in residential houses.This also decreases the amount of radiationcoming from the sun which protects whats behindthe tinted windows.Window tinting also has some use aside fromprotection to ultraviolet rays www.WindowtintingSacramentoCA.net
  3. 3. It also serves as protection by preventing otherpeople to see whats behind the window.It also helps provide privacy whether you are usingit in your house or in your vehicles.Just make sure to always check the rules of theplace where you are in regards to tinting ofwindows. www.WindowtintingSacramentoCA.net
  4. 4. There are currently three ways on how to get yourwindows tinted.One of the most popular and convenient way isfilm tinting.This is a process of applying a thin film on yourwindow glass to provide the tinting effect. www.WindowtintingSacramentoCA.net
  5. 5. It is very easy to do and it is quite inexpensivecompared to the other two methods.The only disadvantage of this method is that thefilm tends to fall off after a few months of beingused.The next way you can have tinted windows is byusing OEM tinted glass. www.WindowtintingSacramentoCA.net
  6. 6. The difference of this method from film tinting isthat instead of using a thin film, the tint is alreadyadded to the window glass when it is made.It is convenient to use this method if you areplanning to have it on your residential home sinceits very expensive to replace. www.WindowtintingSacramentoCA.net
  7. 7. The last type of tinting windows is coated tinting.Coated tinting uses a unique solution that isapplied on the surface of your windows.It is the most effective way of tinting your windowand it often comes in a spray form.This is the most difficult type of window tinting andshould only be done by experts. www.WindowtintingSacramentoCA.net
  8. 8. Window tinting can be an easy thing to do forsomeone who knows what they are doing. Makesure to ask some experts first before getting yourwindows tinted. Make sure also that the windowswhere tint will be applied are strong enough towithstand the application process.Hire the best Window Tinting Sacramento CAtoday! Or visit A-1 Mobile Tinting today! We lookforward in serving you! www.WindowtintingSacramentoCA.net