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Top things to know about business

  1. 1. LOCAL MEDIA KINGS TOP 3 TIPS FOR YOUR BUSINESS WHICH ARE MUST KNOW TO SUCCED!LOCAL MEDIA KINGS Social media service for local businesses around the world.
  2. 2. Layout represents what you communicateTo tell you the truth, I am shocked how many webmasters don’t understand basic concept ofthe layout. They make extra cool website, but fail to deliver on layout. This section is must haveread for any webmaster, designer or just person who owns website with some purpose. If youown website, which is only visited by you, then please don’t read this section, however if youown website, which receives other visitors than yourself, this is must read section.Here is basic concept how website layout works.There are two key things: eye movement and attraction points.What is Eye movement?Eye movement is how move your customer eyes, when receiving information. People are usedreading from left to right, from up to down. Taking in account that, you must adjust yourwebsite layout for them to interpret information easier. By statistics people find websiteattractive or not in first 10 seconds. Question is what you want to communicate to them inthese 10 seconds?Eye movement layout map:Yes its simple like 1…2…3…4.Now let’s talk about another key element Attraction points.On 1st you want to put your main attraction point, which could be main message, some graphicelement (like image or video) which represents your service or product. There shouldn`t be nobuy now button or something like that, as customer will not understand what are you selling ifyou put by now button on there.On 2nd you should look to put more information about your product or service, which reallyexplains what 1st really represents.LOCAL MEDIA KINGS Social media service for local businesses around the world.
  3. 3. On 3rd you put your “Buy now”, “Take a lead” or some other call-to-action button.On 4th goes other information about your products, services or general information about yourindustry.Let’s look at examples again. Say you have Pizza shop.Layout will be something like this: 1) Image of tasty pizza 2) Tagline: “Most satisfying pizza you ever taste” Benefits like extra cheese, 50% off etc. 3) Call to order now (phone number) 4) Other pizzasWe can look at example Pizza Hut ( website and keep see how colorsare used to extract main message from price. Here they switched 1 and 2 around, which is finetoo, as longest you know what your main attraction point, here image does explanation part.LOCAL MEDIA KINGS Social media service for local businesses around the world.
  4. 4. Why colors are important for website?Color is a very important element of your website. Have you ever been to a page that had ayellow background and bold red text?How long did you stay there for......When color is used correctly, it can add impact and clarity to your message and highlightimportant points. When color is used incorrectly, it can compromise your message and confuseyour target audience - to the point that they click their way out of your site as quickly as theycan, usually screaming and cursing as they do so!Color can make visiting your website a more pleasant experience in 2 very important ways- Color emphasizes, highlights, and leads the eye to important points or links.- Color symbolizes and triggers emotions and memories.The interpretation of a color depends on age, nationality, profession, current trends andpersonal preference. In general, the colors red, orange, and yellow are "exciting" colors and thecolors purple, blue, and green are "calming" colors.Bear in mind that current trends will also play a big role in color schemes - the offline fashionworld plays a very big role in influencing the online world. A good strategy is to create your sitein such a way that if a color change has to be carried out, it can be done so easily.For any color that you are considering utilizing, give some thought as to the reasons for doingso. For example, I would strongly recommend against using black backgrounds with pink topurple text - these colors are strongly associated with umm, undesirable sites.Here is bit history of web design dominating colors by year:Details of the colors for each year Color of the Year 2000: Cerulean Blue – Chosen for the millennium for its calming Zen state of mindLOCAL MEDIA KINGS Social media service for local businesses around the world.
  5. 5. Color of the Year 2001: Fuchsia Rose – A reversal from the previous year, more exciting, more feminine color. Color of the Year 2002: True Red – Recognizes the impact of 9/11 with a patriotic hue. Color of the Year 2003: Aqua Sky – A cool blue meant to restore hope and serenity. Color of the Year 2004: Tiger Lily – Acknowledges the hipness of orange with a touch of exoticism. Color of the Year 2005: Blue Turquoise – Reversal to a more calming shade Color of the Year 2006: Sand Dollar – A neutral color expresses concern about the economy Color of the Year 2007: Chili Pepper – Chosen for its pizzazz and sophistication. Color of the Year 2008: Blue Iris - Mix of blue and purple, suggests dependability and magic. Color of the Year 2009: Mimosa – Warm, cheerful shade, sparks imagination and innovation. Color of the Year 2010: Turquoise – Inviting, luminous hue inspiring soothing thoughts and tropical water. Color of the Year 2011: Honeysuckle – Uplifting and optimistic.2012 dominating colorsIn year 2012 dominating colors are:9 Pantone color palettes for visual inspiration for 2012 are: Nonchalance, Subtleties, Resilience,Indigo Effects, Transcending Time, Back to the Fuchsia, Reflections, Nouveau Neon and TheComics.Nonchalance: a feeling of tranquility and relaxation with no suggestion of anxiety in thesurroundings. The comforting pastel pinks, ethereal blues and soft egret white wrap us incarefree baby blanket colors, harmoniously blending with the more mature taupe, gray andgrape tones.Subtleties: a connectivity between the color families, sliding effortlessly into a seamlesscollection of hues. Effortless and compatible: hazy coral, soft yellow green, faded rose,stonewashed blue and tinges of gray and green set against a tasteful brown earthy red.LOCAL MEDIA KINGS Social media service for local businesses around the world.
  6. 6. Resilience: sustenance and solidity in a range of natural, outdoor shades. There are nuances ofthe deepest browns, varietal mushroom tones, foliage green and greenish yellow. A dash offlamingo orange adds an exotic touch to this otherwise organic grouping.Indigo Effects : evokes depth – enveloping and protective, yet mysterious. The colors arevariations on a blue theme – celestial and majestic blues, purpled and deep blue indigos – alldeftly brushed with contrasting strokes of maroon, mauve and moody gray.Transcending Time: represents continuity – inspirations from the past, both style and color-wise, which continue well into the future – containing hues that heirlooms are made of,including elegant wine and plum, warm beige and wood tones, as well as classic rose.Back to the Fuchsia energizing, provocative mix of dancing reds, purples and pink, all highlightedby a variety of fuchsias. Accentuates and complements the hotter hues.Reflections:tones and tints that spark the imagination: Turkish sea, blue moon, garnet, beluga,cloud dancer as well as the classic silver and gold.Nouveau Neon: collection of exuberant shades that bring a fresh new perspective tocombinations. Asian-inspired bamboo yellow-green plays with orange Popsicle® and berrypurples, while citrus colors toy with pink and raspberry.LOCAL MEDIA KINGS Social media service for local businesses around the world.
  7. 7. The Comics: whimsical, which brings a smile and creates the need to take some time to play.Ominous phantom black provides the backdrop for sulphuric yellow and fiery red. A flash ofgreen provokes a strong blue while an inky cyan plays up to honeysuckle and primrose. It’squirky joy and spontaneity.If however you want some advantage, check what colors are used by most successful sites inyour industry, as well you can check what color combinations use big companies, like Nike(, LOUIS VUITTON (, Coca Cola( ExampleFor example let’s take a look at Nike. Nike for me is more associated with cool dark boots,however their website is in light colors this year. From what I can tell, they use Reflections colorpalette. Take a look how they use almost white for background, menu is in bit grey color, whichsuggest it is not too highlighted, but all highlight goes to boots in the middle, which Nike wantsto represent. On navigation menu, when user moves his cursor on it, you should use somethingvivid; like in this case is used red letters, which makes it look more professional andentertaining. In pictures dominate blue color, which represents trust and that way slogan “Jointhe Nike revolution” goes together with blue color.By analyzing examples, you can use same color designs for your business websites or evenpackages, customer facing documents or other elements in your business. Customers will seeyou as up-to-date business, which really cares about design. Quoting Steve Jobs: Design is notjust what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.LOCAL MEDIA KINGS Social media service for local businesses around the world.
  8. 8. Importance of Social NetworksIf you have come here, then you probably realize that today internet is not the same as it was in2005 or even in 2008. Now world is dominated by social networks.Just look at Top 12 visited websites in internet today. They receive millions of visitors daily.1. www.facebook.com3. www.wikipedia.org7. www.qq.com9. www.twitter.com11. www.linkedin.com12. www.blogspot.comYou see currently Facebook is number #2 most visited website and Google is so worried thatFacebook will dominate over them, that they even made their own social network Google +.Sources in Google say that Facebook domination in year 2011 was so large, that they had tochange strategy and go more to social networks. So now we have top 3, which take about 70%of all traffic online are dominated by 3 social networks.LOCAL MEDIA KINGS Social media service for local businesses around the world.
  9. 9. Let’s take a look at Facebook vs. Google visitors for U.S.:As you see Facebook out dominates Google by more than 100 million visitors. So if you areworking in USA, you must be on Facebook. It is top source for traffic.Here is simple suggestion which will turn your business around in seconds.Add Like button to your website, so anyone who enters your website can Like it and informationabout your website will show on their Facebook wall. That way word about your service orproduct will be spread around and you can get visitors from Facebook by not being on Facebookyet. It can`t be easier.LOCAL MEDIA KINGS Social media service for local businesses around the world.
  10. 10. Getting on Facebook without Facebook business pageGo to: You must be logged in Facebook as user.Scroll down. Here enter following information.Now press button “Get Code”You get Facebook HTML5 code:LOCAL MEDIA KINGS Social media service for local businesses around the world.
  11. 11. Now go to your main website page and after <body> tag copy/paste code from first square andthen copy/paste code from bellow square in place where you want Like button to appear. Nowyou can see nice Like button on your website and anyone can recommend your page to theirfriends on Facebook.Of course much more profitable is that if you have business page for your business, that wayyou can become more popular on Facebook and outshine your competitors. Please check ourservice section for more information on this.LOCAL MEDIA KINGS Social media service for local businesses around the world.
  12. 12. Social Turnover Start KitProfessionally developed Facebook page for local business with your company logo,custom company images, texts, tagline and integrated company website, if there isone. You get exposure to targeted customers You get Facebook exposure (1 billion users daily) You get professionally looking Facebook page You get leverage over competitorsLOCAL MEDIA KINGS Social media service for local businesses around the world.