The Power of Display Advertising


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This presentation address the opportunity for a SMB to brand their name and increase their conversion rate through Display Advertising and Retargeting

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  • Who’s this?
  • Who’s this?
  • Who’s this?
  • Who’s this?
  • Who’s this?
  • All of these are BRANDS…brands you knowor brands you’ll know soon.If you’re in business today YOU are your BRAND.And your have to promote your brand – that’s ADVERTISING.
  • Effective advertising is…making sure YOUR BRANDis in the mind of YOUR CUSTOMERwhen they’re READY TO BUYHow do you do that? You get your brand where your customers are sure to see it.
  • You put your brand on billboards…You put in bus stops…In magazines…On TV…
  • You put your brand on billboards…You put in bus stops…In magazines…On TV…
  • You put your brand on billboards…You put in bus stops…In magazines…On TV…
  • You put your brand on billboards…You put in bus stops…In magazines…On TV…
  • And you put your brand on the web…with online display advertising.By the way, CapehartScatchard is a real law firm but the online display campaign is not.So, what is Online Display Advertising…?
  • So, in case you missed the point - online display is all about building brand awarenessand generating leads over time.
  • With Online Display, you precisely target your audience in three different ways. Through Geo Targeting.Contextual Targeting.and Behavioral Targeting
  • Online Display Ads increase conversion.I know – I said it doesn’t generate calls – but remember, I said it DOES drive traffic to an advertiser’s website. Over 50% of internet users ACTIVELY respond to online display ads. In fact, display ads can boost conversion by 30%! [read stats]And there’s one more thing…
  • Imagine how powerful it would be, if you could walk in and offer your clientsA way to reach those people after they leave!
  • The Yellowbook network is made up of over twenty thousand websites -- including some of the most popular in the world. But what makes online display advertising so effective isn’t that you can get your ad in front of A LOT of people…its that you can get your ad in front of exactly THE RIGHT people.and no other internet advertising targets a specific audience like Online Display.
  • The Power of Display Advertising

    1. 1. All of these are BRANDS… brands you know or brands you’ll know soon. If you’re in business today YOU are your BRAND. You HAVE TO ADVERTISE your brand. 6
    2. 2. Effective advertising is… making sure YOUR BRAND is in the mind of YOUR CUSTOMER when they’re READY TO BUY 7
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    6. 6. 11
    7. 7. YOUR AD
    8. 8. Online Display DOES BUILD brand awareness
    9. 9. © hibu plc 2012 14 TARGET MOBILE USERS 61% of smartphone users search for local information on-the-go with their devices. Source: Localeze/15 Miles Local Search usage Study, December 2011
    10. 10. Target Your Customers 3 Different Ways 15 Demographic Targeting Category Targeting Placement Targeting
    11. 11. • More than 50% of internet users actively respond to online display advertising1 • Display advertising can boost conversion by 30%2 • Yahoo discovered a 59% lift in conversion when users searched after seeing an online display ad3 • Targeted display ads yield 25% growth in registration4 • Online display ads increase lift to an advertiser’s website by 46%5 The Power of Online Display Ads: Conversion 16 SOURCES: 1 Search Engine marketing and Online Display Integration Study”; 2 “Conquer the New B2B Marketing Funnel,” April 2011, Online Marketing Content; 3 iProspect, 2011; 4 “Express Employment Professionals Customer Case Study ,” December 2011, Bizo; 5 “How Online Advertising Works: Whither the Click?”, December 2008, comScore
    12. 12. 98% of all people who visit a website DO NOT BUY on their first visit. Imagine if you could reach those people who came to your website, shopped… and left. Well now you can. 17
    13. 13. Retargeting Retargeting allows advertisers to serve ads to users who have previously been to their site. • The retargeting audiences can be customized to target users who only reached specific pages or to exclude users who have already converted online. hibu confidential / © hibu plc 2012 18 Visit and leave to go to another site. Receive ads when visiting other sites.
    14. 14. hibu is a leading provider of print and digital services within the emerging local e-Marketplace for consumers and SMBs across its operations in the UK, US, Spain, and some countries in Latin America.  An established, successful organization More than 9,000 employees globally  Proven track record More than 75,000 SEM campaigns and 300,000 websites launched/hosted  Certified Analysts An experienced team of Google & Yahoo/Bing certified SEM & SEO experts manage your campaign ABOUT US
    15. 15. Pay Per Click Optimization Display Social Email Client Websites Or Yell Global Websites
    16. 16. The hibu network of sites includes 21
    17. 17. Monthly Reports
    18. 18. 15 cents will buy 25 ads
    19. 19. © hibu plc 2012 24
    20. 20. Thank you Javier Chero Your Digital Media Partner 941-822-3325 © hibu plc 2012 25