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The Havering over 65s consultation project

The Havering over 65s consultation project



The Havering over 65s consultation project

The Havering over 65s consultation project



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  • CT DD take up – hard to reach We can profile our current PP holders to identify who may channel shift and how to communicate. Can do the same for green waste Green waste – could also identify which segments may be interested in signing up to the scheme – who, where, how Benefit take up – although not a CS transformation work stream we can use CI to identify groups who may not be claiming the benefits they are entitled too – similar to older peoples project. End, questions

The Havering over 65s consultation project The Havering over 65s consultation project Presentation Transcript

  • Claire Thompson Corporate Policy & Community Manager 10 March 2011 The Havering Over 65s Consultation Project
  • Havering’s Customer Segmentation Tool
    • Mosaic – 2006 – generic customer profile tool based on “general” characteristics
    • A tale of two cities!
    • In 2009, a bespoke segmentation tool
    • 10 segments, specific to our population
  • Havering’s Customer Segments Havering Segment Count of Households Percentage of Households Group A 6,872 7.36% Group B 16,445 17.61% Group C 10,724 11.48% Group D 7,946 8.51% Group E 7,075 7.58% Group F 5,692 6.10% Group G 15,962 17.09% Group H 1,744 1.87% Group I 14,686 15.73% Group J 6,240 6.68%
  • Havering Group I 15.73% of Households Ward Rankings Gooshays 23.31% Upminster 0.22%
    • Who are they?
    • Middle Aged Couples and Low Income Pensioners
    • Reliance on State Pension
    • Manual employment
    • Semi-Detached and Terraced Homes
    • Low-rise, purpose built flats
    • Low Car Ownership
    • Rented Homes
    • Low Household Incomes (<£13,499)
    • Low Savings
  • Aims of the Project
    • Evolved as the project progressed!
    • Part of wider programme of activity to engage with residents more effectively on a face-to-face basis
    • Consult with vulnerable older people on council services, to encourage take-up and take feedback on services, specifically:
        • Older residents that are most in need of support or direct services, and
        • Older residents who may be unaware of the full range of services they are eligible to use.
    • Using Customer Insight, target consultation more effectively
    • Increase customer satisfaction with Council
  • Project Deliverables
    • Original Targets:
        • 500 older people contacted or visited
        • 150 referred to Council and Partner services
        • Increased satisfaction of older people with council services since last year
        • Reduced avoidable contact by older people contacting the council
    • Actual Performance to date:
        • 1235 residents contacted and 564 visited in their own homes
        • 2824 requests for services or more information
  • What the project involved
    • Recruiting the volunteer researchers
    • Training the volunteers & producing information packs
    • Identifying the target households on a map
    • Household visits with older people
        • Questionnaires compiled
        • Basic needs assessments carried out
    • Referrals made
    • Follow-ups with the older people visited
    • Evaluation
  • Who was involved?
    • Cheryl Coppell, Chief Executive (Project Sponsor)
    • Community Engagement, Communications and Policy teams
    • Other council services (eg. Adult Social Care, Community Safety)
    • Partner organisations: HAVCO, CAB, Police, Age Concern, Fire Service and others
    • Volunteers!
  • How We Used Customer Insight
    • Identified 5000 Category I residents over 65
    • Identified a sample of their addresses
    • Plotted them on a map
    • Contacted residents to arrange household visits
    • This meant we were only targeting specific households
  • Outcomes
    • Early Intervention Successes:
        • CAB advised a resident living in hardship who is now £120pw better off
        • Referrals to NHS Community services for dental implants
        • A number of older people were assessed for social care support through Havering Direct
        • Huge increase in aids and adaptations take-up
        • Garden clean-ups
        • Housing improvements identified
    • £64,806 in unclaimed benefits identified
    • Increased skills of the volunteers
    • Face to face service highly effective and well received by customers - 98% satisfaction
    • Cost savings of using volunteers (1152 hours = £14,400
    • Key issues: social isolation, lack of awareness of support
  • Lessons learned
    • Style of questionnaire – to be refined to capture more detailed feedback
    • Referral process improvement from phase 1 to phase 2
    • Using volunteers can be a double edged sword!
    • Customer insight extremely effective in targeting services to those most in need
  • What next?
      • Telecare take up
      • Council Tax DD take up
      • Parking Permits/Fines
      • Green Waste
      • Benefit Take up