North Lincolnshire and safer neighbourhoods


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North Lincolnshire and safer neighbourhoods

  1. 1. Victims & Vulnerable People Steve Foston (North Lincolnshire Safer Neighbourhoods) and JohnDunworth (former Head of ASB Unit, Home Office) 1
  2. 2. Why protect Victims & Vulnerable People?• The European Convention on Human Rights – All public authorities have to comply with the convention • In consideration of 2 British cases the European Court of Human Rights confirmed that the State is obliged to „take measures to protect individuals ... From ill-treatment and to take reasonable steps to prevent ill-treatment of which the authorities had or ought to have had knowledge‟ 2
  3. 3. How we have built the Victim & Vulnerable Person Index system• The system is based on the CLG research programme “Effective Partnership Data Management”• Developed by Xantura Ltd and built upon their „data fusion‟ technology – the system matches, coordinates and builds a Victim & Vulnerable Person‟s Index from the partnership supplied data sets using – – Predictive modelling techniques based on customer insights – Including vulnerable localities, risk determinants and constraints – Maps the citizen‟s different forms of vulnerability into „domains‟ – Identifies those citizen‟s at „high risk‟ of becoming a victim.• Provides the “ought to have” knowledge required for compliance with the European Convention 3
  4. 4. Overcoming obstacles• Extensive research on Data Protection issues – Legal opinion provided by a barrister confirms • The Crime & Disorder Act 1998 does provide the ‘gateway’ for the exchange of personal information between partnership agencies (with some constraints) • The development of the Index system is a for a legitimate and lawful purpose – The main “issue” is the potential for conflict between implied consent (protection from harm) and a data subject‟s explicit and informed consent.• Securing personal information – Xantura have set up a private data centre that is GC accredited (IL3 “Restricted”) and partner data transfers are undertaken through the Public Service Network (G-App) 4
  5. 5. Supporting Vulnerable People - practical examples• Identifying the vulnerable – Prevent people from falling through the gaps 5
  6. 6. Supporting Vulnerable People• “High risk” individuals are identified by the insights provided by the Index system, the other side of the Xantura system is the• Springvault application providing a secure support package that is designed to reduce a citizen‟s overall level of vulnerability this – Includes both a core personal safety plan (e.g. Fire safety checks, target hardening, asset scanning, etc.) and individually tailored services elements. – Is a 2 way communications portal for the electronic exchange of information between vulnerable citizen‟s & their supporters (family, “Big Society” groups such as Victim Support and professional partnership practitioners) – Permits citizens and their proxies to manage their own data sharing consents• This is a secure „cloud‟ based application that is available over the world wide web and, soon, will be supported by a mobile phone App that our social enterprise partnership (Squeak) is commissioning from Xantura. 6
  7. 7. Supporting Vulnerable People – Additional practical examples• Protecting their on-line identity – Squeak is investigating the use of Smartcards to store Citizen IDs • Encourage digital inclusion (i.e. the vulnerable will not have remember complicated userid/password combinations to login) • Chip/Pin, Biometrics, Metro style picture interface • The Squeak smartcard will be compatible with the Local Government Smartcitizen scheme that is in current use by 7.5M citizens throughout the UK – Single sign-on and access to „Clouds‟ • Use of encrypted identity “tokens” for sign-in to web/mobile apps; much safer than „vanilla‟ userid/password accreditation, helps protect against malware 7
  8. 8. Supporting Vulnerable People – Additional practical examples• Physical protection – Electronic Incident Diaries and Alert Boxes – Protecting their equipment • Lojack Laptop protection software - tracking and immobilising access to data • Radio Tactics "Hermes/Apollo" - UK National property register – Protecting their money (Cyber-crime) • Smartswipe - Credit/Debit card protection 8
  9. 9. Physical protection – Equipment & property (Laptops)• Laptops: Squeak is making arrangements with Absolute Software for the supply of their „lojack‟ product this – – Is „Secured by Design‟ and ACPO approved – Loads into the Laptop‟s firmware and cannot be removed – When stolen • Tracks where the device is for recovery in cooperation with the Police • Protects privacy, disables access to files, applications, etc. stored on the laptop 9
  10. 10. Physical protection – Equipment & property (Other mobile devices, property)• Other mobile devices/property; with Humberside Police we are implementing Radiotactics “Hermes/Apollo” system for – – Other mobile devices (smart phones, etc.) – Other uniquely identifiable property (e.g. Cameras, bikes, etc.) details can be registered with the UK National Property Database “Immobilise” – When stolen • To deter „thefts‟ property can be scanned into the database and more easily recovered by Police – acts like an electronic form of „Smartwater‟ 10
  11. 11. North Lincolnshire • Use the burglary predictive modeller toCase Study being identify „hot spots‟ to targetprogressed at themomentWe are using predictive modellingtechniques to target burglary hotspots with crime prevention leafletsand offer protection to the public inthese areas. The licensing of theLojack software can be purchasedby members of the public in theseareas, if they chose to do so, fromthe Squeak web site.Similarly, there other propertydetails can be added to the UKnational property database for„Hermes/Apollo‟ scanning if stolen.The Vigilance predictive modeller isavailable for free use by Policeforces and community safetypartnerships at 11
  12. 12. Protecting their money – Cyber-crime• Its a sad fact of life that vulnerable people are increasingly targeted both physically (through the post) and virtually via the Internet to relieve them of their cash; thieves use „malware‟ to capture their identity and credit/debit card details, etc.• We have already referred to systems that can assist protect a citizen‟s identity through the use of smartcards, tokenised single sign-on to cloud systems, etc. and now we want to show you this „Smartswipe‟ device that can help protect people when making credit/debit card purchases over the Internet or other applications such as on-line banking.• This device „insulates‟ the citizen‟s financial transaction data from being stored on their PC . Any financial transactions made over the internet are fully encrypted by the „Smartswipe‟ device.• This particular device can read Smartcards as well as credit/debit cards so it can be used as a conventional card reader (e.g. Squeak & LA smartcards) as well as protecting a vulnerable person (or their supporters) financial information on the world wide web 12
  13. 13. Additional Information• Further information about the North Lincolnshire Victim and Vulnerable Persons Index project can be found on-line at: –• An on-line demonstration of the main system features can be found at: –• Xantura are registering and accrediting this G-App for public service use with the recently announced Cabinet Office Cloudstore, details can be found at: –• Further details of our community safety partnership company can be found at: –• Use of technology for the „Big Society‟ journey – &id=3567 13