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Lambeth violence against women and girls customer insight project
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Lambeth violence against women and girls customer insight project


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Lambeth Violence Against Women and Girls Customer Insight Project
  • 2. Background
    • Current guidance from central and regional government is that DV should be considered alongside other forms of gender based violence:
      • Mayor of London’s strategy “The way forward. A call for action to end violence against women and girls”
      • Coalition Government’s publication “Call to End Violence against Women and Girls” strategic narrative– November 2010 with a full Strategy due on 8 March 2011
    • There are 8 strands that make up the Violence against Women and Girls agenda:
      • domestic violence
      • sexual violence
      • stalking
      • trafficking
      • prostitution
      • female genital mutilation
      • forced marriage
      • crimes said to be committed in the name of ‘honour.’
  • 3. Project Aims
    • Feedback from service users to inform our VAWG strategy and service planning commissioning.
    • Based on the ‘tell us once’ principles, aim to reduce the number of ‘ineffective’ contacts that victims of violence have to make before getting the services they need.
    • To seek the views of women, stakeholders and partners to establish whether a “one stop VAWG service” model should be developed in Lambeth.
    • Increase our understanding of any unmet needs/gaps in service-address these through service commissioning i.e. what services do women want/where/when/how.
    • To determine what an effective communications strategy would look like i.e. who should we target/ where should target.
  • 4. Customer Insight tools
    • Cognitive interviewing techniques-one to one sessions
    • Focus groups -including customer journey mapping
    • Use of creative workshops to engage women i.e. personal safety training and building self esteem sessions
    • Distribution of 2000+ post cards
    • Street based interviews
    • World Café-service user and service provider
    • Stakeholder interviews
  • 5. Achievements
    • Focus Groups
      • 14 focus groups held
      • both general (open to all women) and specific (for specific groups of women)
      • Specific groups that have taken place include traveller women, women involved in prostitution, BAMER women, young women and women who have experienced domestic violence
      • 65 women have attended focus groups
    • Individual interviews
      • conducted with service users who did not want to be part of a focus group
      • 15 women have attended these interviews
    • Post card distribution
      • In order to obtain a large amount of information from women about their ideal service, 2,200 self-addressed postcards have been printed and distributed to a variety of services including GPs, specialist VAWG services, libraries, mother and toddler groups, and housing offices.
  • 6. Service User World Café
    • Informal café style approach
    • 32 women attended and focused on:
    • Customer journey mapping- designed to map women’s help-seeking, who they disclosed to and referrals that arose from these disclosures (positive/negative)
    • Groups discussions about experiences of accessing help, the key messages they wanted service providers to hear and to outline their vision of a world where everyone was committed to helping end VAWG
    • Additional creative activities took place to further capture feedback:
      • Postcards: the printed postcards were filled out by attendees
      • T-shirts and posters: women were asked to think of a design and/or slogan to raise awareness of violence against women and girls
      • Dear Sister: women were invited to write a letter to a woman who was suffering as she was, with the purpose of offering some words of comfort and support
  • 7. Service Provider World Café
    • 35 professionals attended the service provider world café.
    • Feedback from the service users was provided and professionals were then asked to consider:
      • What can you / your agency contribute towards monitoring and evaluating the impact of Lambeth VAWG strategy? What would success look like? What indicators should there be?
      • What would an effective VAWG communications strategy look like? Who would be the target audiences? What might the key messages be?
      • What responsibility can your agency take regarding women with chaotic / complex lives?
  • 8. Involving the Police
    • Police are seen by women as one the main agencies that can “stop the violence”
    • During customer mapping when asked what agency “made the difference” a large percentage said the Police
    • Feedback highlights that a negative experience of a Police response in another borough has an impact on whether women would report a crime in Lambeth
    • CI feedback report will be provided to the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) to inform future practise
  • 9. Embedding the CI project in our strategic approach and future plans
    • CI feedback is incorporated in the Lambeth VAWG strategy-strategy to be launched April 2011
    • Plans to commission a “one stop” VAWG service delivery model-unmet needs/gaps addressed in proposed commissioned model
    • Operational challenges fed back to VAWG strategic group and agency leads in order to improve service delivery-statutory services in particular
    • Lambeth VAWG conference
  • 10. Contact details
    • Jade Holvey
    • Domestic Violence Coordinator
    • Community Safety Service
    • London Borough of Lambeth
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Phone: 020 7926 4877