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A presentation describing how you can sponsor or support your competition to identify how communities and entrepreneurs can develop ideas & prototypes to improve their neighbourhoods in Kent.

Transformed by You is is a competition supported by Kent Connects to stimulate collaboration between public services, entrepreneurs and communities to develop innovative ways of using technology to improve their neighbourhoods. It will launch on the 24th June on and will conclude on 23rd November with a Prototyping Day in Tunbridge Wells.

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  • Stimulate collaboration between public service staff, students, pupils, entrepreneurs and communities to develop collaborative researchWork with the next generation for whom many of the new ways of researching & designing services they don’t see as R&D methods but what come naturally to themAlthough at one workshop we worked with an intergenerational art group, one of the grandmother’s there was sketching ideas with her iPad, which I’ve never used, so sometimes the next generation is where you least expect it
  • Partnership Presentation

    1. 1. Do you have an idea on how to improve your neighbourhood? + = Do you want to win the chance of getting people to turn your idea into reality?
    2. 2. We’re organising a competition to stimulate collaboration between public services, entrepreneurs and communities to develop innovative ways of using technology to improve their neighbourhoods
    3. 3. Outcomes from our previous competitions
    4. 4. Challenges How can the use of ICT help people improve their neighbourhoods? How can the use of ICT help people keep fit & stay healthy? How can the use of ICT help people get involved in reading, arts and the culture?
    5. 5. Timeline – 11 October: Ideas: People submit ideas to the challenges through 21 October – 22 November: Prototyping: People select an idea submitted in previous phase and put forward how it could be designed into a prototype 23 November: Prototyping Day where participants will be invited to help finalise the prototypes taken forward and showcase them
    6. 6. Colleges Universities Local residents Community groups Entrepreneurs Startups Target audiences
    7. 7. Why sponsor/partner with us? Associate your brand with a pioneering way of developing ideas & prototypes to meet local challenges Engage with some of the county’s best innovators - community groups, service providers, students & universities, digital entrepreneurs & SMEs Promote your organisation at an event designed to stimulate technology innovation with the community
    8. 8. What does the competition deliver? +15 partners +400 participants +150 insights +30 prototypes +£100K investment raised Partners Issues Motivations Principles Prototypes Sustainability
    9. 9. Sponsor the competition Sponsor an insight generation workshop Sponsor a challenge and prize Sponsor the prototyping day Options for Sponsors
    10. 10. What can you sponsor? In-kind support to help participants take their ideas & prototypes forward (i.e. consultancy, space, technology) Lunch to keep the participants creative juices flowing A Prize awarding the best prototype on the theme of your choice Sponsorship of a challenge
    11. 11. How could you benefit? You would have the opportunity to nominate a representative from your organisation to be a judge for the competition You would be able to define the Challenge you wanted to sponsor or you could choose to sponsor our existing challenges We would add your logo & marketing in print and online literature of the event as well as announcements on the day As well as raising your profile at the event itself, your organisation will benefit from a range of pre- and post- event promotional activities
    12. 12. Options for Supporters Invite your members/staff to take part in the competition Host a workshop on one of the challenges Host a workshop to get your users to test the prototypes Blog about the competition Volunteer to help organise the event
    13. 13. How could you benefit? We would add your logo and organisation details in print and online literature of the event as well as in announcements on the day We are open to discussing other ways to promote your organisation
    14. 14. Previously… Previous partners & sponsors Previous supporters Previous prototypes developed Previous scenarios developed Previous winners What they said
    15. 15. Previous Partners & Sponsors
    16. 16. Previous Supporters
    17. 17. Previous prototypes developed
    18. 18. Previous scenarios developed
    19. 19. 2011 winner leveraged £90K funding to roll out its idea across several schools 2012 winner launched website with full integration with social network tools Previous winners
    20. 20. What they said “The best entries aren't necessarily the technically brilliant applications. It is more about making something that is provides a fresh, useful way to make use of an existing service” “It’s a great opportunity to be really imaginative and yet produce something that will have a solid local impact and helped create a network of individuals” “The best elements for me included the competition (giving our activity an edge and excitement), the time-bound nature of the day (we had to present our work at the end of it), roles on hand to help us out and the style of facilitation (making everyone feel heard)”
    21. 21. + = Noel Hatch Research & Design Manager @noelito Get in touch!