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A prototype developing at the http://developingsolutions.eventbrite.com Event.

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  • Hello everyone My Name is Nathan and this is Lewis, and welcome to the sunniest place in the United kingdom(Wait) (Joke Start off)Today I have come to approach every single one of you. Everyone of you has a need, and has something they always wanted but wouldn’t you agree you sometimes cant get what you want. Just as for Audience participating for a show of hands, did anyone here today stand outside till midnight waiting to get there hands on a new game? (Wait)……………Good Good I wasn’t the only one. TechRush is a company that takes into consideration what you want, it tries to appeal to every single one of you. And to reach your desires and to determine what you want. If it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t be standing up here today. So today we want you to be as smart as your smart phone.
  • I want everyone here today to imagine. Imagine your stuck in an unknown place, and your car has broken down, your in the middle of the countryside and you have no map, compass, Satnav or internet. What are you going to do? You search for the sticker for the RAC or AA and phone the 0800 number only to be told it doesn’t work on your mobile and then they reel off a number and do you have a pen and paper? No, but you have your smart phone and the 999 App! With this app your smarter than your average smart phone. Its a quick and sophisticated way of running around your country in a matter of seconds and finding the places you love the most.
  • So Here today instead of just showing you an Iphone and letting you use the app. Here is a collage of our app and what is included in our app and as you can see Facebook a powerful Social Networking sensation is used in this app, a search index is also included to allow you to search for the company that you want. We also include a world map to locate the nearest place and as a sneak peak of what is to come, for example you search for KCC and you want to see where Kent County Council is and the nearest place to where you are. And now to show you how you can use this app we have a video for you on the next slide.
  • In these couple of slides you will see pictures, some situations you might have been in others you might not of. I hope you havent been like this man
  • Or like this.
  • Or Like this. Have you ever been in any of those situations? Put you hand up if you have. Ok that’s good
  • Have you ever been locked out of your home and need a locksmith? Have you been stuck by the side of a motorway and you need the AAs number? Have your children been locked out and can’t remember your work number? This is where our app comes into action it will help you out of those tight situations you find yourself in. Where can you use this app? Your children can get your work number and phone you by using this app. When your car has broken down you can use it. When your Locked out. When your Job searching. Actually you could use it anywhere, whenever your in need or trouble this is the app for you. We want your problems to fly away (Good Bye problems)
  • Our app is designed to help each and everyone of you. It endeavours to get your approval, we always want to reach your Techy mind and develop that to improve our app for the Future. We are new!...........We are young!.........We go to college!.........And we offer something you have never seen before………. We want to make your life easier, and we want to make you jump with joy when your feeling low. I hope everyone here today will get this app and make your life easier and hopefully we can hear from you that “I AM SMARTER THAN THE AVERAGE SMART PHONE!” and thank you.
  • Learning QRve

    1. 1. Learning GameFriday, 25 November 11
    2. 2. Concept • Encourage children to visit cultural and educational venues in Kent (and beyond) • Provide learning tools based on events or information at the venues • Encourage engagement with activities by gamifying the user experienceFriday, 25 November 11
    3. 3. kent.learninggame.org.uk • Geolocate or search by postcode • plot points of interest on an OS map • highlight venues who opt in to the ‘game’Friday, 25 November 11
    4. 4. [Show map]Friday, 25 November 11
    5. 5. Friday, 25 November 11
    6. 6. Venues can sign up • include lat/long of venue (match to POI) • include details of venue/game: • images, text, contact dtls • arrange recurring payment?Friday, 25 November 11
    7. 7. venues get a subdomain • e.g. richborough.kent.learninggame.org.ukFriday, 25 November 11
    8. 8. At the venues • mobile optimized website • over 3G or wifiFriday, 25 November 11
    9. 9. users can sign up • provide user name and group nameFriday, 25 November 11
    10. 10. Users explore venue •Scan QR codes at ‘hotspots’ • can just use 3rd party appFriday, 25 November 11
    11. 11. • QR codes map towithof page in venue’s learninggame site url related content • e.g. /hotspots/3 • & server will register that the user has visited the hotspotFriday, 25 November 11
    12. 12. View scores for a group • /scores?group=mygroupFriday, 25 November 11
    13. 13. “CMS” for venues • admin console at /admin • simple RESTful CRUD interfaceFriday, 25 November 11
    14. 14. list hotspots • /admin/hotspotsFriday, 25 November 11
    15. 15. edit a hotspot • /admin/hotspots/3Friday, 25 November 11
    16. 16. Benefits for users • Enhance learning for children • Fun gaming experienceFriday, 25 November 11
    17. 17. Benefits for venues • Marketing opportunity for sites to increase visitor numbers • Cheaper, less labour intensive alternative to audio toursFriday, 25 November 11
    18. 18. Business Model • Each venue to pay ~£100 month (TBC) • as few as10 venues would earn £12k/yr • would pay for dev & is sustainable • Beta venues would pay for nominal fee • Discounts for certain not-for-profits/ charities/communities?Friday, 25 November 11
    19. 19. Phase 2 ideas • More self-service features for venues • Native, richer apps • with embedded QR code reader etc • photo upload function • User generated content at hotspotsFriday, 25 November 11