Kent connects mba programme introducing local government

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  • 1. Introducing Local GovernmentA morning tour of selected public service facilities and an afternoon workshop havebeen arranged to provide the project sponsors and MBA students with a furtheropportunity to meet and discuss any outstanding issues. It will also enable thestudents to get a really good understanding of the challenges currently facing localgovernment. This should help to inform how they research their projects to makesure the thinking is as relevant as possible.Meet at County Hall, Maidstone 08.45-09.00Project Sponsors and Students meet at Reception at County Hall, Maidstone.Introduction 09.00-09.15Rajendra S. Shirole will briefly introduce the aims of the day at Sessions – Swale 2room.Walk to Maidstone Gateway 09.15-09.30Short walk between the two facilities.Visit of Maidstone Gateway 09.30-10.30A guided tour of Maidstone Gateway by Peter Brook (Gateway Project DevelopmentOfficer, Kent County Council).Walk from Gateway-Museum 10.30-10.45Short walk between the two facilitiesVisit Maidstone Museum 10.45-11.45A guided tour of Maidstone Museum including a brief introduction by Simon Lance(Museums & Heritage Manager, Maidstone Borough Council).Walk to County Hall 11.45-12.00Short walk back to County Hall
  • 2. Lunch 12.00-12.30Arrive at County Hall and have lunch – Swale 2 room.Issues & Challenges facing local public services 12.30-13.30Propose this part of the workshop is much more interactive with students and projectsponsors working in groups.o Introduction video1 to start the workshop and get students thinkingo 10 minute mindmapping by students as a group on what they see as they biggest challenges and opportunities facing local public services.o “Question and Answer” session on local government to enable students to ask project sponsors particular questions they may have about the issues and challenges facing local government.Conclusion 13.30-14.00Rajendra S. Shirole will conclude the day and refresh everyone on the next steps forproject sponsors and students.AttendingPeter Brook GatewaysNoel Hatch Kent County CouncilSimon Lace Maidstone Borough CouncilAntony Parker Kent ConnectsRaymond Warren Tunbridge Wells Borough CouncilManjit Kataria Kent Business SchoolHastings Shashi Kumar Kent Business SchoolPrashant Sahal Kent Business SchoolAustin Jose Henry Bala Singh Kent Business SchoolVaibhav Asher Kent Business SchoolKiran Alexander Kent Business SchoolAraham Farooq Khan Kent Business SchoolMihir Kulkarni Kent Business SchoolRajendra S Shirole Kent Business SchoolApologiesElnaz Biglari Kent Business SchoolKuo-Wei Huang Kent Business SchoolCarolyn Knight EK ServicesNigel Bucklow Maidstone Borough CouncilSarah Robson Maidstone Borough CouncilDena Smart Maidstone Borough Council1 Accountable local government - Yes, Prime Minister - BBC comedy -