Marketing yourself through the social media tools
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Marketing yourself through the social media tools



محاضرة عن تسويق الذات من خلال شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي في مكتبة بلدية الخليل العامة . بتاريخ 18/7/2012

محاضرة عن تسويق الذات من خلال شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي في مكتبة بلدية الخليل العامة . بتاريخ 18/7/2012



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    Marketing yourself through the social media tools Marketing yourself through the social media tools Presentation Transcript

    • 1MARKETING YOURSELF THROUGHSOCIAL MEDIA TOOLSPrepared and Presented by: Loay Qabajeh
    • What IS Social Media ?
    • What Is Social Media
    • What is Social Media ? Way of communicating where there is interaction between people online with a user-generated content. Migration from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0  Web 1.0 : Static websites and read only content  Web 2.0 : Participatory websites and read-write content.
    •  Online content created by people. A shift in how people discover, read, and share news, information and content. Moving from monologue (one to many) to dialogue (many to many) Changing people from content readers into contributors and publishers Does not require expensive equipment or a government-granted license What is Social Media?
    • What is Social Media? Why Should You Care?  Platform for spreading your message  Community engagement tool  Brand-builder  Partnership opportunities  Listening tool  New audiences ?
    • What should you be doing on social media?  Listening  Conversing  Answering questions  Customer service  Educating  Sharing  Asking for action  ?
    • Why social media? It’s easy and it’s worth it. Gain supporters Build your brand Everyone’s doing it. Literally. It only takes a few hours a week to maintain a steady presence. The sky is the limit. Or at least 140 characters long.
    •  Organization o Technologies. o New ways to reach our audiences o New opportunities for communication Promotion  Alternative to advertising  Peer recommendation (word of mouth)  New ways to work with audiences Feedback • Tells us what people are saying about our initiatives • Helps us improve, through listening to our audiences What does social media do for us?
    • Youth Leaders in the Eyes of SM Strong writing skills & knowledge of writing online to audience. Extensive understanding of social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)Experience running a community or fan site.Experience in creating digital content.Experience in analyzing community sentiment & growth
    • » Social Networking  Facebook, MySpace, Classmates, Friendster, Bebo, Orkut, Hi5 , Google+  LinkedIn, Plaxo, Xing, cofoundr, naymes» Blogging  A blog (or 10) for every subject ( Word Press, Blogger , ..)  Twitter (micro-blogging)» Photo / Video sites  Flickr, Photobucket, YouTube» Bookmarking sites , blogmarks, dogear» Groups  Google, Yahoo!, etc.
    • Social Media with Youth Initiatives Be Interesting! Expect no privacy Stay in character - ALWAYS Watch first and follow the accepted form Do not advertise or ask for helpimmediately Give first, receive later Alliance partners – help each other
    • Social Media…Myths & Truths » I do not have the time. » It’s a time-waster. » Social networks are for children and teenagers. » It’s just a fad ‫.بدعة‬ » Social media returns are poor and small . » Social media replaces my other promotion activities.
    • How to take advantage of Social Media’s diversity» Do not put all your eggs in the same basket . ‫» العديد من األدوات بشكل متكامل‬» Focus on more targeted tactics .‫» استخدام أدوات مختلفة للتميز‬» Aim for the long term. .‫» االستمرارية والمتابعة على المدى البعيد‬» Be opportunist ‫» استغالل الفرص‬
    • A day in the life of Social Media
    • Who needs Social Media & WHYwww.train Journalists Students Educators Business Entrepreneurs Owners
    • Are you there ?12108 Facebook6 Twitter Youtube4 Linkedin20 Users #
    • This Workshop Use effectively job search sites and portals. Preparing an online resume ( Marketing through Social networks ( Facebook, Twitter , Youtube, ..). Marketing through Professional networks ( LinkedIn, BeKnown, BranchOut, ..).
    • The ChallengeTo BE OR NOT TO BE
    • Google Me.27
    • Recruitment Steps in Palestine Searching Writing for a job Resume Online Application Interviewing
    • Where to know about job vacancies29  Personal Contact (Friends / Family /neighbors )  Alumni / College’s PR office  Career / Employment Fairs  Advertisement in local media (Newspaper/Radio/TV )  Internet Resources , Social Media  Governmental recruitment bureaus  Business recruitment bureaus  Employer’s HR department  Professional associations and Labor unions  Others ( suggest )
    • Universities, Companies , Organizations30        httP:// 
    • Educational Sample31
    • Educational Sample32
    • NGO Sample33
    • UN Sample34
    • Palestinian Jobs35        httP://  
    • 36 Searching for a Job
    • What can you Do on37
    • All in ……38 Self Development Follow up Preparing Searching with your for a job Employers Resume
    • Click and Check39 Search by Category Top 5
    • Employee Vs. Employer40
    • How your Resume Look Like41
    • Manage Your Account…42
    • 43
    • You can do at44 (1) • Create An Account (2) • Update Your Profile
    • 45 How to put your resume on line
    • Being Online …46
    • … Public Profile47
    • Many Ways to Use Facebook Professionally48 Selective Friends Business Groups Professional Profile Edit preferences Business Events
    • Facebook … Be Professional49
    • www.branchout.com50
    • www.beknown.com51
    • 52• LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network• Over 120 million members• Growing rapidly
    • Where to go …53 • • •
    • Controlling your digital identity54