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Job hunting through social media
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Job hunting through social media


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Job Hunting Through Social Media

Job Hunting Through Social Media

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. JOB HUNTING THROUGHSOCIAL MEDIAPresented by : Loay Qabajeh
  • 2. Who Are You , We ?‫محمد‬ ‫علي‬/‫إدارة‬
  • 3. The Trainer / Facilitator
  • 4. Ground Rules
  • 5. Training Agenda Effective online presence. Preparing online resume. Job Hunting though Professional networks. Job Hunting though Social networks Using Google drive.
  • 6. Social Media 1016
  • 7. Social Media TimeLine
  • 8. What is Social Media? Online content created by people. A shift in how people discover, read, andshare news, information and content. Changing people from content readersinto contributors and publishers Does not require expensive equipmentor much experience.
  • 9. Why Should You Care? Job Hunting Tool Platform for spreading your message Community engagement tool Partnership opportunities Listening tool New audiences ?
  • 10. What should you be doing on social media? Searching for Jobs Conversing Customer service Educating Sharing Asking for action ?
  • 11. It’s easy and it’s worth it. Find recruiters Build your CV Everyone’s doing it. It only takes a few hours a week to maintain asteady presence. The sky is the limit. Or at least 140 characters long.
  • 12. Social Media…Myths & Truths» I do not have the time , It’s a time-waster.» Social networks are for children and teenagers.» It’s just a fad ‫.بدعة‬» Local Market is not ready for Social media era.» Social media replaces my other job huntingactivities.
  • 13. A day in the life of Social Media
  • 14. Social Media – Arab World
  • 15. Useful Platforms
  • 16. Googleyourname18
  • 17. Being Online …
  • 18. How to put your resume on line20
  • 19. The is …. New approach to creating an Internet-based resume. Building and managing an online career portfolio. Securely sharing professional qualifications withemployers, customers, partners and colleagues. Allows professionals to do this all in one place, withprivacy and control, for free.21
  • 20. VisualCV vs. Traditional Resume22
  • 21.
  • 22. Let us PracticeSign UpUpdateProfileCreateProfile24
  • 23. Time to Break.
  • 24. Stay Linked with26
  • 25. 27Find past and present colleaguesand classmates quickly. LinkedInmakes staying in touch simple.Re-connect
  • 26. 28Discover inside connections whenyoure looking for a job or newbusiness opportunity.Power your career
  • 27. 29Your network is full of industryexperts willing to share advice. Havea question? Just ask.Get answers
  • 28. How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile as a Job Search Tool Create a Profile.Create a detailed profile, including employment (current and past),education, and industry. Review your resume and copy/paste therelevant information into your profile. Add a Photo.You can add a photo (a headshot is recommended or upload alarger photo and edit it) to your LinkedIn profile. Professional Summary.The Professional Summary section of your profile is a good way tohighlight your experience. Select an Industry, because recruitersoften use that field to search.30
  • 29. How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile as a Job Search Tool Keywords and Skills.Include all the keywords and skills from your resume in your profile.That will make it easier for your profile to be found in search results. Contact Settings.Your contact settings let your connections (and recruiters) know whatyoure available for. Links.The links section of your profile is a good way to provide even moreinformation to potential employers and to your contacts. Public Profile URL.Dont forget to make your profile public.31
  • 30. How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile as a Job Search Tool Update Your Profile.Dont forget to update your profile when you change positions orcompanies. Your profile should be current and up-to-date. Grow Your NetworkConnect with other members and build your network. The moreconnections you have, the more opportunities you have, but dontrandomly connect with people you dont know.Get Recommendations.To a potential employer, a LinkedIn recommendation is a reference inadvance.32
  • 31. Where to go …33•••
  • 32. 34How to use LinkedinSign INSign Up
  • 33. 35Creating Profile
  • 34.
  • 35. Let us PracticeSign UpUpdateProfileCreateProfile37
  • 36. Controlling your digital identity38
  • 37. Lunch Break.
  • 38. Being Online …
  • 39. What can you Do on41
  • 40. All in ……Follow upwithEmployersPreparingyourResumeSearchingfor a job42Self Development
  • 41. Click and Check43Search by CategoryTop 5
  • 42. Employee Vs. Employer44
  • 43. How your Resume Look Like45
  • 44. Manage Your Account…46
  • 45. www.Jobs.ps47
  • 46. Practice48(1) •Create An Account(2) •Update Your Profile
  • 47. … Public Profile49
  • 48. Many Ways to Use Facebook Professionally50Selective Friends Business GroupsEdit preferences Business EventsProfessionalProfile
  • 49. Facebook … Be ProfessionalBranschout.comBeknown.comTelent.me51
  • 50. www.branchout.com52
  • 51. www.beknown.com53
  • 52. Google Drive
  • 53.
  • 54. You can find me hereloayqloayqloayqLoay.qabajeh