25 characteristics of highly effective social media campaigns


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A word document explain the Characteristics of Highly Effective Social Media Campaigns

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25 characteristics of highly effective social media campaigns

  1. 1. 25 Characteristics of Highly Effective Social Media Campaigns1) They spread like wildfire. Effective social media campaigns spread very fast. Ifyour campaign is not spreading, it is not effective. Test the waters with microcampaigns. Learn to swim before attempting to ride the big waves.2)They are not spammy. Dont just promote your site links; share something insightfulabout your company or product. Dont send out the same message to your community.It is spam…and it is very annoying to them. Even to you. Admit it.3) They provide value. Value can come in the both physical and mental forms.Effective campaigns provide value in any or both of these regards.4) They are well branded. Clothe your campaign from head to toe with yourcompanys identity. Use your logo, your USP or slogans, your colors, and any otherthing that defines your businesss identity. Add your brand to every video you produce;dont add just your website address.5) They are measured. You need to track your social media marketing efforts.Whether you install Google Analytics on your Facebook fan page or you use Post rankto measure your effectiveness, make sure you work with the data.6) They have excellent copy. Leave a positive impression in just a few words. Usingbig vocabulary is not the way to go; making sense is what matters.7) They dont ‘sell. Instead of selling, you should work at generating leads with yoursocial media campaign. Sell to those leads later on.8 ) They build relationships. Dont just broadcast. Interact. Building relationshipshelps build even more relationships. It also increases the perception of value andbuilds loyalty.9) They build trust. Be as honest in your campaign as possible. Trust is very hard toearn back once lost. Your campaign should build and maintain trust in your build.10) They are innovative. Regular campaigns mostly go unnoticed. Innovation adds„flavor to your campaign. It is the aroma of your campaign and the one thing that willconvince most people to take action.www.trainer.ps Page 1
  2. 2. 11) They have ears. Your campaign will not be successful unless you listen forfeedback. People may have something to say so listen and show appreciation or letthem know you are working on it. Never delete a negative feedback.12) They are well organized. Your campaign needs to be well planned. It should havea first step and an nth step (where n is the number of the last step). Follow throughfrom step 1 through to step n. Dont go from step one to step 3 to step 2. Plan yoursteps well so it is easy to follow through step 1 to the last step.13) They are maintained by humans. Dont rely on automation when it comes tomarketing on the social web. It just wont work. Besides, it destroys trust. Put a humanbeing in front of, in-between and behind all your social media campaigns. I want to talkto a human being not a robot.14) They are consistent. You need to be consistent with your update (or broadcast)schedules and interact with people who leave replies and comments. If you broadcastonce a week and change to 5 times a day, people will begin to question your actions.Unless you give them good reason why you have changed your schedule.15) They have bait. You need to have some sort of bait to convert visitors into leads.Try eBooks, free products, white papers, discount codes, samples, free vouchers, etcetera. Bait them to get them .16) They use leverage. They leverage the subscriber bases of their communities andother peoples communities. They also leverage their company strengths.17) They include a blog. I suggest you have a business blog before you start yourcampaign. Your blog should be the hub of your social media campaign efforts. Makeyou install social media sharing buttons to make it easier for others to share your blogscontent.18) They engage other blogs. You can do this too. Apply as a guest writer for blogs inyour target market. Read blogs in your niche and leave thoughtful comments (not just a“thank you”).19) They are not everywhere. If you want your campaigns to be successful, dontregister for an account on every social media site. That will only burn you out and yourcampaigns will be fruitless.20) They have humor. Adding humor to marketing is a cool way of saying “we are afriendly business”. It makes your marketing memorable. A priceless result.www.trainer.ps Page 2
  3. 3. 21) They share company events. If your company is being bad mouthed, tell yourcustomers about it. Tell them the truth in it and the lies. Dont give them the chance tosecond guess your company. If your company is nominated for an award, tell yourcommunity about it. If your company wins the award, tell them. If you lose the award,tell them.22) They integrate offline marketing. Print some T-Shirts, with your logo, Twitterhandle, Facebook fan page URL and your slogan on it and give them out to yourcustomers. Send out paper printed catalogs to your online leads. Add your Twitter andFacebook URLs to your contact address. Integrate offline with online.23) They use the right networks. Even though Facebook supports videos, videocampaigns will do better on Youtube than on Facebook.24) They use photos and videos. Photos and videos leave a lasting impression onpeoples minds. The best photo you can use is your logo. When you make a video, putyour logo on it.25) They have a call to action. What is the essence of a marketing campaign withouthaving a call to action of some sort? I suggest you use your social marketingcampaigns to generate leads before trying to sell anything. By the way, “signup below”and “call us now” are not the only call to action examples. “Click to view our portfolio” isan example of call to action. Your call to actions must follow a sequence; from yourhomepage to the last page.www.trainer.ps Page 3