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WowWe has been a LEADER in online video communication tools SINCE 2007 and is a Cutting-edge software development company like Microsoft, Google, yahoo, Facebook, etc. and backed by millionaires in the technological industry from HP-Compaq, DELL, intel, IBM, etc. In 2011 WowWe introduced it's Affiliate Marketing Program to the world, offering the BEST Compensation Plan out there. 5 ways to earn paid real-time DAILY. Sign-up for FREE Video email: http://www.peopletalkvideo.com

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iwowWe compensation Review

  1. 1. What’s in it for ME?We know what Microsoft is;We know what Yahoo and Google is;We know what Facebook is, etc;Now ask yourself this QUESTION?If I had the chance to go back in history so you can invest inMicrosoft, or Yahoo, or Google, or Twitter, or Facebook…Will you?Friends you are looking at an OPPORTUNITY of a lifetime!
  2. 2. BECOME an AFFILIATE• Your OWN Marketing Website• Multiple MARKETING Videos• FULL-TIME Tech Team• FULL-TIME Customer SupportConsider one of our Value Packages
  3. 3. PREMIUM product package US$195WHAT YOU GET:• Send up to 1,000 video emails at a time & 10,000 per day• Includes Video Conferencing for 100 participants• Includes advanced Internet marketing training eBook• Includes one custom video email template• Unlimited earning potentialBASIC product package US$75WHAT YOU GET• Minimum Video Email• Minimum Video Conferencing Participants• Capped Earnings
  4. 4. 5 ways to get PAID DAILY • Direct Sales Commission • Builder’s Bonus • Power Matrix • Matching Bonus • Infinity Bonus*80% company payout
  5. 5. DIRECT Sales Commissions One-time commission$25 on every BASIC product package you sell$50 on every PREMIUM product package you sell10% on any non-recurring retail productNOTE:A BASIC Afilliate that sells a PREMIUM product package gets paid$25 only. PREMIUM Affiliates gets paid $50 on PREMIUMs sold.
  6. 6. BUILDER’ BONUS An AFFILIATE must have at least 3 Direct sponsored Affilates to earn a Rank of DIRECTORWowWe pays $1 (9-levels up) for BASIC Affiliates,and $9 (9-levels up) for PREMIUM Affiliates. If thereis no Rank between you and the New AFFILIATEyou get the additional Builder’s Bonus.Example:A PREMIUM Executive Director will earn $27 Builder’s Bonuswhen a New PREMIUM Affiliate, 3-levels down joins;Assuming no Affiliates with Ranks between them.On the other hand; $3 Builder’s Bonus for the BASIC Affiliate.Now you can see on the business side…PREMIUM Affiliate isthe best preference: that’s a 9:1 ration Builder’s Bonus.
  7. 7. 3x9 Forced POWER MATRIX5% Commissions are paid on the commissionablevolume from the MATRIX, regardless of who placedthem under your matrix; Therefore, you earn fromthe Spill-over of your up-line. Okay even if Matrix isnot perfect.Example:$20 monthly subscription of all 29,523 in your 3x9Matrix. Since commissionable volume is 90%, thatmakes ($18 x 29523) x 5% = $26,570 monthlyearnings!To make it more realistic: let’s just say 20% of$26,570…that’s $5,000+ monthly income; aboutwhat a Nurse in the USA earns per Month.
  8. 8. 30% MATCHING BONUSHere is an ultra-conservative example of the power and strength that these WowWeMatching Bonuses bring based on team building.A.) Lets say you enroll 10 affiliates, who each generate a monthly matrix income of $1,000USD (The following speculations reflect what is paid to you in total monthly for matchingbonuses ONLY (the commissions are paid to you daily).10 X $1,000 = $10,000 X 30% = $3,000 USDB.) Those 10 then enroll 10 each (100) that average a total monthly matrix commission of$100 USD . 100 X $100 = $10,000 X 30% = $3,000 USDC.) Those 100 then enroll 10 each (1000) that average a total monthly matrix commission of$100 USD . 1000 X $100 = $100,000 X 30% = $30,000 USDIn conclusion based on this example, one can make monthly $36,000 USD fromMATCHING BONUSES ALONE, not including their Power Matrix commissions, Teamsales Overrides and Infinity bonuses.
  9. 9. INFINITY BONUSHelp your Team of 9 each become Executive Director andyou earn 1% starting at the 10th level to infinity as FieldVice President.As you continue to help your team earn higher ranks youwill finally reach Global Field Chairman earning 2% bonusdown to infinity.
  10. 10. Additional BonusFAST START BONUS (NEW Premium Afilliates):$500 earned for every group of 9 Premium Accountsenrolled in the first 45 daysLEADERSHIP POOL (FVP and Higher rank):1% fo worldwide company revenues earn shares for newteam growth paid quarterly. Share in company profits asyour taem grows.
  11. 11. Why WowWe?• Right Market, Right Time• WowWe Partners and Development Team• Product With Proven High-Market Demand• Cutting-Edge Technology• Competitive Price• Generous Compensation Plan• Complete Support…the only thing missing is YOU!
  12. 12. Where do you see YOURSELF?• Taking ADVANTAGE of WowWe’s Cutting-edge Products• Making and ADDITIONAL $100 - $300 per month• ENJOYING $500 - $1,000 per month• Building a SOLID $3,000 - $5,000 per month• SETTLING for nothing less than $10,000 per month
  13. 13. STEPS to FINANCIAL FREEDOMGet SIGNED UP for WowWe Now!www.peopleTalkVideo.comSign-Up for a FREE Video email