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Technical Presentation Zcp

  1. 1. Zarafa Collaboration Platform Milo Oostergo
  2. 2. History of Zarafa BV • The company behind the Zarafa Collaboration Platform (ZCP) • Started in 2004 with the project • Committed to open source since 2008 • Grew its workforce from 20 employees in 2006 to 50 in 2010 • Offices in The Netherlands, Germany, Brazil and India
  3. 3. What is ZCP? • An open source Microsoft Exchange replacement • Full integration with standard Linux server components like Apache, MySQL, Postfix and OpenLDAP • Implements MAPI, therefore fully compatible with MS Outlook • Only solution with open source ActiveSync implementation • Multi-tenancy available in all editions • Excellent integration with mobile clients
  4. 4. ZCP Open Source • AGPLv3 (fully “free” software) since 2008... • More interest: especially public sector • Less small customers, more large customers • Fast growing international partner program • Community involvement (patches, plugins, testing, packaging) • Picked up by many distributions (next slide)
  5. 5. Distros shipping ZCP • Ubuntu, in the Canonical partner repository • Fedora 11/12/13 • EPEL repository for Red Hat and CentOS • Mandriva • OpenBSD On our website we serve packages for many distributions namely for RHEL4/5, SLES10, OpenSUSE, Debian4/5 and Ubuntu LTS releases
  6. 6. Supported clients • Zarafa WebAccess (a modern AJAX web GUI) • Open source clients (via IMAP and Caldav) like Thunderbird and Evolution • All ActiveSync compatible devices via opensource Z-Push iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile • Outlook 2000-2007 requires closed source Zarafa Windows Client • Blackberry via Blackberry Enterprise Server
  7. 7. Easy to integrate... • With SugarCRM • With Alfresco • With O3Spaces With our next generation WebAccess we allow deeper integration with other products –while making it easier for 3rd parties to make integrations– thanks to a public API.
  8. 8. ZCP Architecture Diagram (overview)
  9. 9. ZCP Architecture Diagram (bottom)
  10. 10. ZCP Architecture Diagram (top)
  11. 11. ZCP Architecture • Storage architecture is fully based on MAPI • Objects in a MySQL database, attachments on the file system file system storage: optional, compressed, single instance • All clients connect over SOAP to the Zarafa Storage Server • Flexible and modular architecture for scaling and HA • ZCP provides different user backend systems database, /etc/passwd, LDAP (OpenLDAP, RHDS, eDirectory or Active Directory)
  12. 12. LDAP user management
  13. 13. MTA integration email Every incoming email is Spam delivered to the dagent filtering Postfix / Exim LMTP service. LMTP The dagent converts the Dagent RFC822 email to MAPI Mapi4Linux objects. Zarafa Server The MAPI objects are stored in the MySQL database MySQL
  14. 14. Scaling up LDAP LDAP Zarafa1 Zarafa2 Zarafa3 Zarafa1 Zarafa2 Zarafa3 MySQL1 MySQL2 MySQL3 MySQL1 MySQL2 MySQL3 dn: uid=milo,ou=People,dc=zarafa,dc=com objectClass: top objectClass: zarafa-user objectClass: posixAccount cn: Milo Oostergo uid: moostergo ZarafaUserServer: Zarafa1
  15. 15. Future developments • WA7 our next generation WebAccess • Zarafa Archiving • Full utf8 support in backend • Deeper integrations with other apps, like VOIP, Twitter and ERP
  16. 16. Questions? Milo Oostergo Have a look at our website: