Post digital manifesto by Thom Kennon VP Strategy
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Post digital manifesto by Thom Kennon VP Strategy



Презентация доклада Тома Кеннона, вицепрезидента по стратегии из нью-йоркского офиса Wunderman WPP

Презентация доклада Тома Кеннона, вицепрезидента по стратегии из нью-йоркского офиса Wunderman WPP



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Post digital manifesto by Thom Kennon VP Strategy Presentation Transcript

  • 1. A Post Digital Manifesto Moscow | RIF | 23apr10 Thom Kennon 1
  • 2. A Marketing Fable 2
  • 3. Once there was a powerful kingdom called advertising. It enjoyed a long and fruitful rule, starting with painted signs, town criers & sandwich boards and growing up into … 3
  • 4. catalogs, and radio sponsors & then cosmetics parties, and soon skywriting & big billboards & eventually made of lights & of course news magazine print ads & then … 4
  • 5. 5
  • 6. 6
  • 7. Then television came to this kingdom and with it lots of televisions spots & the TVC was born and matured … 7
  • 8. 8
  • 9. Finally there was born into this kingdom millions & millions of little lighted electronic things we could click on & illuminated digitised pages we could land on too… 9
  • 10. 10
  • 11. Then, something changed... 11
  • 12. It took the great thinkers who inhabited this kingdom of advertising a few years to describe & name & finally understand that change but in the end – or the beginning – most agreed it could be boiled down to one very powerful and very important and a sometimes very scary word… 12
  • 13. 13
  • 14. Who’s in charge now?… The post digital consumer. 14
  • 15. What does control look like?... The post digital mashup. 15
  • 16. My Feeds My Feeds My iPod My iPod My Mobile apps My Mobile apps My Twitter lists My Twitter lists My Amazon My Amazon My iPad My iPad My NetFlix My NetFlix My YouTube channel My YouTube channel My SERPS My SERPS My Bookmarks My Bookmarks My Facebook page My FriendFeed streams My FriendFeed streams My Rhapsody playlists My Rhapsody playlists My TiVo My Hulu My iTunes My iTunes My Google Reader My Google Reader My Flickr photos 16
  • 17. How the mashup works: A famous Use Case… 17
  • 18. “A friend tweeted a link to a video about some flash dance and I searched it later & found it on YouTube and added it to my favorites and shared it with EVERYBODY for weeks on Facebook…” 18
  • 19. 19 gPQM
  • 20. 3 Founding Post Digital Principals 20
  • 21. # 1 Advertising is dead 21
  • 22. # 1 Advertising is half dead > 22
  • 23. = Advertising = Post digital •Search •Social •Display •TV •OOH •Social •Mobile web •email •SMS •Mobile web •CSR/Care Customer •OOH Lifecyle •Video •SEM •CSR/Care •Email •Social •SMS •Mobile web •Fixed web 23
  • 24. #2 The mash-up is the new interface 24
  • 25. 25
  • 26. #3 Engage-ability is the new KPI 26
  • 27. 27 >
  • 28. A post digital credo: We believe… 28
  • 29. 1. Consumers control the interface 2. Authenticity + bravery is our new brand promise 3. Our best customers are our best media 4. Listen first - always 5. A click that shares is as important as a click that buys 6. All media is potentially earned media 7. Unmeasured media is wasted breath 8. If we have to choose, we choose mobile. 9. Our brand is everywhere and so are we 10.To engineer true engagement we embrace the mashup and are ready to lose significant control… 29
  • 30. A post digital handbook 30
  • 31. Lesson 1 … Applied listening Lesson 2 … Search + social Lesson 3 … Mobile + social Lesson 4 … Social media as DR Lesson 5 … Post digital mashup Lesson 6 … Social CRM 31
  • 33. Insights for creative briefs, audience targeting, Insights for creative briefs, audience targeting, touchpoint planning, messaging, offers, UGM touchpoint planning, messaging, offers, UGM 33
  • 34. SEARCH + SOCIAL 34
  • 35. What’s all this I keep hearing about “ovi maps”?... 35
  • 36. MOBILE + SOCIAL 36
  • 37. What’s my next phone, peeps ; > 2. One friend 1. HeadOver suggests a Heals is ‘free iPhone’… comparing phones & seeking advice… “Htc G1 vs. the  Motorola Cliq  Had  the G1 but not had  the Motorola Cliq.  Pros and cons of   Motorola cliq?” “free iph0ne  www . e‐“ 37
  • 38. One new customer + one old friend… Hey @tophe, once again you're a star ;> ... and  Hey @tophe, once again you're a star ;> ... and  3. Looks like @headover, glad you like the 5230.  @headover, glad you like the 5230.  she bought a 5230, and If you've already started playing with the  If you've already started playing with the  loves it… awesome mobile maps satnav, you might want  awesome mobile maps satnav, you might want  to enter the "Tell us your Ovi Maps Story"  4. Our friended to enter the "Tell us your Ovi Maps Story"  contest. You could win another smartphone for a  contest. You could win another smartphone for a  advocate very best friend! ;>  very best friend! ;>  chimes in with props and Here's the link Here's the link assistance. The Nokia US Guy (in addition to @tophe) The Nokia US Guy (in addition to @tophe) 5. Our social CRM channel manager offers congrats & drops a promo link “well i ended up  getting the new  to the Map Contest nokia 5230 aka  “LMAO another  nuron ‐ absolutely  Android user goes  love it.” to Symbian .    Need any cool  apps just hit me  up” 38
  • 39. Social 1-2-1, in a many environment The Social CRM “Hey ... check it out: Tell your Ovi Maps story  “Hey ... check it out: Tell your Ovi Maps story  ecosystem and win a Nokia smartphone. Here's the YT  and win a Nokia smartphone. Here's the YT  video of the contest When  video of the contest When  you're done, tweet your stuff to @OvibyNokia” you're done, tweet your stuff to @OvibyNokia” 39
  • 41. Twitter + Blogs + YouTube = Targeted Traffic 41
  • 43. Total emerging mashup … and whiskey too Your House of Walker Experience is about to begin. Don’t forget to check in via foursquare and tweet about the event #JohnnieWalkerTasting 43
  • 44. Total emerging mashup … and whiskey too 44
  • 45. SOCIAL CRM 45
  • 46. Targeted listening drives focused Social ‘pre- customer’ engagement program in the social wild AM brand Or t ga en T nic em PL presen LIF g ga IF ce UP en Y d se rea Inc 46
  • 47. Social CRM specialists on duty onsite & in the social wild --- 1-2-1 engagement with the many Call Live chat Email Mums posts on • Careline pushes cadenced forums, blogs e.g. Social CRM relevant messages timed to Momypedia, advisors answer, pregnancy state YahooAnswers, engage, recruit … • Mums can txt questions to Facebook etc. Careline, receive tips & advice 47