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Windows-visual dictionary

  1. 1. WINDOWS
  2. 2. WINDOW Fixed Light : A window or sash of window that does not open for ventilation. Also called fixed sash.
  3. 3. WINDOW Operable window : a window having a sash that may be opened for ventilation. Examples: Casement window: a window with at least one casement. Often used in combination with fixed light.
  4. 4. WINDOWS Folding casement : a pair of casements with rabbeted meeting stiles, hung in a frame having no mullion. Hanging stile: The stile of a window From which a casement Is hung. Meeting stile : one of the abutting tiles in a pair of casements.
  5. 5. WINDOW  French window: a pair of casement window extending to the floor and serving as a doorway, esp. from a room to an outside porch or terrace.
  6. 6. WINDOWS Cremorne bolt: a vertical bolt used on a French window or the like, consisting of two rods moved by at a knob mechanism and extending into pockets in the head and sill of the opening to provide a secure fastening. Also Cremone bolt.
  7. 7. WINDOWS  Balconet : a railing or balustrade projecting slightly beyond the plane of a window and reaching to the floor, having the appearance of a balcony when the window is fully open. Also balconette.
  8. 8. WINDOWS Awning window: a window having one or more sashes swinging outward on hinges generally attached to the top of the frame.
  9. 9. WINDOWS projected windows: a casement or awning window in which the inner end of the sash slides along track on the sill or jamb as the sash swings outward.
  10. 10. WINDOWS  Hopper window: a window having one or more sashes swinging outward on the hinges generally attached on the bottom. Also called hospital window.
  11. 11. WINDOWS
  12. 12.  Picture window: a large, usually fixed single-pane window, placed to frame an attractive exterior view.  Window wall: a non-bearing wall composed of primarily of vertical and horizontal farming members containing a combination of fixed lights and operating sashes
  13. 13.  Ribbon window: a horizontal band of windows. Separated only by mullions. Bay window: a window or series of windows projecting outward from the main wall of the building and forming a bay or alcove in a room within, esp. One having its own foundation. Window seat: a seat built into a recess Of a window