Show Me the Money: PACs and Special Interest Groups

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  • 1. Choose any TWO current Senators or Representatives and tell me the Show Me the Money! following: 5. How many years have they been in office? Write your answers on a sheet of paper, OR type them in a Word 6. What were the last ‘key votes’ they voted on, and how did they document. You may either print out your answers or send them to me vote? in email format at: Now, on the left hand side of the page, click on ‘Interest Group Ratings,’ select ‘Kentucky,’ and then select ‘Congress’ from the list. Tell me the following: Interest Groups 7. Pick two categories that interest you from the list (like the environment, or veteran’s issues). Did the representative vote the preferred position of any interest group more than 60% of Resource: the time? If so, state the name of the group and percentage they Resource: voted for the interest group. 8. Of the groups you identified above, pick two, and tell me what 1. First, research political action they’re about. What do you think this suggests about your committees (PACs) and interest representative’s views? groups. How are PACs and interest groups different? 2. Give one example of an interest group, and who might support it. (Use the 1st link for help.) Open Secrets 3. Give one example of a PAC, and tell Now go to, and on the right hand side of the page, me who might support it. search for the name of your representative you selected. 4. Read the CNN opinion article (second link) and summarize in 4-5 Resource: http://www. sentences what the author’s views about interest groups are. 9. How much of the representative’s money was raised from Project Vote Smart individual contributions as opposed to political action committees, or PACS? How might different funding sources influence a politician? Go to the Project Vote Smart website, and scroll down to ‘Current 10. What types of industries contributed the most amount of money Officials,’ about halfway down the page. (You may want to change to this official? the zip code, depending on where you live.) Resource: