Good Internships are Good Business


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Good Internships are Good Business

  1. 1. Good internships are good business
  2. 2. DEFINITION in·tern·ship A work-based learning program under which youth, college students, adult learners or unemployed workers gain professional experience under supervision.
  3. 3. AN INTERNSHIP Learning goals Supervision Academic, career and personal development Evaluation and reflection Full or part time work Pay or academic credit INCLUDES
  4. 4. AN INTERNSHIP • Free help • Meant to replace an employee • More than 20% busy work (filing, covering the phone, errands) IS NOT
  5. 5. PAID INTERNSHIPS Wages for internships are usually determined before hiring the intern and not typically negotiable Consider paying consistent wages across all interns within a department Students in technical fields are generally paid more than nontechnical fields Pay for interns often varies by location, type of industry, size of organization, etc. Paying interns is encouraged but if you cannot pay your intern, you must meet certain criteria Learn more about requirements for unpaid internships in the “Employer Guide to Creating a Successful Internship Program” available at UNPAID INTERNSHIPS
  6. 6. WHAT’SINITFORYOU Your staff will have the time and freedom to pursue creative or more advanced projects. Interns can help increase your staff retention rate. Interns can bring the latest strategies and techniques in your field straight to your door. Hosting an intern will help maintain your connections with colleges and increase your visibility on campus.
  7. 7. WHAT’SINITFORYOU Interns help promote community involvement. It’s a great recruitment tool for finding & training future talent in your industry. Internships create awareness of the field for future hires. You are giving to the community by teaching the future work force.
  8. 8. Bottom Line: Employers have reported that they convert half of their eligible interns into full-time hires.
  9. 9. SIGNS OF A GOOD INTERNSHIP YOUR PROGRAM MAY NEED IMPROVEMENT IF Your intern receives challenging projects and tasks Your intern is getting broad exposure to the organization and your industry You are supervising your intern to make sure they are accomplishing goals and keeping pace Your intern is happy and engaged Your intern spends most of his/her time making copies and getting you coffee Your intern is not learning anything about your organization and industry Your intern doesn’t have enough to do Your intern isn’t being supervised or getting feedback on their work
  10. 10. Information in this presentation was created with support from the following organizations.
  11. 11. WANT MORE? Download the Employer Guide to Creating a Successful Internship Program at and learn about: • Designing your internship program • Writing an internship description • Creating an orientation for your interns • Insurance & legal considerations • Internship evaluations