Summer reading suggestions 2013 psms


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Summer reading suggestions 2013 psms

  1. 1. Download a Reading Log from the Contests &Activities page on the library website.Read 10 (or more) books from any genre(fiction & nonfiction)Review books you read on GoodReads. Joinour group PSMS Panthers Summer 2013
  2. 2. Here Is How:Step 1. Read any 8 books and record them in the Reading Journal(PDF).Step 2. Bring your completed reading journal to a Barnes & Noblestore between May 21st and September 3rd, 2013Step 3. Choose a FREE BOOK from our selection on the ReadingJournal list at the store... Enjoy reading!
  3. 3. Read for at least 15 minutes each day in the months of Juneand July. (Grown-ups may read aloud to kids who are stilllearning.)Add up your minutes and have your parent or guardianinitial each week.Once you’ve read 300 minutes, turn in your completed log toearn HPB Bookworm Bucks for each month.We’ll award one top reader per age group each month witha TOP READER prize - a $20 HPB Gift Card!*
  4. 4. The Fourth Annual New YorkTimes Summer Reading ContestJune 14 to Aug. 16, 2013you can write in and tell us what you’re reading in The NY Times, and explain why itinterested you. We don’t care what you choose or whether you loved or hated it;what we care about is what you have to say about why you picked it. You can choosefrom anything published in the print paper or on in 2013. And yes,videos, graphics, slide shows and podcasts count. (In fact, one of our winners lastsummer wrote about a photo.) Feel free to participate each week, but we allow onlyone submission per person per week.**The contest is open to teenagers only-- anyone from 13 to 19 years old.Complete contest rules can be downloaded from the PSMS library website undercontests and activities.
  5. 5. In VictorianLondon, AlbertGarrick, anassassin-for-hire,and his reluctantyoung apprentice,Riley, aretransported viawormhole tomodern London,where Riley teamsup with a young FBIagent to stopGarrick fromreturning to hisown time and usinghis newly acquiredscientificknowledge andpower to changethe world forever.© 2013LexileScience Fiction
  6. 6. Having lost hismother and hishearing in a shorttime, twelve-year-old Ben leaves hisMinnesota home in1977 to seek thefather he neverknew in New YorkCity, and meetsthere Rose, who isalso longing forsomething missingfrom her life. Bensstory is told inwords; Roses inpictures.© 2011HistoricalFiction/IllustratedNovelLexile 830
  7. 7. Accompaniedby an eccentric,human-sizedrat, Lizaembarks on aperilous questthrough anundergroundrealm to saveher brotherPatrick, whosesoul has beenstolen by theevilest ofcreatures--thespider-likespindlers.© 2012LexileFantasy
  8. 8. When Bud getson the wrongschool bus hefinds himself atCosmosAcademy onanother planet,where Earthlingsare consideredextremelydangerous--canhe conceal hisidentity as anative of Earthand still manageto find his wayhome?© 2012LexileGraphic Novel
  9. 9. Eleven-year-oldJon Whitcroftand new friendElla summonthe ghost of SirWilliamLongspee, whomay be able toprotect Jonfrom a group ofghosts thatthreatens himharm from theday he arrivesat SalisburyCathedralsboardingschool. Includeshistorical notes.© 2012LexileGhosts/Fantasy
  10. 10. Hoping to find hislost brother,Rownie escapes thehome of the witchGraba and joins atroupe of goblinswho perform inZombay, a citywhere humans areforbidden to wearmasks and act inplays.© 2012Lexile 710Fantasy
  11. 11. Tom goes with hisUncle Harvey toPeru, where theynarrowly escapeimprisonment anddeath as they huntfor buried treasureafter trackingdown a journalwritten by JohnDrake, a youngrelative of SirFrancis Drake, on avoyage to Lima in1577. Includesbiographicalinformation onJohn and FrancisDrake.© 2012Lexile 640Adventure
  12. 12. © 2011Lexile 840SportsSeventh-grader Will Tylerhas been itching toredeem himself for thefumble that cost his teama championship win lastyear. But when hisstruggling hometowncant come up with themoney to finance youth-league football, it seemsas though Will wont getthat chance -- at least notwithout a little help. Willwrites a letter to thechairman of a majorsneaker company, askingfor (and getting) corporatesponsorship...but with somany families leavingtown to find jobs, willthere even be enough kidsto play?
  13. 13. "Faced with thedeath of his fatherand a growinginternationalscandal, EmGovernton mustuncover the secretsbehind the Knightsof Themis beforeits too late"© 2012LexileAdventure
  14. 14. When brothersSimon, Henry,and Jack movewith theirparents toArizona, theyare irresistablydrawn toexplore theaptly namedSuperstitionMountain, inspite ofwarnings thatit is not safe.© 2011MysteryLexile 620
  15. 15. After an injury endsformer star pitcherPeter Friedmansathletic dreams, heconcentrates onphotography whichleads him to agirlfriend, newfame as a highschool sportsphotographer, anda deeperrelationship withthe belovedgrandfather who,when he realizes heis becoming senile,gives Pete all of hisprofessional cameragear.© 2011Lexile 800Realistic Fiction
  16. 16. When herparents swapurban life inMinneapolis forrural life on afarm 100 milesaway, twelve-year-old Taylorfeels as if she isliving onanother planet.© 2011Lexile 630Realistic Fiction
  17. 17. Sixth-graderSugar and hermother losetheir belovedhouse andexperience theharsh world ofhomelessness.© 2012LexileRealistic Fiction
  18. 18. Fifteen-year-oldJennifer Strangeruns Kazam, anemploymentagency forsoothsayers andsorcerers. Troublestarts whenJennifer has a visionthat predicts thedeath of the lastdragon at the handsof a dragonslayer.© 2012LexileFantasy
  19. 19. In 1919,seventeen-year-old Hattie leavesthe Montanaprairie--and hersweetheartCharlie--tobecome a femalereporter in SanFrancisco.© 2013Lexile 720Historical Fiction
  20. 20. In 1958 LittleRock, Arkansas,painfully shytwelve-year-oldMarlee sees hercity and familydivided overschoolintegration, buther friendshipwith Liz, a newstudent, helpsher find her voiceand fight againstracism.© 2012Lexile 630Historical Fiction
  21. 21. Narrates theterroristattacks on theUnited Stateson September11, 2001, fromthe planehijackings tothe collapse ofthe WorldTrade Center.© 2011Lexile 840Nonfiction
  22. 22. Twelve-year-oldFoster McFeeand her motherescape fromher mothersabusiveboyfriend andend up in thesmall town ofCulpepper,West Virginia,where they usetheir strengthsand challengethemselves tobuild a new life,with the help ofthe friends theymake there.© 2011Lexile 540Realistic Fiction
  23. 23. Devastated to learnthat an orphanelephant in theDresden zoo wheretheir mother worksis to be euthanizedin anticipation of anupcoming bombing,Lizzie and Karlpersuade the zoodirector to let themkeep the elephant intheir garden.© 2010LexileHistorical Fiction
  24. 24. In 1863, twelve-year-old Will, wholongs to be adrummer in theUnion army, is stuckin his sleepyhometown ofGettysburg,Pennsylvania, butwhen the Union andConfederate armiesmeet right there inhis town, he and hisfamily are caught upin the fight.Includeshistorical notes,glossary, and atimeline of events.© 2011LexileHistorical Fiction
  25. 25. Shortly before herthirteenthbirthday, shy andwithdrawn Alyssais sent to staywith her aunt,uncle, and cousinin her parentshometown ofWillow Falls,where she makesfriends andbecomes involvedwith an elderlybuyer and sellerof collectibles,who seems to betrying to giveAlyssa some kindof mysteriousmessage.© 2011Lexile 720Realistic Fiction
  26. 26. Tells the story ofKendra, a witch,and the firstthree-hundredyears of her life,including takeson a classic fairytale, the 1666plague inBritain, theTitanic disaster,and the story ofa modern-day,plain stepsister.© 2012Lexile 620HistoricalFantasy
  27. 27. Everythingchanges forthirteen-year-oldTravis, a newstudent who istrying to hide hisilliteracy, whenhe meets a sassyclassmate withher own secretsand a remarkableteacher.© 2011Lexile 600Realistic Fiction
  28. 28. © 2011Lexile 670Historical FictionIn the Stalinistera of theSoviet Union,ten-year-oldSasha idolizeshis father, adevotedCommunist,but whenpolice take hisfather awayand leaveSashahomeless, heis forced toexamine hisownperceptions,values, andbeliefs.
  29. 29. © 2011RealisticFiction/HumorLexile 920In the historic townof Norvelt,Pennsylvania,twelve-year-old JackGantos spends thesummer of 1962grounded forvarious offensesuntil he is assignedto help an elderlyneighbor with amost unusual choreinvolving the newlydead, molten wax,twisted promises,Girl Scout cookies,underage driving,lessons from history,typewriting, andcountless bloodynoses.
  30. 30. © 2011Lexile 800FantasyThrough a letterto her Englishteacher, fourteen-year-old LizzyMortimer ofCrabapple,California, relatesher discovery thatshe and hereccentricgrandmother arekin to Morgan leFaye, chargedwith saving thelast descendant ofKing Arthur froman untimely deaththat wouldendanger theworld.
  31. 31. Young Prince Rashkobelieves that hisparents and hisolder brotherPaulek, whileloveable, are utterfools. Hes evenmore convinced ofthis after the Kingand Queen departcastle Hladka Hvorkaunexpectedly, thehostile Baron Temnygathers his armyoutside the castlewalls, and Paulekinvites Temny andhis troops inside.Now its up to PrinceRashko to stop thebaron and save thekingdom -- but,smart as he is, is heup to the challenge?© 2011Lexile 850Fantasy
  32. 32. A Caldecott Medalistpresents a graphic novelchronicling his ownjourney as an artist duringWWII, when he wasshunned by his father,who didnt understand hissons artistic leanings, butwas embraced by NoroShinpei, Japans leadingcartoonist.© 2011Lexile 560Nonfiction
  33. 33. © 2011Lexile 720FantasyTen years ago,siblings Kate,Michael, andEmma were takenfrom their parentshome and havelived in orphanageafter orphanageever since. Newlyarrived at theirlatest abode, theyfind an enchantedold atlas thattransports themback in time...andinto the clutches ofan evil countesswhos seeking thebook that theyvefound.
  34. 34. © 2012Lexile 710FantasyIn the country ofCarthya, a deviousnoblemanengages fourorphans in abrutalcompetition to beselected toimpersonate thekings long-missing son in aneffort to avoid acivil war.
  35. 35. © 2011Lexile 730FantasyA fearfulsixteen-year-old princessdiscovers herheroic destinyafter beingmarried off tothe king of aneighboringcountry inturmoil andpursued byenemiesseething withdark magic.
  36. 36. © 2011Lexile 670Novel in VerseWhen fourteen-year-olds Wrenand Darra meetat a Michigansummer camp,both areoverwhelmed bymemories fromsix years earlierwhen Darrasfather stole acar, unawarethat Wren washiding in theback.
  37. 37. A look at thedeaths ofseveral famouspeoplethroughouthistory and thecircumstancessurroundingthose deaths.© 2011Lexile 950Nonfiction
  38. 38. © 2011LexileRealisticFictionIn the summer of1986, eleven-year-old April Grace,who lives on arural Arkansasfarm with herfamily, across afield from hergrandmother, hasher sense ofChristian charitytested when asnooty couplefrom San Franciscomoves into adilapidated housedown the road andher grandmothertakes up with aloud, obnoxious,and suspicious-acting Texan.
  39. 39. © 2012LexileScience FictionTom, a fourteen-year-old genius atvirtual realitygames, is recruitedby the UnitedStates Military tobegin training atthe Pentagon Spireas a Combatant inWorld War III,controlling themechanizeddrones that do theactual fighting off-planet.
  40. 40. © 2012Lexile 1050RomanceIn order tosupport herfamily andmaintain theirancient castlein Lesser Hoo,seventeen-year-old Altheabears theburden offinding awealthy suitorwho canremedy theirfinancialproblems.
  41. 41. © 2011Lexile 710Science FictionIn a dark future,when NorthAmerica has splitinto two warringnations, fifteen-year-olds Day, afamous criminal,and prodigy June,the brilliant soldierhired to capturehim, discover thatthey have acommon enemy.
  42. 42. © 2011Lexile 750AdventureWhen twoFloridateenagersbecomestranded on atiny island inthe Everglades,they attemptto walk tenmiles throughswampland toreachcivilization.
  43. 43. Michael Vey, afourteen-yearold who hasTourettessyndrome andspecial electricpowers, findsthere are otherslike him, andmust rely on hispowers to savehimself and theothers from adiabolical groupseeking tocontrol them.© 2011Lexile 500Science Fiction
  44. 44. © 2011Lexile 710MysteryRory, of Boueuxlieu,Louisiana, isspending a year at aLondon boardingschool when shewitnesses a murderby a Jack the Rippercopycat andbecomes involvedwith the veryunusualinvestigation.
  45. 45. © 2011Lexile 850Realistic FictionWhile Dougstruggles to bemore than thethug that histeachers and thepolice think him tobe, he finds anunlikely ally in LilSpicer, as theyexplore Audubonsart.
  46. 46. ©2011Lexile 770AdventureThe children ofBritainsambassador toBurkina Faso,fifteen-year-oldJake, who lovestechnology andadventure, andthirteen-year-oldKas, a buddingsocial activist, areabducted andspend time in theSahara desert withYakuuba Sor, whosome call aterrorist butothers consider amodern-day RobinHood.
  47. 47. © 2011Lexile 930Realistic FictionAfter the death ofPolly Portman,whose award-winning pies putthe town ofIpswitch,Pennsylvania, onthe map in the1950s, her devotedniece Alice andAlices friendCharlie investigatewho is going toextremes to findAunt Pollys secretpie crust recipe.Includes fourteenpie recipes.
  48. 48. © 2012LexileHistoricalFiction/AlternateHistoryIn an alternativeversion of VictorianLondon, aseventeen-year-oldDodger, a cunningand cheeky streeturchin,unexpectedly risesin life when hesaves a mysteriousgirl, meets CharlesDickens, andunintentionally putsa stop to themurders of SweenyTodd.
  49. 49. © 2012LexileScience FictionThe mining ship ElCavador, beyondPluto, detects afast-movingincoming objectheaded towardEarth. The crewdecides itsprobably notimportant, buttheyre wrong: itrepresents theopening wave ofthe first FormicWar
  50. 50. © 2012Lexile 940HumorTwelve-year-oldTad navigates ayear filled withgirl problems,school antics,and the worstsummer job inhistory, all toldin the form ofhilarious,illustrated blogentries
  51. 51. © 2012Lexile 710MysteryAdopted by famousPinkerton AgencyDetective Hawkingin 1895 New York,fourteen-year-oldCarver Young hopesto find his birthfather, but when hebecomes involved inthe pursuit ofnotorious killer Jackthe Ripper, Carverdiscovers thatfinding the truth canbe worse thanignorance.
  52. 52. © 2011LexileRealistic FictionWhen a school busaccident leavessixteen-year-oldJessica anamputee, shereturns to schoolwith a prostheticlimb and her trackteam finds awonderful way tohelp rekindle herdream of runningagain.
  53. 53. © 2012Lexile 800FantasyOrphaned bythe BorderWars, AlinaStarkov is takenfrom obscurityand her onlyfriend, Mal, tobecome theprotege of themysteriousDarkling, whotrains her to jointhe magical elitein the belief thatshe is the SunSummoner, whocan destroy themonsters of theFold.
  54. 54. © 2011Lexile 700FantasyFrom the age ofseven when shebecamescullery maid ina castle, Mollyhas seen visionsof the futurewhich, yearslater, lead herand friendTobias on anadventure tokeep Alaric, theheir to thethrone, safefrom a curse.
  55. 55. © 2011Lexile 790Realistic FictionAbandonedby his motherin an AcadiaNational Parkcampground,Jack tries tomake his wayback toBoston beforeanyonefigures outwhat is goingon, with onlya small toyelephant forcompany.
  56. 56. © 2011Lexile 530Realistic FictionTwelve-year-oldRaine spends thesummer at amysterious artistscolony anddiscovers a secretabout her past.
  57. 57. © 2012LexileNonfictionTraces the inspiringlife and career ofthe late founder ofApple, coveringtopics ranging fromhis struggles as anadopted child and acollege dropout tohis Buddhist faithand friendship withSteve Wozniak, in aportrait framedaround hisinspirationalStanford Universitycommencementspeech.
  58. 58. © 2011Lexile 760AdventureWhen NorthCarolina fourteen-year-old DylanSands joins hisfifteen-year-oldcousin Rio inrunning the RioGrande River, theyface a tropicalstorm and afugitive kidnapper.
  59. 59. © 2011Lexile 440Realistic FictionFor most of hereleven years,Delly has been introuble withoutknowing why,until her littlebrother, R.B., anda strange, silentnew friend,Ferris, help herfind a way to begood--andhappy--again.
  60. 60. © 2011Lexile 860FantasyEleven-year-oldPrincess Celie liveswith her parents,the king and queen,and her brothersand sister at CastleGlower, which addsrooms or stairwaysor secretpassageways mostevery Tuesday, andwhen the king andqueen areambushed whiletravelling, itis up toCelie--the castlesfavorite--with hersecret knowledge ofits never-endingtwists and turns, toprotect their homeand save theirkingdom.
  61. 61. © 2011Lexile 990Realistic FictionThroughout herhigh schoolyears, as hermother battlescancer, Lupitatakes on moreresponsibility forher house andseven youngersiblings, whilefinding refuge inacting andwriting poetry.Includes glossaryof Spanish terms.
  62. 62. © 2011Lexile 880FantasyIn a society thatpurges thirteen-year-olds whoare creative,identical twinsAaron and Alexare separated,one to attendUniversity whilethe other,supposedlyEliminated, findshimself in awondrous placewhere youthshone theirabilities and learnmagic.
  63. 63. © 2011LexileScience FictionAfter years infoster homes,seventeen-year-old BensonFisher applies toNew MexicosMaxfieldAcademy inhopes of securinga brighter future,but instead hefinds that theschool is a prisonand no one iswhat he or sheseems.
  64. 64. © 2012Lexile 790RealisticFictionTen-year-oldAuggie Pullman,who was bornwith extremefacialabnormalities andwas not expectedto survive, goesfrom being home-schooled toentering fifthgrade at a privatemiddle school inManhattan, whichentails enduringthe taunting andfear of hisclassmates as hestruggles to beseen as justanother student.
  65. 65. © 2012LexileFantasyIn a world wheredragons andhumans coexist inan uneasy truceand dragons canassume humanform, Seraphina,whose motherdied giving birthto her, grappleswith her ownidentity amidmagical secretsand royalscandals, whileshe struggles toaccept anddevelop herextraordinarymusical talents.
  66. 66. © 2012Lexile 820Realistic FictionThreesophomorebest friendsuse theirbrains--andtheir wits--tofind happinessin high school.
  67. 67. © 2012Lexile 730FantasyKami Glass is in love with someoneshes never met--a boy shes talked toin her head since she was born. Thishas made her an outsider in the sleepyEnglish town of Sorry-in-the-Vale, butshe has learned ways to turn that toher advantage. Her life seems to be inorder, until disturbing events begin tooccur. There has been screaming in thewoods and the manor overlooking thetown has lit up for the first time in 10years. The Lynburn family, who ruledthe town a generation ago and who allleft without warning, have returned.Now Kami can see that the town shehas known and loved all her life ishiding a multitude of secrets--and amurderer. The key to it all just might bethe boy in her head. The boy shethought was imaginary is real, anddefinitely and deliciously dangerous
  68. 68. © 2011Lexile 810Ghost StorySixteen-year-oldTansy is used tomoving every timeher mother startswriting a new book,but in the smallTexas town whereher grandfathergrew up, she islured into the worldof a troubled youngman whose deathsixty years earlier isshrouded inmystery.
  69. 69. © 2012Lexile 620Science FictionWhen a virusdeadly to adultsinfects their highschool, brothersDavid and Willand the otherstudents soonbreak into gangsthat fight eachother for survivaland the hope ofescaping theirquarantine.
  70. 70. © 2012LexileSupernaturalWhile working on aproject translatingletters fromsixteenth-centuryPrague, high schoolsenior Nora Kanediscovers her bestfriend murderedwith her boyfriendthe apparent killerand is caught up in adangerous web ofsecret societies andshadowyconspirators, allsearching for amysterious ancientdevice purported toallow directcommunication withGod.
  71. 71. © 2012Lexile 650SupernaturalAfter hisgirlfriend Holly isfatally shotduring a violentstruggle,nineteen-year-old Jackson useshis supernaturalabilities andtravels back intime two years,where he falls inlove with Holly allover again, learnsthat his father isa spy, anddiscoverspowerfulenemies of timewho will stop atnothing to recruithim for their ownpurposes.
  72. 72. © 2012LexileSupernaturalResiding in NewWhitby, Maine,a town foundedby vampirestrying to escapepersecution,Mel finds hernegativeattitudeschallengedwhen her bestfriend falls inlove with one,another friendsfather runs offwith one, andshe herself isattracted tosomeone whotries to passhimself off asone.
  73. 73. © 2012Lexile 640RealisticFictionWounded in Iraqwhile his Armyunit is on convoyand treated formany months fortraumatic braininjury, the firstperson Benremembers fromhis earlier life is hisautistic brother.
  74. 74. © 2012Lexile 1020RealisticFictionThis will be abittersweetsummer for17-year-oldTaylorEdwards,whose familyhas retreatedto theirbeloved cabinin the Poconosfor a few finalmonths oftogethernessas Taylorsfather slowlysuccumbs tostage-fourcancer.
  75. 75. © 2011Lexile 720Realistic FictionAfter the deathof her mother inan automobileaccident,seventh-graderSerena, who hasgotten the leadin her middleschool play, isleft to handlethe day-to-daychallenges ofcaring forherself and heryounger brotherwhen theirfather cannotpull himself outof hisdepression.
  76. 76. © 2011Lexile 840FantasyNineteen-year-oldreturningchampion SeanKendrick competesagainst PuckConnolly, the firstgirl ever to ride inthe annual ScorpioRaces, both tryingto keep hold oftheir dangerouswater horses longenough to make itto the finish line.
  77. 77. © 2011Lexile 810FantasyEvery other day, KaliDAngelo is a normal16-year-old girl. Buton the alternatingdays, she becomessomething elseentirely -- a super-powered being withan overwhelmingurge to track and killhellhounds, dragons,zombies, and othermonsters. When, onone of her normaldays, Kali recognizesa demon mark on apopular cheerleaderat school, she savesthe girl bytransferring themark toherself...which gainsher a sort of internalhitchhiker/guide.
  78. 78. © 2012LexileFantasyThough she isfrom a family ofclairvoyants, BlueSargents only giftseems to be thatshe makes otherpeoples talentsstronger, andwhen she meetsGansey, one of theRaven Boys fromthe expensiveAglionbyAcademy, shediscovers that hehas talents of hisown--and thattogether theirtalents are adangerous mix.
  79. 79. © 2012LexileRealistic FictionValerie always wantedto be the smart girl. Thepretty girl. The populargirl. But not the rapegirl. That’s who she isnow. Rape Girl. Becauseeveryone seems tothink they know thetruth about whathappened with Adamthat day, and they don’tthink Valerie’s telling it.Before, she had a bestfriend, a crush, and aclose-knit family. After,she has a court case, asupport group, and ahouse full of strangers.The real truth is,nothing will ever be thesame.
  80. 80. © 2012Lexile 680AdventureRobbies last-minute flight tothe Midway Atollproves to be anightmare whenthe plane goesdown in shark-infested waters,but the real terrorbegins when theco-pilot Max pullsher onto the raft
  81. 81. © 2011Lexile 800Realistic FictionHaving spent severalyears in and out ofhospitals for a life-threatening illness,pragmatic sixteen-year-old Cam isrelocated by hermiracle-seekingmother to a town inMaine known for itsmystical healingqualities.
  82. 82. © 2011Lexile 710RealisticFictionIn 1983, at an eliteboys boardingschool inZimbabwe,thirteen-year-oldEnglish lad RobertJacklin finds himselftorn between hisblack roommateand the whitebullies still bitterover losing powerthrough the recentcivil war.
  83. 83. © 2012LexileRealisticFictionTold from variousviewpoints,Gabie and Drewset out to provethat their missingco-worker Kaylais not dead, andto find her beforeshe is, while thepolice search forher body and theman whoabducted her.
  84. 84. © 2012Lexile 710HistoricalFictionCambodianchild soldierArn Chorn-Pond defiedthe odds andused all of hiscourage andwits to survivethe murderousregime of theKhmer Rouge.
  85. 85. © 2012Lexile 990RealisticFictionAngel, a sixteen-year-old girlworking thestreets ofVancouversDowntownEastside,befriends Melli,an 11-year-old girlin the samesituation andrealizes she mustdo all that she canto save Melli andperhaps saveherself at thesame time.
  86. 86. © 2012Lexile 590ScienceFictionWhen a group ofkids trappedtogether in achain superstorebuild a refugefor themselvesinside, outside,a series ofdisasters from amonsterhailstorm to achemicalweapons spill,seems to betearing theworld apart.
  87. 87. © 2012Lexile 700HistoricalFiction/CrimeNarrated fromseveral differentperspectives, tellsthe story of the1956 murder oftwo teenaged girlsin suburbanBaltimore,Maryland.
  88. 88. © 2012Lexile 1120RealisticFictionIn the early1990s, when gayteenagerCameron Postrebels against herconservativeMontana ranchtown and herfamily decidesshe needs tochange her ways,she is sent to agay conversiontherapy center.
  89. 89. © 2012Lexile 820RealisticFictionSeventeen-year-old Greghas managed tobecome part ofevery socialgroup at hisPittsburgh highschool withouthaving anyfriends, but hislife changeswhen hismother forceshim to befriendRachel, a girl heonce knew inHebrew schoolwho hasleukemia.
  90. 90. © 2013LexileRomanceSet over thecourse of oneschool year in1986, this is thestory of two star-crossed misfits--smart enough toknow that firstlove almost neverlasts, but braveand desperateenough to try
  91. 91. © 2012Lexile 1090NonfictionThis bookexamines thestory ofAmerica duringJ. EdgarHoovers reignas head of theFBI.
  92. 92. © 2011Lexile 820RealisticFictionIn 1960sNorfolk,England,seventeen-year-old ClemAckroyd liveswith his motherandgrandmother ina tiny cottage,but his life istransformedwhen he falls inlove with thedaughter of awealthy farmerin this tale thatflashes backthrough thestories of threegenerations.
  93. 93. © 2012Lexile 790RealisticFictionAfter a brawlwith a rivalgang, sixteen-year-old Azael,a member ofHoustons MS-13 gang andthe son ofillegalSalvadoranimmigrants,wakes up in anunusualjuveniledetentioncenter wherehe is forced toobserveanother inmatethrough a one-way mirror.
  94. 94. © 2011Lexile 810RealisticFictionRaised by anunstable fatherwho keepsconstantly on themove, SamBorder has longbeen the voice ofhis silent youngerbrother, Riddle,but everythingchanges whenSam meets EmilyBell and,welcomed by herfamily, thebrothers arefaced withnormalcy for thefirst time.
  95. 95. © 2011Lexile 850ScienceFictionSixteen-year-oldTom Harvey wasan ordinaryLondoner untilan attack thatcaused fragmentsof an iPhone tobe embedded inhis brain, givinghim incredibleknowledge andpower, but usingthat poweragainst the gangthat attacked himand a friendcould havedeadlyconsequences.
  96. 96. © 2012Lexile 750SuspenseSeventeen-year-old Jazz learnedall about being aserial killer fromhis notorious"Dear Old Dad,"but believes hehas a consciencethat will help fighthis own urges andright some of hisfathers wrongs,so he secretlyhelps the policeapprehend thetowns newestmurderer, "TheImpressionist.
  97. 97. © 2012Lexile 730HorrorSeventeen-year-old Gene haspassed as avampire for years,carefully followingevery rule, butnow, just as hefinds a girl worthfighting for, he ischosen toparticipate in thehunt for the lastremaininghumans amongruthless vampireswho soon suspecthis true nature.
  98. 98. © 2011Lexile 710RealisticFictionTold from theirownviewpoints,seventeen-year-old Jill, ingrief over theloss of herfather, andMandy, nearlynineteen, arethrowntogether whenJills motheragrees to adoptMandysunborn childbut nothingturns out asthey hadanticipated.
  99. 99. © 2012Lexile 850HistoricalFantasyIn thefifteenth-centurykingdom ofBrittany,seventeen-year-old Ismaeescapes fromthe brutality ofan arrangedmarriage intothe sanctuaryof the conventof St. Mortain,where shelearns that thegod of Deathhas blessedher withdangerousgifts--and aviolent destiny.
  100. 100. © 2012Lexile 890RealisticFictionA mentally illteenager whorides the "shortbus" to schoolinvestigates thesuddendisappearanceof his bestfriend.
  101. 101. © 2012Lexile 870SportsFour players atthe Final Fourof the NCAAbasketballtournamentstruggle withthe pressuresof tournamentplay and theexpectationsof society atlarge.
  102. 102. © 2012Lexile 850RealisticFictionSixteen-year-oldHazel, a stage IVthyroid cancerpatient, hasaccepted herterminal diagnosisuntil a chancemeeting with a boyat cancer supportgroup forces her toreexamine herperspective on love,loss, and life.
  103. 103. © 2011Lexile 710RealisticFictionOverburdened byhis parentsbickering and abullys attacks,fifteen-year-oldLucky Lindermanbegins dreamingof being with hisgrandfather, whowent missingduring theVietnam War, butduring a visit toArizona, his auntand uncle andtheir beautifulneighbor, Ginny,help him find anew perspective.
  104. 104. © 2012Lexile 720RealisticFictionStrugglingthrough hisdyslexia to try tofulfill hisgirlfriendFiorellasrequest for aletter revealinghis secret self,eighteen-year-old Karl asksFiorellasfavorite authorfor help, and heagrees only ifKarl will submitto a series ofinterviews,which provehelpful to bothmen.
  105. 105. In a dark futureAmerica thathas devolvedinto unendingcivil wars,orphans Mahliaand Mousebarely escapethe war-tornlands of theDrowned Cities,but their fragilesafety is soonthreatened andMahlia will haveto riskeverything if sheis to saveMouse, as heonce saved her.© 2012Lexile 690ScienceFiction
  106. 106. © 2012Lexile 710Adventure/ThrillerAfter waking upon an operatingtable with nomemory of howshe got there,Noa must teamup withcomputerhacker Peter tostop a corruptcorporation witha deadly secret.
  107. 107. © 2012Lexile 730HistoricalFantasySeventeen-year-old Evie ONeill isthrilled when sheis exiled fromsmall-town Ohio toNew York City in1926, even when arash of occult-based murdersthrusts Evie andher uncle, curatorof The Museum ofAmerican Folklore,Superstition, andthe Occult, into thethick of theinvestigation.
  108. 108. © 2012Lexile780RealisticFictionColbys post-highschool plans havelong been that heand his bestfriend Beth wouldtour with herband, then spenda year in Europe,but when sheannounces thatshe will startcollege just afterthe tour, Colbystruggles tounderstand whyshe changed hermind and whatlosing her meansfor his future.
  109. 109. © 2012Lexile 1020RealisticFictionSchool outsiderJesse, a lesbian,is having secrettrysts withEmily, thepopular studentcouncil vicepresident, butwhen they findthemselves onopposite sidesof a major issueand Jessebecomes moreinvolved with astudent activist,they are forcedto make adifficultdecision.
  110. 110. © 2011Lexile 670Thriller/AdventureIn the Californiadesert, fourteen-year-old Angel ison the run fromthe man whoabused her, killedher mother, andintends to kill hertoo.
  111. 111. © 2011Lexile 850SupernaturalSeventeen-year-old Karou, a lovely,enigmatic artstudent in aPrague boardingschool, carries asketchbook ofhideous,frighteningmonsters--thechimaerae whoform the onlyfamily she has everknown.
  112. 112. © 2012Lexile 700HistoricalMysteryWhen Laura dellaScalas oldersister drowns,Laura leaves theshelter of theconvent whereshe has spent thelast six years andenters the upperechelons ofsixteenth-centuryVenetian society,while shesearches for thetruth about whathappened to hersister.
  113. 113. © 2012Lexile 830SportsFinley, an unnaturallyquiet boy who is theonly white player onhis high schoolsvarsity basketballteam, lives in adismal Pennsylvaniatown that is ruled bythe Irish mob, andwhen his coach askshim to mentor atroubled AfricanAmerican studentwho has transferredthere from an eliteprivate school inCalifornia, he findsthat they have a lotin common in spite oftheir apparentdifferences.
  114. 114. © 2012Lexile 920NonfictionRecounts thescientificdiscoveriesthat enabledatomsplitting, themilitaryintelligenceoperationsthat occurredin rivalcountries, andthe work ofbrilliantscientistshidden at LosAlamos.
  115. 115. © 2011Lexile 1150NonfictionExamines asignificantconfrontationbetweenReverend FredShuttlesworth andCommissionerBull Connor inBirmingham,Alabama, duringthe Civil RightsMovement thatbrought violenceand change to thissouthern city.
  116. 116. © 2011Lexile 740RealisticFictionWhenseventeen-year-old Alex startsdating Cole, anew boy at herhigh school, hertwo closestfriendsincreasinglymistrust him asthe relationshipgrows moreserious.
  117. 117. © 2012Lexile 600Horror/GhostEveryone thinksseventeen-year-old Jane hasattempted suicidemore than once,but Jane knowsthe truth: hershadow is tryingto kill her.Everyone thinksseventeen-year-old Jane hasattempted suicidemore than once,but Jane knowsthe truth: hershadow is tryingto kill her.
  118. 118. © 2012Lexile 730RealisticFictionA young girl usescrystal meth toescape the painof losing hermother andgrandmother inHurricaneKatrina, and thenstruggles to getover heraddiction.
  119. 119. © 2011Lexile 800AdventurePerrys parentsinsist that hetake Gobi, theirquiet, Lithuanianexchangestudent, tosenior prom butafter an incidentat the dance helearns that Gobiis actually atrained assassinwho needs himas a henchman,behind the wheelof his fathersprecious Jaguar,on a mission inManhattan.
  120. 120. © 2012LexileRealisticFictionTheres no oneAstrid feels shecan talk to aboutthis deep secretor the profoundquestions thatshes trying toanswer. But littledoes she knowjust how muchsending her love--and asking theright questions--will affect thepassengers lives,and her own, forthe better
  121. 121. © 2011Lexile 750ScienceFictionAfter the eruption ofthe Yellowstonesupervolcanodestroys his city andits surroundings,fifteen-year-old Alexmust journey fromCedar Falls, Iowa, toIllinois to find hisparents and sister,trying to survive in atransformedlandscape and a newsociety in which allthe old rules of livinghave vanished.
  122. 122. © 2011Lexile 730Horror/ScienceFictionAlex, a resourcefulseventeen-year-oldrunning from herincurable braintumor, Tom, whohas left the war inAfghanistan, andEllie, an angryeight-year-old, joinforces after anelectromagneticpulse sweepsthrough the skyand kills most ofthe worldspopulation,turning some ofthose who remaininto zombies andgiving the otherssuperhumansenses.
  123. 123. © 2012Lexile 380RealisticFictionFifteen-year-oldAri Mendoza isan angry lonerwith a brother inprison, butwhen he meetsDante and theybecome friends,Ari starts to askquestions abouthimself, hisparents, and hisfamily that hehas never askedbefore.
  124. 124. © 2011Lexile 690Horror/GhostsFor three years,seventeen-year-old CasLowood hascarried on hisfathers work ofdispatching themurderousdead, travelingwith hiskitchen-witchmother andtheir spirit-sniffing cat, buteverythingchanges whenhe meets Anna,a girl unlike anyghost he hasfaced before.
  125. 125. © 2011Lexile630ScienceFictionIn a dystopian futurewhere chocolate andcaffeine arecontraband, teenagecellphone use isillegal, and water andpaper are carefullyrationed, sixteen-year-old AnyaBalanchine findsherself thrustunwillingly into thespotlight as heirapparent to animportant New YorkCity crime family.
  126. 126. © 2012LexileScienceFictionBattling aliens,space pirates,andcompetitors,Prince Khemrimeets a youngwoman, namedRaine, andlearns morethan heexpected aboutthe hiddenworkings of avast,intergalacticEmpire, andabout himself
  127. 127. © 2012Lexile 870RealisticFictionWhen a terribleaccident occurs,Scotty feelsresponsible for theloss of someone shehardly knew, and theworld goes wrong.She cannot tell whatis a dream and whatis real. Her friendsare having a hardtime getting throughto her and her familyis preoccupied withtheir own trauma.But the prospect ofa boy, a dance, andthe possibility thateverything can fallback into place soonhelp Scotty realizethat she is capableof adding her ownflavor to life
  128. 128. © 2012Lexile 690RealisticFictionAfter Ellie diesof a drugoverdose, herbrother, herbest friend, andher bestfriends sisterface painfulsecrets of theirown when theytry to uncoverthe truth aboutEllies death.
  129. 129. © 2012LexileScienceFictionIn the aftermathof a series ofplane crashescaused by birds,seventeen-year-old Reese and herdebate-teampartner, David,receive medicaltreatment at asecretgovernmentfacility andbecome tangledin a conspiracythat is, accordingto Reeses friend,Julian, connectedwith aliens andUFOs.
  130. 130. © 2012Lexile 600RealisticFictionWealthy teenThea Parottsjealousy of herolder, prettier,more popularsister Alexprompts a seriesof self-destructive actsthat threatentheir seemingly-idyllic lives.
  131. 131. © 2012Lexile 820ScienceFictionOn a futuristicisland paradisewhere humansare served byenslavedclones, asixteen-year-old clonenamed Elysiaseeks her ownfreedom.
  132. 132. © 2013LexileRealisticFictionTwo best friends,a writer and arunner, deal withbullies, familyissues, socialpressures, andtheir quest forsuccess comingout of Harlem.
  133. 133. © 2011LexileThriller/AdventureBoy Nobody is theperennial new kidin school, the onefew notice andnobody thinksmuch about. Heshows up in a newhigh school, in anew town, under anew name, makesfew friends anddoesnt stay long.Just long enoughfor someone in hisnew friends familyto die -- of "naturalcauses." Missionaccomplished, BoyNobodydisappears, andmoves on to thenext target.
  134. 134. © 2012LexileScienceFictionIn a near-futureworld wheretechnologicallyenhanced humansare governed by astrict set of conductlaws, twenty-nine-year-old Owen Grayjoins the ranks of apersecutedunderclass that isplanning to change,or destroy, theworld.
  135. 135. © 2012Lexile 770RealisticFictionUnable to controlhis binge eating, amorbidly obeseteenagernicknamed Butterdecides to make alive webcast of hislast meal as heattempts to eathimself to death.
  136. 136. © 2012Lexile 870RealisticFictionWhen Annareturns from athree-week stayin a mentalhospital shestruggles toresume a normallife in the face ofher parentsarguments andpeers who areafraid to ask herwhat happened.
  137. 137. © 2012Lexile 1020HistoricalFictionIn 1943, a Britishfighter planecrashes in Nazi-occupied Franceand the survivortells a tale offriendship, war,espionage, andgreat courage asshe relates whatshe must to survivewhile keepingsecret all that shecan.
  138. 138. © 2012Lexile 640HistoricalFantasy/SteampunkIn this twist onEdgar Allen Poesgothic short story, awealthy teenagedgirl who can afford aspecial mask toprotect her fromthe plague thatdecimatedhumanity in themid-1800s, falls inlove, becomescaught up in aconspiracy tooverthrow anoppressivegovernment, andfaces the threat of anew plague.
  139. 139. © 2013Lexile1050RealisticFictionSteven "Crash"Crashinskyrelates hissordid ten-yearrelationship withDavid "Burn"Burnett, the boyhe stopped fromtaking their highschool hostageat gunpoint.
  140. 140. © 2012Lexile 630FantasyWhen the goddessBayla fails to takeover Liyanas body,Liyanas peopleabandon her in thedesert to find a moreworthy vessel, butshe soon meetsKorbyn, who saysthe souls of sevendeities have beenstolen and he needsLiyanas help to findthem.
  141. 141. © 2012LexileScienceFictionIn a dystopiancolony of theUnited Stateswhere everyoneis born withpowers of theelements, water,wind, earth, andfire, sixteen-year-oldThomas, the firstand only childborn without anelement seemspowerless, but ishe?
  142. 142. © 2013LexileScienceFiction/ZombiesIn the ruralmountains ofWest Virginia,seventeen-year-old MichaelFaris tries toprotect hisfragile youngerbrother fromthe horrors ofthe zombieapocalypse
  143. 143. © 2013LexileRealisticFictionRussel Middlebrook and hisfriends Min and Gunnarare back, and they’relaughing about somethingthey call the Elephant ofSurprise—the tendency forlife to never turn out theway you expect. Sureenough, Russel soonhappens upon a hot, butmysterious guy namedWade—even as he’s alsodrawn back to an old flamenamed Kevin. Meanwhile,Min learns her girlfriendLeah is keeping secrets,and Gunnar just wants tobe left alone to pursue hislatest obsession,documenting his entire lifeonline.
  144. 144. © 2012Lexile 650FantasyKnown to him/herself onlyas "A," the narrator of thisphilosophically electrifyingnovel wakes up everymorning in the body of adifferent person. Thisconstant, inexplicablechange -- A is usually aroundthe same age but hasexperienced differentgenders, ethnicities,personality types, etc. -- hasmade A unusuallycircumspect, mature, andcareful not to alter anythingthat would impact the livesof those whose bodies s/hesinhabited. It makes for alonely existence...until A fallsin love with a girl namedRhiannon and breaks thoserules, just to see her again.
  145. 145. © 2012LexileScienceFictionSoon afterseventeen-year-old Mirandaawakens with nomemory, shediscovers thatshe can release amysteriousenergy thatincites pureterror ineveryone aroundher except Peter,who tells her sheis part of an eliteforce ofgenetically-altered teens.
  146. 146. © 2012Lexile750RealisticFictionFifteen-year-old Fitzkidnaps the fatherhe has neverknown, taking himfrom his St. Paulapartment buildingat gunpoint, in anattempt to addresshis bewildering mixof resentment andyearning.
  147. 147. © 2012LexileThriller/SuspenseAs a player inNERVE, ananonymous gameof dares broadcastlive online, high-schooler Vee isunhappy to bewatchedconstantly butfinds itexhilarating to bepaired withhandsome Iantaking ever riskierdares--until thestakes becometoo high.
  148. 148. © 2012LexileRealisticFictionAfter his parentsdivorce, highschool juniorVinnie Gold movesto Long Island withhis mother andnew stepfatherand mustnegotiate a secretcrush and a rathercomplicatedconnection withthe popular girlnext door.
  149. 149. © 2012LexileSportsThree high schoolseniors facemountingpressures, athome andschool, as theystart their lastseason on thevarsity wrestilingteam
  150. 150. © 2012LexileRealisticFictionFor eight of hersixteen yearsCarolina Mitchellsolder sister Hannahhas been a nun in aconvent, almostcompletely out oftouch with herfamily--so when shesuddenly abandonsher vocation andcomes home,nobody knowsquite how tohandle thesituation, orguesses whatexplosive secretsshe is hiding.
  151. 151. © 2012LexileAdventureA troubled girl isstranded in anarctic winterterrain after aplane crash andmust fight forsurvival with theonly other boy leftalive.
  152. 152. © 2013LexileMystery/RealisticFictionHigh school student"Meg" has changedidentities so oftenthat she hardly knowswho she is anymore,and her family isfalling apart, but sheknows that two of therules of witnessprotection are beforgettable and do notmake friends--but inher new home inLouisiana a boynamed Ethan ismaking that difficult.
  153. 153. © 2012LexileNonfictionRudy became the inspirationfor millions when aHollywood film depicting hisjourney as a Notre Damefootball player became oneof the most influential sportsmovies ever made. In Daniel"Rudy" Ruettigers onlyautobiography, go behind thescenes to experience theheartache, triumph, and glorythrough Rudys own eyes,and learn details of the tenyears it took to get the moviemade. "Football was mysalvation in high school,"Rudy believes, and while hedreamed of playing for NotreDame, he never believed hewas smart enough to make itto the elite group of highereducation.