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Business Proposal
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Business Proposal


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. 1
    Career Development for the
    Emerging Leader
  • 2. Central Question
    How do competent, credible, confident emerging leaders contribute to sustainable value creation for all stakeholders?
    Career Planning:
    Creating an Individual Career Development Plan = Competent & Confident Leaders
  • 3. Learning objectives
    To build competent leaders by utilizing career theory to explain the steps involved in career choice, career development and career planning.
    To develop competent leaders by utilizing career theory to prevent job dissatisfaction, increase job satisfaction and identify short and long term goals.
    To equip emerging leaders with an individual career development plan that utilizes resources, tools and techniques tested by research and career development theories.
  • 4. Proposed TOPICS
    Developing Competence & confidence
    The Deeper Meaning of the Word Career (Richard Bolles)
    Your Skills Pyramid (Robert J. McGovern)
    Job Searching in an Evolving Economy
    Discovering Your Career in Business (see slide 4)
    Key Assessments
    The Career Compass: A Workbook for Career Planning
    Next Steps
  • 5. A deeper meaning of the word career
    The ROAD ♦The HORSE ♦ The CART
    The Career Counselor’s Handbook*
  • 6. Your Skills Pyramid
    Executing a Career Plan
    The Vertical Method
    The Platform Approach
    3 Needs of the “Classic Manager”
    Bring Your “A” Game
  • 7. Job Searching in an evolving economy
    A Brief Snapshot
    Steps to job searching
    The Internet and job searching
    Building a Brand (resumes, cover letters, elevator pitch, professional imaging, interviewing skills)
  • 8. 4
    Your Career in Business
    Career Leader Overview
    The basic dimensions of business work: eight core activities
    Management & professional rewards
    Management & professional abilities
    Siren’s Songs: Avoid loosing your way in business work
    Overview of results
    Discovering Your Career in Business*
  • 9. Career Leader
    Most respected and comprehensive business career development tool on the Internet.
    Developed by Dr. Timothy Butler, Director of MBA Career Development Programs at the Harvard Business School, and Dr. James Waldroop, Dr. Butler's associate at HBS for 18 years.
    Interactive, online program is currently being used by over 400 top businesses and universities around the world to help guide their employees and students.
  • 10. More about career leader
    • Provide you with expert assessments of your unique pattern of businessinterests
    • 11. Integrate your results, recommending specific career paths that are likely to be your best career path matches, and why you match well.
    • 12. Rate your entrepreneurial attributes.
    • 13. Provide you with in-depth views into 30 business career paths, including information about the interests, rewards and abilities associated with each one. Many career paths also include an in-depth interview with an industry insider, for further insights.
    • 14. Help you to understand key elements of corporate culture and how you will fit in with each.
    • 15. Recognize and help you to cure your career "Achilles Heels".
  • Key assessments
    Strong Interest Inventory
    Brief overview of Holland Code
    Island activity
    Myers Briggs Type Indicator
    Brief overview of personality preferences
    Handwriting exercise
    Personality dichotomies
  • 16. The Career Compass
    Individual Career Develop Plan (ICDP)
    Brief overview of The Career Compass
    Steps 1 – 4
    Step 1: Setting Out
    Step 2: History
    Step 3: Preferences & Possibilities
    Step 4: Work/Life Wheel
    Click below to learn about the Career Compass
    Click see a clip about The Career Compass
  • 17. Next Steps: ICDP
    Career Compass Cont’d
    Steps 5 – 9
    Step 5: Choices in Context
    Step 6: Networking Map
    Step 7: A Day in the Life
    Step 8: Path Exploration
    Step 9: Action Plan
    Leadership Styles
    Leadership style inventory
    Group discussion
    Suggested reading list
  • 18. Works cited
    Bring Your “A” Game by Robert McGovern
    What Color is Your Parachute by Richard N. Bolles
    The Career Counselors Handbook by Howard Figler & Richard Bolles
    The Three Boxes of Life by Richard N. Bolles
    Introduction to Type and Careers by Allen L. Hammer
    Type and Career Development by Donna Dunning