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William Shakespeare 2
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  • 1. William Shakespeare
    By: Linda Nguyen, Kristina O’Sullivan, Josiah Eustace, Steven Sebzda, and Raj Choksi
  • 2. Life
    Born in 1564 (Birth date not exact)
    Born in Statford-upon-Avon market town
    Father is John Shakespeare and Mother is Mary Adler
    William had two sisters who died before him in childbirth
    Other siblings include, Gilbert, Richard, Edmund, Joan, and Ann who died at age 7
  • 3. Life continued…
    Met wife, Anne Hathaway, and got married at age 18 when she was 26
    Died on April 23, 1616
    Buried inside Holy Trinity Church
    Considered holy to be buried inside a church rather than in a graveyard
  • 4. Schooling
    Never finished school
    Dropped out at age 14
    Only got 7 years of education
    Attended school for free when father was elected for many civic positions, but dropped out when he had financial problems
    Learned little Latin and Greek
  • 5. Inspiration to Write
    His wife and marriage
    Sexual urges
    Wanted to prove that he was better than upper classmen
    First period of writing: Roman and medieval times
    Second period of writing: style, lives of kings
    Third period of writing: tragedies
    Fourth period of writing: romantic tragicomedies
  • 6. Relationships
    Married Anne Hathaway who was 26 when he was 18
    She was 3 months pregnant at the time
    Shakespeare shows that he regretted his marriage in his writings
    He had 3 children, Susanna and twins Hamnet and Judith
    Spent about 40 days a year with them due to the plague
  • 7. Failures and Successes
    Henry Wriothesley became patron for Shakespeare
    Plays were not published until years after their creation
    Wrote 10 plays, mostly comedies and historical, between 1593 and 1598
    Wrote about two plays per year until 1611
    Shakespeare had a slow start because most writers were published in their 20s, but he wasn’t published until his 30s
  • 8. Failures and Successes continued…
    A Midsummer Night’s dream was performed for upper class
    Romeo and Juliet was an instant success among young people
    Young men wrote down Romeo’s lines to attract young women
    1594-1596: gains recognition as leading London playwright
    1595: Acting company (Lord Chamberlain’s Men) builds The Globe Theater and Shakespeare receives 10% of profits
  • 9. Failures and Successes Continued…
    Wrote 38 plays and 154 sonnets
    1595: Shakespeare named senior member of Lord Chamberlain’s Men
    1603: Lord Chamberlain’s Men performs at court more than any other acting company
    1596: Granted a coat of arms and buys 2nd largest house in Stratford
  • 10. Recreation
    Played games like
    Balancing a barrel
  • 11. Authorship
    Many critics say that Shakespeare took lines from other plays and put them in his own
    Borrowing work from other authors was expected at the time
    Lack of education plays a big part
    Renaissance, sea life, medicine, and law are shown in plays, considering his village and school, he shouldn’t have learned any of these topics
    Many writers have also been successful and had a lack of education as well
  • 12. Authorship continued…
    Footprints that he left behind show that he should have headed toward a literary dead end
    Out of his 6 signatures, 3 are incomplete and 3 are illegible so he was considered illiterate
    Even his daughter never learned to write