Five Themes of Geography - NC Examples


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Five Themes of Geography - NC Examples

  1. 1. 7-20 Social Studies• Finish article on how the pyramids were built and how historians have written about it.• Write a sentence on who Herodotus is.• Write a paragraph on who Herodotus is and how history should be written by comparing Herodotus, Thucydides, Diodorus and the Science Daily article.• The Five Themes of Geography Notes• NO HW
  2. 2. Use textbook maps to determine the Latitude and Longitude forB)Cape Hatteras page 710C)Mexico City page 711D)Which North America country is closest to the Equator?E)Which part of North America is the closest to the Prime Meridian?
  3. 3. Approximate Answers for Latitude and Longitudea) 35 N 75 Wb) 20 N 100Wc) Panamad) Greenland
  4. 4. The Five Themes of GeographyA Framework for Studying the World North Carolina Geographic Alliance PowerPoint Presentations 2007
  5. 5. What is Geography?Geography is the study of Earth’s surface, lands, features and people.Why were the 5 themes of Geography created? The five themes of geography were created by Geographers to help them organize information.
  6. 6. Theme 1: Location Two Types of• Where is It? Location• Why is It There? •Absolute •Relative
  7. 7. Absolute Location • A specific place on the Earth’s surface • Uses a grid system • Latitude and longitude • A global address
  8. 8. North Carolina Absolute Location• North Carolina 36° N Latitude 79° W longitude• Chapel Hill 35° 55 N Latitude 79° 05 W Longitude
  9. 9. Relative Location• Where a place is in relation to another place• Uses directional words to describe – Cardinal and intermediate directions – North, South, East, West, NE, NW, SE, SW
  10. 10. North Carolina• North Carolina is bordered by Virginia on the north, South Carolina and Georgia on the south, and Tennessee on the west.• The Atlantic Ocean forms North Carolinas east coast.• North Carolina is one of the Southeastern States
  11. 11. The New Yorker
  12. 12. Theme 2: PlacePhysical Characteristics• Land Features• Mountains, plains, and plateaus• Climate• Bodies of Water
  13. 13. North Carolina:PhysicalCharacteristics Photos above: Steve Pierce
  14. 14. Theme 2: PlaceHuman Characteristics • People • Culture • Language • Religion • Buildings and Landmarks • Cities
  15. 15. North Carolina: HumanCharacteristics National Geographic MagazineTop right:
  16. 16. Theme 3: HumanEnvironment InteractionHow People Interact With Their EnvironmentPeople . . .• Adapt to Their Environment• Modify Their Environment• Depend on Their Environment
  17. 17. NC Tobacco Field
  18. 18. The Nile River in Egypt
  19. 19. North Carolina: Human Environment Interaction
  20. 20. Theme 4: Movement The Mobility of • People • Goods • Ideas How Places are linked to one another and the world
  21. 21. North Carolina: Movement
  22. 22. Theme 5: RegionsWhat Places Have in Common• Political Regions• Landform Regions• Agricultural Regions• Cultural Regions
  23. 23. North Carolina: Regions Steve Pierce