On being a Connected Lead Learner 2013

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ECCO Conference Presentation 2013

ECCO Conference Presentation 2013

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  • 1. On "Being" a Connected Lead Learner
  • 2. Two questions: How can a system create the essential conditions for fostering a digital-age learning culture that is relevant, engaging and connected to the real-world. How do you inspire, lead and drive staff and students to work collaboratively creating and sustaining a digital-age learning culture.
  • 3. HWDSB Commons tags.commons.hwdsb.on.ca/recent - The importance of Board Provisioned tools as the pathway to systemic change - Tower of Babel - Authentic, relevant, familiar, and potentially transferable in future contexts - Lurking, Exemplars, and Collegial Coaching
  • 4. HWDSB Google Domain - Not about control - Easier access, gradual on-ramp - A board logo can be the salve to the luddite
  • 5. Creating Essential Learning Conditions Once the space exists, support can be more responsive.
  • 6. O p e n n e s s
  • 7. Cultivate "Being" Online
  • 8. Ancaster Senior Public School
  • 9. How do you show your "connectedness"?
  • 10. How do you collaborate with others?
  • 11. Building a Collaborative Learning Culture ● learn alongside - LEARNING FIRST ● equip them - GIVE THEM TECH ● no opt out - ENGAGE EVERYBODY ● pick one - Google Docs focus ● f2f learning sessions ● informal 1:1 sessions ● let them play - tinker continuous learning mode ● personal check-ins different points of entry ● celebrate the fun ● give them time & space, it's hard work - empathy ● stay the course & respond to resistance ● integrate in meaningful ways - real-life problem-solving that make a difference in the learning ● learn first, lead second - learner, coach & leader
  • 12. Questions matter more than answers! WWhat questions do you have?
  • 13. Consider these questions: Does the physical setting of your school reflect a participatory, creative, connected, information-rich culture? ENGAGING & EFFICIENT Are your learning spaces instrumented? Do you leverage instrumented pockets and backpacks? TECHNOLOGY EVERYWHERE Does your staff use social networking tools? Does your staff create and produce every time you meet? FLOW & INNOVATION IN FOCUSSED WAYS
  • 14. Creating a culture of continuous learning and growth Growth Mindset: ● passionate practice ● learning ● hard work ● dedication Teaching a growth mindset creates motivation and productivity. Carol Dewct, Mindset
  • 15. Learn first, lead second. What Time is it?