#IJF14 Data journalism in a hostile political environment


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International Journalism Festival in Perugia 2014
Angélica Momi Peralta Ramos from LA NACION Argentina

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#IJF14 Data journalism in a hostile political environment

  1. 1. Data Journalism in a hostile political environment LA NACION Momi Peralta Ramos @momiperalta LA NACION DATA www.lanacion.com.ar/data
  2. 2. About LA NACION • Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina • Sunday print circulation: + 330.000 • www.lanacion.com unique visitors/month: + 15MM • 9 magazine titles • Impremedia (90%): US hisp. leading publishing company
  3. 3. LA NACION Data It s LA NACION s initiative to develop data journalism and contribute to opening data in Argentina
  4. 4. Transparency? http://cpi.transparency.org/cpi2013/results/
  5. 5. http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1857498 David Banisar, FOIA Expert. October 2012 Not law, but decree
  6. 6. Argentina s Official advertising funds distribution 2009 – 2013: Friends, politicians and… a stylist! 50% of this amount went to 10 media groups … the ones closer to Government. In the last period even a hairdresser (stylist) received more advertising money than the largest newspapers in Argentina.
  7. 7. Why DATA? - Data is a new raw material for journalism - Activate demand of public information - Discover stories hidden in datasets - Allow citizen´s collaboration - It is the future of journalism @momiperalta CHALLENGE STATUS QUO
  8. 8. HOW...is this possible?? • EXCUSES: – There is NO DATA or DATA is not credible – We are not the US or the UK in terms or transparency – We DON’T have programmers in our newsroom – We DON’T have skills in our newsroom to gather or analize datasets – We don’t… we don’t… KILLING THIS SCKEPTICISM ONE BY ONE
  9. 9. 1. NEVER STOP LEARNING! • Learn free online in MOOCs , webinars, blogs, books • Go to conferences or follow them online. • ONA 2010 was our first inspiration into dataj, a pre- conference workshop in ONA. • Become a member. Subscribe to DDJ Lists.
  10. 10. 2. EMBRACE HACKTIVISM Big community of developers and NGOs willing to help! @momiperalta
  12. 12. 4. THE TEAM. look around… • The TEAM is your ENGINE, first HEART then BRAINS… The perfect team… DEVELOPER JOURNALIST IMAGE from Scraperwiki https://scraperwiki.com/ @momiperalta DESIGNERDATA MINER
  13. 13. Tools & technology D3.js
  14. 14. Tableau Public for data interactives (without developers)
  15. 15. DATA: The Guardian Data store PLAY WITH OTHER´s DATA!
  16. 16. DATAJ CASE INFLATION in ARGENTINA How to show (with data) what you can’t tell? @momiperalta
  17. 17. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-02-01/argentina-becomes-first-nation- censured-by-imf-on-inflation-data.html
  18. 18. @fcoel - @momiperalta
  19. 19. ADELCO (Consumer Association) Monthly registration, since 2006, of the same 28 products, untill September 2012 2 Baskets of product prices index
  20. 20. ADELCO (Consumer Association) @fcoel - @momiperalta
  21. 21. http://data.lanacion.com.ar/dashboards/5068/inflacion-y-precios/
  22. 22. DATAJ CASE ARGENTINA SENATE EXPENSES 2004-2013 @fcoel - @momiperalta
  23. 23. SENATE EXPENSES 2004 – 2013 @momiperalta Processed more than 34.000 scanned image PDFs to build a structured dataset, published front page stories now being investigated by justice …….
  24. 24. …for example after analyzing dates we found overlapped ranges of trips
  25. 25. …so why not ask for people s help to extract MORE data and more stories??? REUSE
  26. 26. Open Collaboration. Citizenship, NGOs & Universities. Long Term engagement
  27. 27. Senate Expenses – Team Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEZ2xMwPMWo&feature=youtu.be
  28. 28. La Plata City Major Floodings (April 2013) • Collaborative Tools: Google Spreadsheets Google Maps Google Fusion Tables • Other tools: Excel, Tableau Public.
  29. 29. Hypothesis: Gov was hiding real number of deaths to diminish impact of its own responsabilities • We got 150 copies of handwritten death certificates in La Plata for April (1st-15th). • We made a database model, typed each case details into a spreadsheet, then ordered, filtered, analysed… @fcoel - @momiperalta
  30. 30. • Visualizations for time & place helped us confirm that most deaths happened between April 2nd and 4th (or were directly related) and many were located over water streams running under the city and/or flooded blocks.
  31. 31. Impact. Starting from 51 deaths … One day after publishing: A judge confirms 60 deaths due to major floodings 45 days after: 78 deaths officially confirmed
  32. 32. http://youtu.be/a56fWexw8uo <- Meet the team. Journalist, dataminer, programmer, designer, data producer and me, multitasker. Goodie for later! Team explains how collaboration worked
  33. 33. Open Assets Declarations. News App in collaboration with 3 transparency NGOs, Collaborative Tools: Google Spreadsheets Trello Document Cloud Team: around 45 LN staff, NGOs staff + 30 volunteers
  34. 34. Before & After Public servant declaration of assets. In total we typed 15.000 rows x 28 cols
  35. 35. The Check-a-thons (checking marathons) @fcoel - @momiperalta
  36. 36. Collaborative Checking (in presence & remote)
  37. 37. OPEN
  38. 38. DATAFEST Engaging the knowledge community @fcoel - @momiperalta
  39. 39.  Opened +30 datasets and made “Dataset cheat sheets” to make them accessible and ready for analysis with data mining techniques or data visualization in our first DATAFEST 2012 and 2013. • Organized by LA NACION and UNIVERSIDAD AUSTRAL Masters Degree in Data Mining and Universidad Austral Communications Faculty.
  40. 40. Journalists explain raw DATAsets content and what could be asked Dataminers , developers and statistitians help solve this questions adding value to the datasets
  41. 41. DataSets inventory and their “cheat sheets” SHARE!
  42. 42. Cheat Sheet : Subsidies for the Public Bus Transport System – Cleaned , normalized and open DATA
  43. 43. keep SELF MOTIVATED IF LOCAL FRUSTRATION? No resources, no Foi, no Data?, no mindset?!... THEN GLOBAL INSPIRATION! Same world regarding technology, talent, and the explosion of open knowledge and digital data.
  44. 44. Thanks… @momiperalta LA NACION DATA – @LNdata May 2014