The Be Tupper Tudes Presentation


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A slideshow presentation I presented at our Sales Rally Spring 2009

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  • I created a simple word document to train with at the Luv-A-Bowl team meeting in January. Laura had asked me to talk about “Refreshing your business in 2009” and it was the perfect topic for me because that was my goal in January… Refreshing my business!I had a spontaneous moment and created the “Betuppertudes”, you know, like the Beattitudes, but with a Tupperware spin!
  • We have an exciting history in Tupperware. The business model we use has been proven many times over for years. This photo is from a 1950’s presentation booklet.
  • You will be amazed at people’s reactions when they discover you sell Tupperware. These are some of the things I do that generate business for me. The car magnet alone got two sales for me last week!Wear your name tag around town as you do your errands, it is a great conversation starter.The car magnet has started more conversations for me, especially this larger one, and the fact that I have it on all FOUR sides has made the biggest difference. In the last two weeks, I had a recruiting lunch with a potential recruit who asked me if I was “really hiring”, and got sales from a Kroger employee, and a teacher from my son’s preschool.Many times when I am at a Party, school event, meeting, etc. I will somehow find myself saying I sell Tupperware. Whether someone asks me if I “work outside the home”, or I am mentioning a meeting I am going to attend etc. Often, people pause then say, “You sell Tupperware?!” People are always sharing their Tupperware experiences, products, history, etc. It is a great way to plant seeds.
  • I sometimes forget this, but people are busy! I know, I know it is amazing, isn’t it? Ask me how busy I am! Ask me about all of the things I meant to do and forgot!When you give out your Sales Aids, it is vital to get something back… that persons’ contact info! That person has every intention of perusing your goods, and making a purchase, but guess what? You got it! They are busy too! That catalog will make it into the never ending pile of “stuff” they have to do, and they will possibly forget to contact you and make the purchase. Never fear! You got their information, and tomorrow you can call them get their order, they won’t have to remember! But, oh no… you don’t have a way to contact them? Better hope they don’t forget! 
  • The Tupperware® Dating Diary Introduction, 2 pages.How Tupperware® Dealers sucessfully date Tupperware® Parties.Continued on next page...Produced By Custom Comics of New York in 1968 For Tupperware® Home Parties.
  • Dealer, Janet Mills, is always ready for a typical opening to dating. She hears her hostess greeting a guest…I’m Glad you could come, Trish! One of the girls told me about your NEW FREEZER… How do you like it?Oh, Golly, Yes! It’s really the greatest! I don’t know how John and I ever got along without one before!Mrs. Holmes, Do some of your friends have home freezers too?Why yes! That’s why we bought one… because our neighbors next door kept telling us how much they and their friends enjoyed their home freezers.They’re right! Why don’t you be thinking about getting these friends together and make it a date? I can tell them about the convenience of Tuppperware and their home freezers… how Tupperware and a home freezer can be a great money-saving combination. I’ll bring some special Tupperware recipes and ideas for freezer foods.20 Minutes Later…I’m SO GLAD you told me about Tupperware and home freezers, Janet!That makes TWO of us, Mrs. Holmes… I am really looking forward to a good party at your home Friday night.I love being able to do lots of cooking for the freezer when I have time, so I’m really anxious to hear your suggestions, I know my friends will be too. They’ll be there when I tell them about it!
  • One of my friends that signed up with Tupperware, Lora Brooks, to be my friends and family team mate, was up for going in active last week.  I knew she wasn’t really interested in being an active, working consultant, but I thought I would ASK her if she would like to get her $250 in sales with a catalog party to remain active.  Surprise… she did!  One of her good friends did a catalog party for her.  One of the customers for the host had the catalog at an Upward Basketball Game, and another mom placed an order as well as said she wanted to do a party!  So needless to say, my friend and team mate Lora did not want to do it but gave me the information for me to call.   So my next ASK success happens here.  This customer who wanted the party had an order to place but wasn’t sure if she wanted to get it now, or wait until her party to purchase.  So as we were closing out Lora’s order I called the customer to book her party and ASK her if she wanted to place the order now and do the party soon, or if she wanted to hold off on her order until her party.  She went ahead with her order, but didn’t have a credit card handy to give me because she was in a museum.  This was at 4 on Friday and I had party that night so Lora and I needed to close out that party now.  The customer asked me to call back on Monday to book her party, and she would call me back that evening with her credit card info.  Okay, so I told Lora to go ahead and order it and I would pay her for the order in the meantime so we can close it.   The best ASK success of all comes now.  Friday night came and passed, the customer never called me with the credit card info.  I started to get discouraged.  So Monday comes and I called the customer and had to leave a message asking her to call me back and give me her payment info and pick a party date.  Monday goes and she never called.  Yesterday, Tues, I called again and had to leave another message.  Tuesday comes and goes and she STILL didn’t return my call.  At this point I am totally bummed out and sure I am going to be stuck with her product and no party.  Today, Wednesday, I thought about “ASK” and thought, I shouldn’t give up on this customer, I should call and ASK again, and not think of myself as the “Tupper Stalker”.  So, I got up the courage to call AGAIN.  This time when she answered, all I asked for was the credit card info, and she reminded me she wants to have a party because she already has a bunch of people who want to come!  So not only did I get her payment info, we booked her party in Ballground for Monday, February 16th!   So ASKing paid off!  Thanks again to all of you for all of your continued encouragement.  I wish more people to come to the meetings you all plan because those continued face to face encouragements is what keeps my business momentum going, I can’t imagine doing it on my own!  You guys rock!
  • The Be Tupper Tudes Presentation

    1. 1. The Betuppertudes<br />Refreshing your business in 2009…<br />
    2. 2. Be Positive.<br />Positive attitudes are contagious. Encourage your team mates and listen when they encourage you. Negativity kills excitement.<br />** Tupperware&apos;s success stems from the combined genius of Earl Tupper, the self-styled Yankee inventor and entrepreneur and Brownie Wise, the consummate saleswoman and motivator. If Tupper personified reverence for the product, Wise personified respect for the sales force. “If we build the people,”she was fond of saying, “they&apos;ll build the business.” Almost half a century later, their legacy remains an important part of Tupperware&apos;s continuing success.<br />**<br />
    3. 3. Be Positive.<br />From This…<br />To This!<br /><br />
    4. 4. Be Positive<br />Tupperware® a Home Party<br />Interesting!<br />Enjoyable!<br />Profitable to All!<br />An opportunity to buy Famous Tupperware®<br />Not sold in stores<br />This is an unusual Tuppeware® Party Photo because a man is doing the demonstration.<br />Many Stanley Home Products sales agents joined Tupperware® and the Home Party Plan it was more profitable than Door-to-door selling.<br /><br />
    5. 5. Be willing to work.<br />Use time at home to make phone calls<br />Call a previous hostess and invite them to have another party . Remind them about all of the great free Tupperware they got at their first party.<br />Call a customer that had a question or needed warranty service.<br />Call potential recruits and offer to answer questions about your business.<br />Be professional, courteous, and LISTEN to them.<br />
    6. 6. Be willing to work.<br />Take Tupperware with you everywhere you go and be ready to talk about it to anyone who brings it up.<br />
    7. 7. Be willing to work.<br />Keep your Business cards handy and have Sales Aids (Catalogs, Flyers, Specials, Order Forms, Party Planning Packets) near by. <br />Wear your name tag.<br />Get a “Car Magnet” from<br />Casually mention in conversations that you sell Tupperware<br />Add a “Signature” to your emails that signify that you sell Tupperware<br />
    8. 8. Be willing to work.<br />Never give a catalog or flyer without a name and a way to follow up. Be sure to follow-up with that person when you said you would.<br />
    9. 9. Be ready to step out of your comfort zone.<br />The Approach<br />Some people have a hard time approaching people they know about their business. <br />When you casually mention you sell Tupperware to people, most people are excited and want to know more and make purchases! <br />The Plan<br />Pull out those old sales leads and orders <br />Use them in creative ways to drum up business.<br />Call them<br />Send out fun flyers via snail mail, people like to get fun mail<br />Email them<br />
    10. 10. Be Ready to Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone.<br />“There are many reasons for people wanting to date parties and YOU CREATE THE ATMOSPHERE which will make them WANT to date. People must like YOU… YOUR attitude, your smile, your appearance, your manner… your interesting demonstration. They must have fun at your parties… with games they ENJOY.”<br /><br />
    11. 11. Be willing to Step out of your Comfort Zone<br />The Greeting… form the Tupperware Dating Diary Comic Book… Funny how we can learn from history!<br />
    12. 12. Be organized:<br />Go through your kits and pull out product that has been discontinued, have your sets that you want to Ready to Go. <br />
    13. 13. Be organized:<br />Have your keychain or smidget game ready to go with lots of slips of paper and variety. <br />
    14. 14. Be organized:<br />Keep Tiny Treasures handy as little “gifty” items for game winners, surprise guests, and hostess bribes!<br />
    15. 15. Be organized:<br />Update your Party Planning Packets with the new catalogs, order forms, and planning materials, take at least TWO to every party.<br />
    16. 16. Be organized:<br />Get your datebook out and highlight the days you want to work for the next two months, have dating cards ready.<br />
    17. 17. Be organized:<br />Make fresh recruiting packets, consider including the current recruiting promotion flyers as an added enticement to potential recruits.<br />
    18. 18. Be current. <br />Order fresh Sales Aids<br />Current Catalogs<br />Monthly Sales Flyers<br />Dating gifts.<br />
    19. 19. Be current. <br />Print out any new sales promotions that have come down the line and are pertinent to your current events.<br />
    20. 20. Be current. <br />Update any personal information and fun colors for labels, and other papers you give out at parties.<br />
    21. 21. Be Willing to Ask<br />Tupperware is consistently training us to “ASK”<br />What does “ASK” mean?<br />It means call someone you think would be great at selling Tupperware and ASK them to join your team.<br />ASK your guests to hold a party.<br />ASK your hosts to confirm with their guests<br />ASK your team mates to party and place orders<br />ASK by follow-up. Keep calling until you get the person on the phone. You don’t have to leave messages every time, but it is better to catch them when they can answer, than to wait for them to call you. Remember, we are all BUSY! <br />