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  1. 1. Shot Shot type Action Mise en Scenenumber 1 Extreme close up of Extreme close up the subjects face and eyes opening once he wakes up 2 Gradual zoom out Bed, typical teenage Birds eye view revealing more of the bedroom with an alarm 3 location showing the clock near the bed, character moving out relatively light colours. 4 of bed Character wakes up and 5 Medium profile shot In slow motion he moves out of bed 6 Medium shot would move out of bed and rustle his hair 7 Close up A band member Guitar shown in would tune the dramatic lighting darker guitar, close up of setup than in the first guitar and hand in part slow motion 8 Long shot Jump cut to a wider shot 9 Medium shot Narrative character puts on his shirt in slow motion, shot Bedroom surroundings, from behind back of the shot are lit with his head would be early morning daylight. seen The shirt he puts on 10 Medium shot Jump cut to when his would be common and shirt is on stereotypical to the 11 Close up He buttons his shirt target audience and fiddles with the clothes 12 Over the shoulder Moving from his bed to the door to the bathroom 13 Jump shot Jump cut to him walking through the door This space would look 14 Close up Hand opening the like normal teenager bathroom surroundings early 15 Over the shoulder Over the shoulder morning soft tones. The shot while moving character would act towards the mirror quite dazed and move 16 Over the shoulder Slight angle so slowly through the camera not seen, scene. Costume would brushing teeth be established at this 17 Match on action As he spits the water stage out multi take to get the action from all angles 18 Over the shoulder He shakes his hair and looking in the mirror
  2. 2. 19 Long shot The character walks He acts enthusiastic and20 Close up down the stairs much quicker21 Long shot22 Extreme close up He grabs the objects iPod and Keys and goes23 Long shot Walking towards the camera and leaving Early morning street the house with the rising sun in24 Extreme long shot He walks into the the background street25 Close up Close up of an ipod, he presses play and iPod, asynchronous music starts music starts26 Close up Band member tunes New location, band the guitar member dressed in casual preparing for the main performance27 Long shot The band performs the28 Long shot song with all instruments and Band members play audience29 Meat shot the song Main singer is dressed distinctively to separate from others30 High angle shot The narrative Street sidewalk is visible character walk along to give the viewer the the side walk view of the narrative character31 Meat shot Main singer Low key show where performing only the singer is visible in the shot32 Long shot Full band The band performs the performance song with all instruments and audience33 Over the shoulder Character sees The narrative character violence from his gets attacked by violent friends people this would act to34 Long shot Character goes to show as a means of stop violence teenage pressure35 Medium shot POV of him pushing the camera36 Medium shot Full band The band performs the performance song with all instruments and audience37 Medium shot Narrative character The narrative character38 Close up being attacked and gets attacked by violent39 Extreme long shot abused (verbally), people this would act to fast camera show as a means of movement teenage pressure. This40 Over the shoulder Narrative character would happen on the walks away to the street performance
  3. 3. 41 Extreme close up Close up main singer Low key show where performing only the singer is visible in the shot42 Extreme long shot Jump cut as the43 Extreme long shot characters walks College entrance, this44 Extreme long shot towards college would be later in the day entrance using elliptical editing45 Medium shot He goes to open the door46 Close up Sign on the door Door of the toilets zooming in47 Extreme close up Water runs into the sink, slow motion This scene would be effect similar to the one at the48 Close up He splashes his face start of the video where with the water he enters the toilets to49 Medium shot He looks into the clean himself up and mirror prepare himself for the50 Over the shoulder Over the shoulder next step. His into the mirror performance will also51 Close up Dirty water being change from sad to presented happy52 Medium Shot Shot of him looking in a better state53 Long shot Band members are Being much refreshed waiting for him his actions is much faster54 Long shot He is running This shot would show a backstage lot of space to show the environment55 Extreme long shot All band members are present Backstage scene where56 we can see the members Extreme long shot They all go on stage and the eager waiting to play fans57 Long shot Crowd roaring for Concert hall where the band many fans are cheering58 Long sot Everyone playing The band performs the59 Medium shot Everyone playing, song with all view from the back instruments and of the stage audience60 Close up shot Enthusiastic fan Concert hall where cheering for the band many fans are cheering61 Meat shot Main singer Low key show where performing only the singer is visible in the shot this will present an edgy sense of mood62 Close up Pressure shown A still life object such as a boiling pan, where its violent motion would be shown in slow motion63 Meat shot Main singer Low key show where
  4. 4. performing only the singer is visible in the shot64 Long shot Everyone singing The band performs the65 Long shot Members hold up song with all their instruments instruments and audience