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Civil rights fights we shall overcome
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Civil rights fights we shall overcome

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  • 1. WE SHALL OVERCOME Civil Rights Fights
  • 2. Equality for All  Thurgood Marshall, attorney for the NAACP, represented Brown vs Board of Education  Attorney for the Brown Family  This desegregated the public schools
  • 3. Montgomery Bus Boycott  Rosa Parks  December 1, 1955  Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the city bus to a white man  Charged with a crime  Led to the Birmingham Bus Boycott  Martin Luther King Jr. was the organizer over the Birmingham Bus Boycott  The bus system was soon desegregated  This was effecting all businesses economically
  • 4. Lunch Counter Sit Ins  Greensboro, North Carolina  Result of a Fisk University student-Diane Nash  Diane Nash found it difficult to adjust to the Jim Crow etiquette  Blacks could spend money at retail stores, but they could not sit at the lunch counters to eat or relax
  • 5. The Fight to Vote  1964 was the start of allowing African Americans the right to vote  The voting rights act was passed in 1965, and signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson  The passage of this act increased registered African American voters to vote
  • 6. 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing  September 1963  Birmingham Alabama  Four black girls ages 11-14 were killed at their church from an unprovoked racially motivated act of violence  Shook the nation heavily
  • 7. March on Washington Movement  August 28, 1963  For jobs and freedom  Washington D.C.  250,000 people in attendance  Wide television coverage  Represented different non violent civil rights groups fighting for equality  Speaker was Martin Luther King, Jr.  Famous I Have A Dream speech
  • 8. The Struggle and the Fight Continues!