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mHealth & the Medical Provider


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An overview of mHealth (mobilized health) technology and tools from a marco and a clinician perspective, along with thoughts about the future ....

An overview of mHealth (mobilized health) technology and tools from a marco and a clinician perspective, along with thoughts about the future ....

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  • 1. mHealth & the Provider Experience Harnessing mHealth to improve the patient relationship Luca M. Sergio Twitter: @LMSergio Mobile: +1-201-744-3364
  • 2. Luca Sergio• CEO of ophthalmic marketing communications firm, Ethis Communications• Industry experience: technology commercialization and strategy• Ophthalmology, dentistry, infection control• Healthcare IT• Catalyst behind 1st mHealth app and miniPACS cloud system in eyecare: EyeRoute® Synergy (Topcon Medical Systems)• mHealth advocate [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 3. Objectives for this evening• Understanding of mHealth• How it applies to the provider and the patient• Deeper dive on some of the technology• Trends• Key needs• An overview of what’s coming [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 4. what is mHealth?Mobile healthcare (mHealth) is “the biggest technology breakthrough of our time [being used] to address our greatest national challenge”, said US Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius mHealth is defined as the provision of healthcare or health-related information through the use of mobile devices (typically mobile phones, but also other specialized medical mobile devices, like wireless monitors). Mobile applications and services can include, among other things, remote patient monitors, videoconferencing, online consultations, personal healthcare devices, wireless access to patient records and prescriptions. [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 5. what is mHealth? $11.5 billion in $23 billion pervasive $6.6 billion in global market mHealth devices by 2017 services [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 6. who is mHealth? data exchanged betweenall [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 7. what makes up mHealth? [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 8. example - ophthalmology [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 9. example - ophthalmology [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 10. example - cardiology [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 11. example – enterprise Health IT –apps, interoperability, BI/analytics [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 12. example - diabetes [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 13. example – vital signs monitoring [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 14. example – infection control [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 15. example – secure communications [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 16. example – new patient scheduling [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 17. example – patient education [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 18. example – remote pediatric care [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 19. example – mobileRx of healthapps [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 20. example – infection control [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 21. what should mHealth drive? Alignment with Meaningful Use Stage 2 behavioral requirements mHealth 2.0 is all about driving behavioral change (patient & provider) via mobility of systems mHealth 1.0 was an app for an apps sake [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 22. key mHealth macro opportunitiesChronic disease (chronic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, diabetes) - 75% of US healthcare spending Behavioral change Intelligent systems to handle data deluge [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 23. mHealth trends Cell phone subscribers constitute largest distribution system for healthcare info Anytime, anywhere, any device Initial enthusiasm focused on apps and fitness sensors, focus now shifting to mobile enabled services that drive meaningful change Focus on quality of care, patient retention, and patient communication Recent VA & NHS studies evidence cost reductions via mHealth Continued lack of interconnection between data silos & consequent emergence of meta-systems to access disparate data silos [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 24. mHealth trends While buzz is about mHealth & Health 2.0 systems, thereal change agent will be the data ... But they must beactionable, with low latency, and within feedback loopMeanwhile, MDs suffer from a data delugeNewer IT players displacing older, legacy systemsMD & consumer adoption of mobile devices plus patientexpectations of "now" creating pressure for new datadialogue and new clinical insightsGreater patient involvement will revolutionize careAging at home must be a priorityReimbursement models emerging in US with alignment toquality of care [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 25. key provider needs Focused on closing specificInstantaneous Mobilized, complianceview of patient eased workflow loops with patient [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 26. key patient needs Self care Easily closinginformation, but 24/7 access to compliance loop connected to providers for MD carevalued partner: instructions MD [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 27. problems to avoid Wasting time to Adding learn a non- Non HIPAAcomplexity to intuitive compliance workflow interface [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 28. barriers to broad adoption Lack of Reimbursement interoperability Regulatory / business with existing uncertainty models Health IT systems [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 29. FDA/EU, Congress, & certificationFDA & EU US Congress Certification• FDA guidance document not finalized • 3 days of recent hearings • Question: “Is this app medically valid?” (7/21/2011) – perhaps by 2013? • House Committee on Energy & • “Is it useful, standardized and accurate?”• Debate on device / app classification Commerce • Happtique Health App Certification continues • Inconclusive Program (a CCHIT for mHealth)• EU debating as well – most apps Class 1 • Raised awareness and scrutiny• Hindering innovation? • Focus on patient benefits, regulation, and• Issues: spurring innovation • Re-representing data • Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) “Healthcare • Clinical Decision Support Innovation & Marketplace Technologies • Controlling a device Act” (HR 6626) to be introduced again to 2013 Congress: • Creation of alarms • “FDA Office of Wireless Health” • Quality systems requirements • Innovation fund • Reducing barriers to entry • Financing to MDs for adoption [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 30. what does the future hold? 1.Sensors, smartphone sleds & attachments 2.Apps, Cloud Systems, and Interfaces with broader Health IT 3.Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Modeling Tools, & Business Intelligence Dashboards 4.Clinical Decision Support systems 5.Remote Patient Monitoring / Patient Centered Home / Telemedicine 6.Communications / Healthcare Social Media / Collaboration tools 7.Middleware for national patient IDs 8.Patient Communication & Self-Service - Patient Portals, Databases, Apps, & Kiosks 9.Explicit services linked to a Mayo Clinic-type org / Hub & Spoke 10.Quantified Self / Fitness devices 11. Platform as a service: enabling workflow & data across multiple devices [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 31. a vision of a connected future –from Kaiser Permanente… [mHealth & the Provider] : [ April 2013]
  • 32. mHealth influencers & resources Dr. Eric Topol, @EricTopol Dr. Ruchi Dass, @drruchibhatt Dr. David Lee Sherer, @dlschermd Paul Sonnier, @Paul_Sonnier Wireless Health group on LinkedIn Luca Sergio, @LMSergio [mHealth & the Provider] : [April 2013]
  • 33. For more conversation… Please reach out to me at any time Luca M. Sergio Twitter: @LMSergio Mobile: +1-201-744-3364