Diary of a Bible


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  • @danielleward1612: A very late THANK YOU for the 'like' you posted on my presentation in the past, 'Diary Of A Bible.' Your thoughts are truly appreciated, and I want to wish you a most wonderful day and God Bless! Lomaru
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Diary of a Bible

  1. 1. JANUARY:A busy time for me. Most ofthe family decided to read methrough this year. They keptme busy for the first twoweeks, but they haveforgotten me now.
  2. 2. FEBRUARY:Clean-up time. I was dustedyesterday and put in my place.My owner did use me for a fewminutes last week. He had beenin an argument and waslooking up some references toprove he was right.
  3. 3. MARCH:Had a busy day first of the month. Myowner was elected president of thePTA & used me to
  4. 4. MAY:I have a few green stainson my pages. Somespring flowers werepressed in my pages.
  5. 5. JUNE:I look like a scrapbook.They have stuffed me full ofnewspaper clippings - oneof the girls got married.
  6. 6. JULY:They put me in asuitcase today. Iguess we are off onvacation. I wish Icould stay home; Iknow Ill be closed upin this thing for atleast two weeks.JULY:They put me in asuitcase today. Iguess we are offon vacation. Iwish I could stayhome; I know Illbe closed up inthis thing for atleast two weeks.
  7. 7. AUGUST:Still in thesuitcase.
  8. 8. SEPTEMBER:Back home at last and in my oldfamiliar place. I have a lot ofcompany. Two womens magazinesand four comic books are stacked ontop of me. I wish I could be read asmuch as they are.
  9. 9. OCTOBER:They read me alittle bit today.One of them isvery sick. Rightnow I am sittingin the center ofthe coffee table.I think thePastor iscoming by for a
  10. 10. NOVEMBER:Back in my old place.Somebody askedtoday if I were ascrapbook.
  11. 11. DECEMBER:The family is busygetting ready forthe holidays. II guess Ill be covered upunder wrapping paper &packages again...just as Iam every Christmas.
  12. 12. It is a great privilegethat we should havesuch a preciousBook at ourfingertips.
  13. 13. We need to remind ourselves that there ishealing, prosperity, peace, strength andwisdom that is available to us any timewe open up and read the Holy Bible.
  14. 14. We should never lookat reading the Bible asa chore, but rather weare to do it with arenewed excitement inknowing that we willreceive wisdom, insightand understanding thatis beyond anything thisworld can offer.
  15. 15. May the Holy Spirit teach and open yourunderstanding so that wisdom can take rule inyour heart and lead your life onto the best path
  16. 16. May this message challenge your heart to investmore timereading Gods Word because the benefits greatly