A Father's Prayer

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  • 1. A Father’s Prayer
  • 2. Build me a son, O Lord, who will bestrong enough to know when he isweak, and brave enough to facehimself when he is afraid…
  • 3. Make him one who will be proudand unbending in honest defeat, andhumble and gentle in victory…
  • 4. Build me a son whose wishbone will not bewhere his backbone should be;A son whose wishes will not takethe place of deeds…
  • 5. a son who will know Thee,and that to know himself is thefoundation stone of knowledge.
  • 6. Lead him, I pray, not in the path ofease and comfort, but under the stressand spur of difficultiesand challenge…
  • 7. Here let him learn to stand up in thestorm…here let him learn compassionfor those who fail…
  • 8. Build me a son whose heart will beclear, whose goal will be high;
  • 9. …A son who will masterhimself before he seeksto master other men…
  • 10. Let him be one who will learnto laugh, yet never forgethow to weep…
  • 11. One who will reach intothe future,Yet never forget the past…
  • 12. And after all these things are his, add, Ipray, enough sense of humor, so that he mayalways be serious, yet never take himselftoo seriously…
  • 13. Give him humility, so that he mayalways remember the simplicity oftrue greatness…
  • 14. Give him the open mind of truewisdom, and the meeknessof true strength…
  • 15. Then, I, his father, will dare towhisper, “I have not lived in vain.”
  • 16. This prayer was written by Gen. Douglas MacArthurin the early days of World War II,as a spiritual legacy to his son,and made public after the general died in 1964,It was prayed many times during his morning devotion.Gen. Douglas MacArthur
  • 17. “It is my earnest hope- indeed the hope ofall mankind- That a better world shallemerge out of the blood and carnage of thepast, a world founded upon faith andunderstanding, a world dedicated to thedignity of man and the fulfillment of hismost cherished wish for freedom,tolerance and justice.”Gen Douglas MacArthur
  • 18. “Duty, Honor, Country…Those threehallowed words reverently dictatewhat you ought to be, what you canbe, and what you will be.”Gen. Douglas MacArthur
  • 19. “No man is entitled to theblessings of freedom unlesshe be vigilant in itspreservation.”Gen. Douglas MacArthur
  • 20. “A true leader has the confidence to standalone, the courage to make toughdecisions, and the compassion to listen to theneeds of others. He does not set out to be aleader, but becomes one by the equality of hisactions and the integrity of his intent.”Gen. Douglas MacArthur