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  • 2. INTRODUCTION 3Our company has been experiencing many positive changes – we have added new people, we’repursuing new medical verticals, and now we have a new look. Eyemaginations’ visual identitycomplements our exceptional product line and our e orts to expand into new markets, includingFacial Aesthetics, later this year. The quality of our visual communications should reflect the qualityof our products in order to have our company stand out from the competition and speak in a clear,refined visual language.As a part of the development of our new visual identity we are implementing this comprehensiveset of graphic standards to guide you through the process of writing letters, memos, faxes andother correspondence. It is our intention to have all communications originated by Eyemaginationsprepared and sent out in the manner set forth in this document.The visual system presented in this manual is intended to create a more cohesive look for ourorganization, not only to our clients and prospects, but also to ourselves. To be fully e ective,the branding must be reflected in every visual manifestation of the company. This requires thecooperation of everyone at Eyemaginations within all departments—Sales, Marketing, Development,Animation, Operations, Accounting and Customer Service—as well as coordination with outsidedesign and marketing companies.While this manual is fairly comprehensive and provides specifications for many situations, it shouldalso serve as a guide when redesigning existing materials or creating new ones. Our goal is tostrengthen public recognition of Eyemaginations to better communicate who we are and what we do.I hope that you share in my excitement with this rebranding.Je PeresPresident + CEO
  • 3. LOGO 41 1 Standard Corporate Logo 2 Eyemaginations Logotype 3 EM Box23The Eyemaginations logo is created by six lines: three equally spaced horizontal lines on top ofthree equally spaced vertical lines, all: enclosed by a green stroked box. These lines abstractlyspell out the letter EM, for Eyemaginations. To the right of the EM box, vertically centered, isEyemaginations typed out in all caps. The new logo for Eyemaginations should immediatelyreplace any old Eyemaginations logos in use. With the exception of a few instances outlined laterin this manual, the EM Box should always be accompanied by Eyemaginations typed out. This isespecially important during the first few years as we introduce the new Eyemaginations identityand build recognition of the logo.
  • 4. LOGO SIZES 5To maintain legibility the Eyemaginations logo shouldnever be used at a width of less than 1.5 in and shouldalways be scaled to equal proportions to ensure nostretching of the logo occurs.
  • 5. CLEAR SPACE 6 XX X Minimum clear space standards are provided above. The minimum amount of space around the Eyemagintions logo should be measured from the left most side of the box to the right side of the “EM” within the box, as illustrated above. Clear space standards are provided in order to ensure that the Eyemaginations logo is clearly distiguishable in all applications. In all applications maintain clear space as directed. Clear space standards apply only to the corporate logo, and do not apply to product logos.
  • 6. PRODUCT LOGOS 7The above marks for the Eyemaginations product line, LUMA, bring the light and spectrum of color essential to digital mediaand vision into the Eyemaginations identity system. As the first representation of Eyemaginations that many practitionersand patients are likely to experience, the marks for individual vertical markets are selected from the place in the spectrumof color that best represents the particulars of each industry. The specialization of each mark is made explicit in a gray barat the bottom of each mark. The use of squares for each step of the spectrum, with the careful centering and proportionof the geometric letters spelling LUMA, indicate the precision of the Eyemaginations brand. While the colors change frommarket to market to provide individuality, the repetition of the same five squares and Eyemaginations EM Box create adistinct brand feel that could not be mistaken in any line up of medical products.
  • 7. HOME, OFFICE, ONLINE 8 ONLINE HOME OFFICE ONLINE HOME OFFICE ONLINE HOME OFFICE ONLINE HOME OFFICETo preserve the graphic intensity of the LUMA spectrum, special attention to hierarchy has been usedin arranging the 3 tiers of information in the product marks. First, LUMA and the EyemaginationsEM Box are dominant with bold letters and the light-filled colors of the spectrum. Second, thesolidity of the gray bar that specifies the vertical market attracts the eye. Third, the designations ofHome, O ce and Online components are set light and flush with the mark, indicating they are extrainformation describing the primary product.The Home, O ce, and Online marks are supplemental to the primary LUMA marks and are to beused only when applied to a specific component of the LUMA product. These should never be usedin instances referring to the LUMA product as a whole.
  • 8. HOME, OFFICE, ONLINE 9Eyemaginations leverages its in-house skills to o er custom 3D design,software development, and technology deployment services uniquely tailoredto client specifications. Similarly the logo for Eyemaginations Studio leveragesthe corporate and product branding. The Eyemagination Studio logo consistsof a modified corportate logo on top of six blocks, each containing one letter of“Studio”. Instead of a limited spectrum color palette, like the LUMA products,the Studio logo uses a wider range of colors, referencing the wide array ofcustomized o erings.
  • 9. COLOR 10RGB 87 181 222 97 186 212 110 199 189 110 194 171 122 199 143HEX 57B6DD 62BBD3 6DC7BD 6EC3AA 7AC690CMYK 85 0 0 0 100 0 15 0 65 0 20 0 80 0 40 0 50 0 40 0PANTONE UNCOATED PANTONE 306 U PANTONE 311 U PANTONE 319 U PANTONE 3258 U PANTONE 345 UPROCESS COATED PANTONE 2995 C PANTONE 311 C PANTONE 319 C PANTONE 3258 C PANTONE 346 C The colors shown above are an essential component of the Eyemaginations identity system. The Eyemaginations logo should always be shown or printed using the correct corporate colors. The logo should always be printed at 100% and with maximum saturation/ink density. These colors should never be used as a tint or halftone. Careful use of white space is important for all Eyemaginations colors. The beauty of the above colors is best accentuated by contrasting it with a bright, clean white background. As the primary use of the LUMA marks will be digital and therefore viewed on a monitor, the colors of the identity system are specially selected for that purpose. Please note that the appearance of color varies according to monitor settings. Furthermore, each production process and printing surface reproduces color di erently. We have selected the closest matches possible for o set printing with a four color process (CMYK) as well as Pantone ink matches for both coated and uncoated papers. Even when printing with a four color process, the specified Pantones should be referenced to ensure accuracy. The LUMA brands rely heavily on color and the proper builds must be used to ensure precision and consistency.
  • 10. COLOR 11 bar in all vertical market logos Home/O ce/Online TextRGB 188 188 192 163 165 166HEX B5B6B5 A3A5A6CMYK 3 0 0 20 5 0 0 40PANTONE UNCOATED PANTONE Cool Gray 4 U PANTONE Cool Gray 6 UPANTONE COATED PANTONE Cool Gray 4 C PANTONE Cool Gray 6 URGB 102 98 161 103 116 177 105 137 191 97 152 202 103 170 211HEX 6662A1 6774B1 6989BF 6198CA 67AAD3CMYK 100 80 0 0 85 50 0 0 85 35 0 0 50 5 0 0 70 5 5 0PANTONE UNCOATED PANTONE 2746 U PANTONE 7455 U PANTONE 542 U PANTONE 291 U PANTONE 2985 UPANTONE COATED PANTONE 2735 C PANTONE 2726 C PANTONE 278 C PANTONE 292 C PANTONE 2985 CRGB 157 196 135 180 195 128 202 194 120 219 192 113 234 188 106HEX 9DC487 B4C380 CAC278 DBC071 EABC6ACMYK 50 0 100 0 25 0 95 10 0 0 55 15 0 0 70 5 0 10 100 0PANTONE UNCOATED PANTONE 376 U PANTONE 583 U PANTONE 611 U PANTONE 610 U PANTONE 7406 UPANTONE COATED PANTONE 369 C PANTONE 583 C PANTONE 612 C PANTONE 610 C PANTONE 7406 C
  • 11. COLOR 12RGB 204 92 126 242 107 125 243 121 123 245 141 119 246 160 137HEX F05C7E F26B7D F3797B F58D77 F6A089CMYK 0 100 0 0 0 60 25 0 0 50 45 0 0 40 35 0 0 15 15 0SOLID UNCOATED PANTONE 219 U PANTONE 709 U PANTONE 486 U PANTONE 487 U PANTONE 7415 USOLID COATED PANTONE 219 C PANTONE 709 C PANTONE 486 C PANTONE 487 C PANTONE 7415 CRGB 137 76 148 154 78 148 177 75 135 203 76 132 224 81 126HEX 894C94 9A4E94 B14B87 CB4C84 E0517ECMYK 70 100 0 0 50 85 0 0 35 100 0 0 15 100 0 0 0 100 0 0PANTONE UNCOATED PANTONE 268 U PANTONE 2593 U PANTONE 248 U PANTONE 233 U PANTONE 219 UPANTONE COATED PANTONE 268 C PANTONE 2593 C PANTONE 254 PANTONE 233 C PANTONE 212 C
  • 12. COLOR 13RGB 105 137 191 110 194 171 143 210 127 234 188 106 245 169 126HEX 6989BF 6EC3AA 8FD27F EABC6A FEA981CMYK 85 35 0 0 80 0 40 0 40 0 60 0 0 10 100 0 0 35 50 0PANTONE UNCOATED PANTONE 542 U PANTONE 3258 U PANTONE 367 U PANTONE 7406 U PANTONE 7410 UPROCESS COATED PANTONE 278 C PANTONE 3258 C PANTONE 368 C PANTONE 7406 C PANTONE 7410 CRGB 243 121 123HEX F3797BCMYK 0 50 45 0PANTONE UNCOATED PANTONE 486 UPROCESS COATED PANTONE 486 C
  • 13. TYPEFACES 14GOTHAM NARROW BOOKabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwzyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZGOTHAM NARROW BOLDabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwzyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZTAHOMA REGULARabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwzyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZThe typeface Gotham, designed by Hoefler & Frere-Jones, is used as the main font family throughout theEyemaginations identity. Gotham, an elegant sans seriftypeface, can be used for applications ranging fromsignage and headlines to small captions and text. Alleditable text should be set in Tahoma, a default font onall computers, that can also be used on the web. In thepages to come, typefaces are specified as __PT/ __PT.The first point size corresponds to the size of the type thatshould be used in that particular application. The numberfollowing the slash is the amount of leading (line spacing)that should be used in between lines of text.
  • 14. Business CardsLetterheadLetterhead 2#10 EnvelopeMailing Label
  • 15. BUSINESS CARD 13 FRONT 600 Washington Ave., Suite 100 Baltimore, MD 21204 Je rey W. Peres T 410-616-8670 President & CEO F 410-616-8600 je @eyemaginations.com F 410-274-5926 BACKPAPER3.5 X 2”FONTGOTHAM NARROW BOOK7 PT/ 8.4 PTGOTHAM NARROW BOLD7 PT/ 8.4 PT
  • 16. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CARD 17 FRONT Eyemaginations Europe GmbH Henkenstrasse 91 91052 Erlangen, Germany Robert Habel Managing Director robert.habel@eyemaginations.com T +49-9131-920868-1 F +49-9131-920868-9 C +49-170-7310573 BACK Eyemaginations, Inc. 600 Washington Ave., Suite 100 Baltimore, MD 21204 USA Robert Habel VP of International Sales robert.habel@eyemaginations.com T +49-9131-920868-1 F +49-9131-920868-9 C +49-170-7310573PAPER3.5 X 2”FONTGOTHAM NARROW BOOK7 PT/ 8.4 PTGOTHAM NARROW BOLD7 PT/ 8.4 PT
  • 17. LETTERHEAD 18 1 in 3/4 in 1/2 in 1/2 in 600 Washington Ave,. Suite 100 Baltimore, MD 21204 T 410-616-8670 F 410-616-8660 1 1/4 in May 24, 2010TWO LINE SPACES Ms. Marybeth Shaw Principal Shaw Jelveh Design 2443 Maryland Ave. Baltimore, MD 21218TWO LINE SPACES Dear Ms. Shaw, ONE LINE SPACE Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris tempus eleifend consectetur. Etiam neque mauris, venenatis quis tempor at, dignissim feugiat enim. Nam dignissim urna libero, lobortis pellentesque neque. Praesent luctus fringilla sapien, non hendrerit ante malesuada quis. Phasellus vel tellus eu arcu egestas consequat. Suspendisse arcu lorem, accumsan eget eleifend a, aliquet sit amet eros. Nulla accumsan tempus turpis, ut dapibus ipsum imperdiet quis. Mauris arcu lectus, fringilla eu facilisis vel, euismod id libero. Maecenas lacus ipsum, ultrices in rutrum et, iaculis a metus. Maecenas in auctor neque. Donec tempus est bibendum erat faucibus sit amet lacinia lacus interdum. Phasellus nulla lacus, fringilla a rhoncus sagittis, tincidunt eget justo. Donec ut nisl tortor. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Curabitur facilisis nisl id orci molestie cursus. Proin mattis nibh ac erat dapibus eu condimentum sapien tincidunt. Maecenas sodales diam eu nisi suscipit ut auctor odio porttitor. Etiam convallis vehicula venenatis. Sed condimentum dapibus nisi, eget varius magna hendrerit quis. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Aliquam eu nulla ligula. Proin a lectus felis, vitae iaculis purus. Aliquam ac enim magna, nec luctus massa. Fusce porttitor libero ut sem rhoncus ac feugiat sem vestibulum. Duis iaculis placerat quam non vehicula. Morbi tincidunt convallis commodo. ONE LINE SPACE Sincerely,FOUR LINE SPACES Jeffrey W. Peres President & CEO www.eyemaginations.com 1/2 in PAPER 8.5 X 11 ” EDITABLE FONT TAHOMA REGULAR 10 PT/SINGLE SPACE TEMPLATE LETTERHEAD_TEMPLATE.DOC
  • 18. #10 ENVELOPE 19 3.75” 3.75” 4.75”1/4” 600 Washington Ave, Suite 100 Baltimore, MD 212041 1/4” Ms. Marybeth Shaw Principal Shaw Jelveh Design 2443 Maryland Ave. Baltimore, MD 21218 1/4” #10 BUSINESS ENVELOPE 9.5 X 4.25” EDITABLE FONT TAHOMA 10 PT/SINGLE LINE SPACING
  • 19. SHIPPING LABEL 20 4” 2 3/4” 1/4” 1/4”1 1/4” Ms. Marybeth Shaw Principal Shaw Jelveh Design 2443 Maryland Ave. Baltimore, MD 21218 600 Washington Ave Suite 100 Baltimore, MD 212041/4” 1/4” SHIPPING LABEL 3.5 X 5.25” EDITABLE FONT TAHOMA 10 PT/SINGLE LINE SPACING
  • 20. FaxMemo
  • 21. FAX 22 1” 3/4”2” 600 Washington Ave., Suite 100 Baltimore, MD 21204 T 410-616-8670 eyemaginations.com F 410-616-8660 www.eyemaginations.com TO: FR: DA: FAX #: # PGS: NOTES FAX 3/4” 1/2” PAPER 8.5 X 11” EDITABLE FONT TAHOMA 10 PT/10 PT (TYPE SHOULD SIT ON TOP OF LINES) TEMPLATE FAX_TEMPLATE.DOC
  • 22. MEMO 23 1” 3/4”2” 600 Washington Ave., Suite 100 Baltimore, MD 21204 T 410-616-8670 F 410-616-8660 www.eyemaginations.com TO: FR: DA: RE: NOTES: MEMO 3/4” 1/2” PAPER 8.5 X 11” EDITABLE FONT SIZE TAHOMA 10 PT/10 PT (TYPE SHOULD SIT ON TOP OF LINES) TEMPLATE MEMO_TEMPLATE.DOC