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California California Presentation Transcript

  • California
    Jacqueline Mougel
  • Chapter 7
    1890s: dams, aqueducts, reservoir, power plants industrial sites, brides, road ways, public buildings, & stations
    2/3 annual precipitation falls in northern third of state
    Sacramento & San Joaquin (rivers)
    Drainage Act: $100,000 for irrigation, drainage, navigation studies
    William Hammond (state engineer)
  • Chapter 7
    Lux v. Haggin (1877)
    Henry Miller & Charles Lux against Kern Country Land & Water Company regarding the right to draw flowing river water upstream from another’s property
    Agreement: allowed each side to draw water at stated intervals
    Colorado River -gravity canal flows into Imperial Valley
    1900- 40% of 1.5 million lived in Bay Area or Los Angeles
  • Chapter 7
    Los Angeles Aqueduct: 6 years, 235miles= O’Shaughnessy Dam
    Allowed Los Angeles to expand to 442.7 square miles by 1930, population 1,238,048= 5th largest city
    Mediterranean Revival style- San Francisco
    University culture: University of California at Berkeley
    Burnham Plan: City Beautiful movement- San Francisco & San Diego
  • Chapter 9
    Wilmot’s “Proviso”= all land from Mexico no slavery block in congress
    Natural Limits thesis -1830s expansion of cotton frontier into eastern Texas- slavery could no longer expand
    Abraham Lincoln won presidency in 1860
    slaveholders: expand into Mexico
  • Chapter 9
    Utah & New Mexico legalized slavery in 1852 & 1859
    CA proslavery in 1850s
    1848- Treaty of Gudalupe Hidalgo- transferred CA from Mexico to USA
    1848- CA’s Gold Rush
    October 1849: CA settles petitioned Congress to make CA a state (against slavery)
    Settlers did not wan to compete with salve labor
  • Chapter 9
    Introduction of CA as a free state=balance power of slave states in USA
    CA-Democratic (David Broderick and David Terry)
    Broderick & Terry dueled- Broderick died
    1859: a bill to split CA in two-failed
  • Chapter 12
    California founded on racial distinctions & repressions
    1871: lynching of Chinese in LA
    Anti-Japanese “White California”
    Segregation of Japanese schoolchildren
    Jim Crow: Mexican, African, Japanese Americans
    LA: most important Jewish civilization center
    1900s: San Francisco highest proportion of foreign-born residents relative to total population
    1930s: Dust Bowl many went to CA
  • Chapter 12
    WWII: increase of African Americans
    1965: Immigration & Nationality Acts amendments
    Asians immigrated on equal basis=increase Asia America population
    85 languages in LA school district
    Watts riots or 1965: black vs. white
    LA riots of 1992: black & browns vs. whites & Koreans
    O.J. Simpson trail or 1995: murder of two white people whether a black defendant could get a fair treatment
  • Chapter 12
    1992 Illegal immigration: CA’s biggest problem
    1960s Kennedy’s reform of immigration laws
    1 million Chinese, 1 million Filipinos
    Latino population: 7.7 million 1990
    LA- 3rd largest Mexican city in world
    “Save Our State: Prop 187 withdrawal of all public support for illegals
    2000: CA strong Hispanic majority