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Ao6 pdf Ao6 pdf Document Transcript

  • UNIT 01 AO6 EXPLAIN LEGAL AND ETHICAL CONSTRAINTS AND THE ROLE OF REGULATORY BODIES PEGI & BBFC Pan-European Game Information, also known as Pegi, is a self regulatory age rating system for video games. Its responsible for protecting minors from explicit content, and there to give all users from young to old in the EU a guide of the games contents, based upon bad language, drugs, fear, gambling, sex, violence, and whether the game can be played online. The age ratings vary from 3+, 4+, 6+, 7+, 12+ 16+, and 18+ depending on how many content ratings are present. All the ratings are printed as logos upon the game covers. It was developed by the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) and came into practice in 2003. As of December 2011, Pegi rated over 18,000 games, 50% of the games were '3', 10% were '7', 24% were '12', 12% were '16' and only 4% were '18'. Before PEGI, games were rated by BBFC in the UK, but now PEGI rate games in over 30 countries in the EU.  The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is a non-governmental organization which is funded by the film industry. The role that BBFC had in video games is to classify all games that feature strong pornographic (R18 level) content. The BBFC will offer a determination for linear content which does not contribute to the narrative drive of the game, whether this footage is live action or computer generated; embedded in the game or simply contained on the game disc.  Examples of such linear content include the TV material created for the GTA series; video rewards for completing certain tasks or levels within the game; or other video content which does not contribute to the narrative drive of the video game.  Self regulatory means before PEGI was legally binding the ratings were made by BBFC and the ratings weren’t official so when a game is rated 12, people under 12 could still purchase the game, PEGI gives an age rating and also gives additional information such as violent content and bad language. The new system means for the first time that anybody selling a 12 rated game to a child under that age could then face jail.
  • An example of game that got banned in the UK is Manhunt 2. This is the first game that has been banned in a decade. It was described as “unrelenting focus on stalking and brutal slaying”  All video games are different some contain way too much violence that I think is not suitable for certain ages, but that is where PEGI steps in, I think PEGI is a good way to protect consumers and it allows the consumer to think about what is in the game and if parent are willing to let there child buy a certain game.