The idea is to make people aware that
downloading films online is just as much
stealing as all the other crimes mentioned ...
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Anti piracity campaigns


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Anti piracity campaigns

  1. 1. The idea is to make people aware that downloading films online is just as much stealing as all the other crimes mentioned in the video even though most people do it often. This will hopefully give them realization and make them think twice before doing it again. The main idea is to make you feel guilty and like a criminal if you do download films, just as much as if The music is powerful and keeps the viewer in suspense throughout the video. It is also effective because of the shock effect which is caused by all of the rigid graphics and contrasting colours. The way it is filmed in such a handheld shaky way. The whole video looks like it was filmed by different CCTV cameras as though it was like catching a criminal. Because the video is so serious and strong towards the fast that piracy is wrong and illegal, it doesn’t have any positive towards people who actually buy the DVDS and the people who are at the cinema viewing the films, where this piracy video would be shown. A spoof has been made of the video by the IT crowd, this may be because many people think it is over the top and pointing out what The idea is that people were listening to radio shows such as the top 40 and recording all of the songs and re-listening to it on that instead if actually buying the singles and records themselves. The point they are trying to put across is that if you tape music instead if buying it you will threaten the music industry and if you carry on doing it you will end the music industry and you won’t have any music to listen to. One strength is that the poster is bold and too the point, you don’t have to waste time looking and trying to understand it like you would it it was more detailed and complicated. The poster design is actually very clever, because it puts the future of music in your mind before the idea that you are breaking the law with might appeal to the young audience that it is targeted towards who might not care about the law but would care about not having any music. It is just one still image, so it cannot be viewed in certain areas. It limited it to on flat surfaces rather that it was a video it would have a larger audience such as on television and at the cinema. Another weakness is that because it is such a simple and effective image, it leaves it open to be reprinted in for subject matters and simply used as a design rather than for the message again piracy that it is trying to put across. The idea is to embarrass publicly the people who do buy cheap DVDSA and download films online. To make them seem as though they are a disgrace and are the only ones who are doing it out of the people around them and even their friends. Its a irritating advert, so you donʼt think about meaning because you just want it to stop. Its all negative about the type of people who download films, and it is very untrue because it puts across the message that very few people download illegally when the reality of the situation is that is a very common thing to you. The tune and the song stays in your head, so you remember it after youʼve watched it, so it stayed in your head long after youʼve finished watching the video. The concept of the video is good because nobody wants to be embarrass in front of a whole pub or all of their work friends. This campaign is strongly aimed to praise the people who do purchase films rather than downloading or streaming illegally. They do this my reenacting different scenes from classic famous movies but in different situations. The message which is given to the audience is Thank you, for supporting us and helping us in order to create more of these great films that you like to watch. Because of the comedic aspect of the campaign you are happy to watch the videos. Also they have used old movies, which could mean that they are thinking about when they were made privacy was not a known thing to do, so they are looking back at a time when no one would even think about downloading illegal content from the internet. However a weakness is that films are not relevant to the demographic in which it is aimed. If they had chosen more current films such as ʻMean Girlsʼ or ʻHarry Potterʼ in order for the audience to gain a greater understanding and therefore appreciate the comedy and cleverness that this campaign portrays.