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  • 1. MORKIMʼS DEMISE Devised by Zack Barton & Lewis Moran
  • 2. PAGE 1 STORY Our game is about a Viking who sets for quest to behead the evil king of the north/east Morkim. He sets away to go on this quest because of what Morkim done to his father. In battle, Morkim beheaded the viking’s father, which means in revenge, he wants Morkim’s head. On the way of the journey, the Viking comes across a lot of problems from fighting mountain trolls, to escaping bad confrontations from evil creatures. The Viking starts of the quest from his house in the small town Lawdon which is based on a small Island just off the mainland. After he leaves, he takes a boat across Geneva’s Sea which takes him to the mainland. After finishing the sail across the sea the rest of the journey is yours to decide! You can go through Mount cap, which is a chain of mountains, or go across lake Gongrat or even through the Forest of Faron.
  • 3. PAGE 2 GAME PLAY Other than The Viking, you cannot choose another character, but at the start you can can ask what armor/weapon you would like to equip to your warrior. Flow of the game. 1. The first part of the game introduces the viking and you get a short background story on him. Although you only get a brief background story, you learn more about him as you progress through the game. 2. The second part is the viking crossing and making it to the mainland where he then goes into a tavern to ask the landlord for a map. 3. The third part is option whether to go through the Forest of Faron, go across Lake Gongrat or over and through Mount Cap. 4. The forth part is where ever the route you decided to chose leads you. All of the routes take you too the Lost Mountain. 5. The fifth part is the decision whether to walk to Morkim’s castle, or to sail down the River Dread. 6. The sixth part is making it to the end of route then coming face-to-face with one of Morkim’s guards. 7. The seventh part is option to run off from the guard and potentially make the guard alert everyone else, or fight and kill the guard so no one will know. 8. The eighth part is the confrontation with Morkim 9. The ninth part is where The Viking behead’s the Morkim and starts the quest home.
  • 4. PAGE 3 GAME FLOW Throughout the game there will be tasks and objectives which you’ll have to complete. Some of them may be very challenging and some will be easy tasks such as making a simple choice. The further you get through the game you will unlock weapons and armor whch will make you stronger for your battle against Morkim.
  • 5. PAGE 4 PLAYER CHARACTER There is no option to choose any other character because there is only one character throughout the game which you follow fully. Although you can choose what weapons and armor you have to protect and help you throughout your quest. PLAYER CONTROLS. To play the game you will need a keyboard and a mouse. You will need a mouse to click on the options to go through the game.
  • 6. PAGE 5 MAIN GAMEPLAY. The player gets through the game by reaching check points and completing tasks. This makes the player feel included in the game as chooses the option s to change the game overall. Like for instance, some option may lead to death and some may lead to get closer to completing the game. The special features about the game is that you learn the characters background story throughout the game.
  • 7. PAGE 6 GAME WORLD In Morkim’s demise, it has a variety of locations such as forests to mountains. The first section of the game is located in The Vikings home town where he starts his quest. The second location is over Geneva’s sea where The Viking is sailing to the mainland to visit the tavern. The third location is in the tavern where The Viking is speaking to the land lord about a map and the best routes through the mainland. This is when the Landlord mentions the Forest, Mountains and the lake. The forth location is either the Forest, Mountains or sailing over lake Gongrat. The fifth location is at the end of all the routes, The lost mountain. The sixth location is the desision whether to take the River Dread or to walk the mainland by foot. and risk being attackek. Although the river is quicker, there is a risk of being spotted by one of Morkim’s guards out of the front of his castle.
  • 8. PAGE 7 INTERFACE The game is very easy to play as the layout of our game is very basic, but is effective in a way the options are interesting. To make the options, all you have to do is click on the text you want, then that takes you to the next area in which you can also do the same. There will be music setting the mood of the The Viking throughout each level and images of the location so you feel involved within the game. Some of the music during the game will medieval, setting the scene and date when the game is set.
  • 9. PAGE 8 MECHANICS AND POWER-UPS The game mechanics of the game revolve around the players attributes, they have a set of skills in which they must strengthen to help them progress, physical skills like strength, stealth, vitality, speed, and then also diplomatic skills such as speech, charm, and intimidation. When put in a situation you must decide how you are going to progress from it, you will have a list of choices you can make, each determined by the players skills, an example would be using your stealth to sneak around a wolf, or using your talking skills to talk to it, obviously some skills are going to be far more effective than others, and its up to you to decide what you do. Along the players quest, they will be acquire items from looting, rewards and collecting. The items all have significant effects on your storyline outcome, for example things like key’s and maps may help you get to your desired destination quicker. Weapons and armor will strengthen and increase your survivability when you encounter combat.
  • 10. PAGE 9 ENEMIES AND BOSSES The player will encounter different enemies depending on their in-game decisions. The player will have hostile enemies, as well as alliance ones. The different groups of people will start of neutral to you, and depending on a move you make back at a previous point of the game, will either be friendly or hostile towards you. An example of this would be if when you come across a royal guard, if you kill him, you will then be attacked by all royal guards in the game, yet supported and admired by the rebels along the way.  The bosses will consist of powerful medieval figures, initial bosses being things like Knights, Barons, dukes, bandits etc. And high level content ones being Lords, Ladies and finally the Monarch.
  • 11. PAGE 10 CUTSCENES, BONUS MATERIAL AND COMPS The games cutscenes are going to be presented in between levels, a way of introducing the player to the storyline, as well as telling the game narrative along with it. They are most likely going to be in a simple still image format, but cg scripting may be required to make the text, and story more interactive. The bonus material will be very incentive, for example. other campaign scenarios can be unlocked when the initial storyline is completed. That means, more maps, quests, characters, bosses and non linear storyline options.  In terms of marketing competition, it will be be competing with Role-Playing, Strategy games, for example. ‘Kingdom Age’, ‘Reign of Dragons’ etc. These games are found in the apple App store.