Exploring The Visual Resume Ffld Library April 2012
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Exploring The Visual Resume Ffld Library April 2012

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What visual resume would you choose? Explore the options with presenter Lynn Moore of Moore Marketing LLC.

What visual resume would you choose? Explore the options with presenter Lynn Moore of Moore Marketing LLC.

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  • 1. Lynn MooreWeb Chief Community Officerand Social Media Expert
  • 2. I am a senior internetmarketing leader withmore than 10 years ofexperience in onlinemedia strategy, productionand implementation.I build online communitiesthat last. Moore Marketing LLC
  • 3. Exploring the Visual Resume • Personal Branding • Prezi.com • About.me • DoYouBuzz.com • Video Resumes • SlideShare.com • BrandYourself.com Moore Marketing LLC
  • 4. Your Personal Brand • Define your brand • You’re already doing it • Leverage who you are • Be authentic • Define your audience • Differentiate yourself • The 3 Cs Moore Marketing LLC
  • 5. Long-term unemployed or not… Position yourself by: • taking a class or going back to school • volunteering increases the candidates marketability • taking a temporary or contract assignment is advisable • Two job search tactics that are vastly underutilized: follow-through and presenting customized ideas to yourClick on image above to link to article prospective employer
  • 6. Personal Branding: Define your brand Do a self-assessment of your top attributes. • What 3 or 4 adjectives best describe the value you offer? • What words do you use to define your personality? – Collaborative, resourceful, flexible, forward- thinking, risk-taking, connected, visionary, diplomatic, intuitive, precise, enterprising, ethical, genuine, accessible, loyal... Moore Marketing LLC
  • 7. Personal Branding: You’re already doing itWhat are your core strengths or motivated skills?• In what functions and responsibilities do you excel?• What things are you the designated “go-to” person for?• What would your company have a hard time replacing if you left suddenly? – Identifying problems, seeing the details, leading, delegating, performing analysis, fact finding, crunching numbers, anticipating risk, motivating, mentoring, innovating, managing conflict, writing, listening, communicating… Moore Marketing LLC
  • 8. Personal Branding: Leverage who you areGet feedback from those who know you best – at work, at home, anywhere.• The true measure of your brand is the reputation others hold of you in their hearts and minds. – Notice how they introduce you to others. Ask them what your top brand attributes and core strengths are. – How does your self-assessment match with their feedback? Moore Marketing LLC
  • 9. Personal Branding: Be authenticWhat are your values and passions?• Your belief system and operating principles are at the core of determining whether an opportunity in front of you will be a good fit for you. – If the passions that drive you aren’t met, you probably won’t be happy. Moore Marketing LLC
  • 10. Personal Branding: Define your audienceWho is your target audience?• Determine where you want to fit in (industry and niche area of expertise). – Learn what decision makers in that field are looking for when they’re vetting candidates. – Find out where those decision makers hang out and what keywords will attract them, and then position yourself in front of them to capture their attention. Moore Marketing LLC
  • 11. Personal Branding: Differentiate yourselfWho is your competition in the marketplace and what differentiates you from them?• Determine why decision makers should choose whatever you’re offering over the others offering similar value. – What makes you the best choice? – What makes you a good investment? – What value will you bring that no one else will?
  • 12. Personal Branding: The 3 CsThe 3 Cs of personal branding:• Clear – be clear about who you are and who you are not.• Consistent – steadfastly express your brand across all communications vehicles.• Constant – strong brands are always visible to their target audience.
  • 13. What does your picture say? Independent Associate Internet Sales at A Person Who at Viridian Energy Greenwich BMW Doesn’t Care Owner at Art+Works Realtor, Short Sale Foreclosure Resource
  • 14. About.me Click on image above to link to video Moore Marketing LLC
  • 15. About.me It’s creative! It’s FREE! It’s SEO! It comes with free business cards!
  • 16. About.me Moore Marketing LLC
  • 17. About.me Moore Marketing LLC
  • 18. Prezi.com Click on image above to link to video Moore Marketing LLC
  • 19. Prezi.com Prezi presentations are built upon four basic elements: • Content (text, images, videos, or PDF) • Effects (zooming in, zooming out, going from point a to point b, varying the text size, etc.) • Visual Enhancements (frames, arrows, lines, and a marker) • Paths (the flow of the presentation) Moore Marketing LLC
  • 20. Prezi.com Moore Marketing LLC
  • 21. DoYouBuzz .com Click on image above to link to video Moore Marketing LLC
  • 22. DoYouBuzz .com Advantages • Personalized URL • Includes video option • Your name comes up in search • Automatically creates a PDF version of your resume • Easily shareable on Linked In and Facebook Moore Marketing LLC
  • 23. DoYouBuzz .com Moore Marketing LLC
  • 24. 5 Video Resume Tips 1. Make sure it’s appropriate • Don’t just create a video resume because you can, create one because it’s relevant to the job you want to do. Moore Marketing LLC
  • 25. Professionally Made Video (?) Click on image above to link to video
  • 26. 5 Video Resume Tips 2. Don’t Just Read Your Resume • The whole point of a video presentation is to offer a potential employer greater insight into you than a traditional resume can. Moore Marketing LLC
  • 27. Professionally Made Video Click on image above to link to video Moore Marketing LLC
  • 28. 5 Video Resume Tips 3. Keep it Short Keep your video resume short: a one-minute mark is ideal but within two minutes is fine. Moore Marketing LLC
  • 29. Professionally Made Video Click on image above to link to video Moore Marketing LLC
  • 30. 5 Video Resume Tips 4. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Creative – If you’re opting for a video resume, then go the all the way and make it spectacular. – Be creative, whether that’s with the concept of your pitch, use of humor, clever production values or brilliant editing. Moore Marketing LLC
  • 31. 5 Video Resume Tips 5. Make Sure It Passes the Share Test – As with all online life, don’t put content out there that you wouldn’t be prepared to see go viral. – It’s unlikely your video resume will become an overnight Internet sensation, but imagining that scenario is a good test to make sure you could cope if it did. Moore Marketing LLC
  • 32. SlideShare.com Click on any image above to view these Slide Share presentations. Moore Marketing LLC
  • 33. LinkedIn Job Seeker Moore Marketing LLC
  • 34. BrandYourself.com Free, simple and easy to use. The Creates a short profile that more you have to link to it, the uploads from your LinkedIn. better the results. Moore Marketing LLC
  • 35. BrandYourself.com
  • 36. DoYouBuzz.com BrandYourself.comSlideShare.com About .me Moore Marketing LLC
  • 37. Thank YouI would love to hear from you. Please contact me andlet me know your thoughts.http://www.MooreMarketingOnline.comhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/mooremarketingonlinehttps://www.facebook.com/MooreMarketingLLCLynn.Moore@MooreMarketingOnline.comC 203 610 1934
  • 38. ResourcesJob Lead Websites Sites mentioned• http://jobsearch.about.com/od/t • http://slidesha.re/IZdHTD opjobsdb/a/bestsites.htm • Doyoubuzz.comArticles • About.me• http://blogs.hbr.org/hmu/2011/1 2/boost-your-career-with- • Brandyourself.com social.html • Prezi.com• http://socialtimes.com/online- resume-doyoubuzz_b23881More about video resumes• http://mashable.com/2011/01/1 7/tips-video-resumes/ Lynn.Moore@MooreMarketingOnline.com C 203 610 1934