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5g Zebra

  1. 1. Zebras On the Loose!!! By: Erika 5G
  2. 2. About the Author ◊ Hi, My name is Erika. ◊ I like playing volleyball, football, dancing, basketball,skateboarding. ◊ I chose this animal because it sounded cool and I wanted to learn more about it. ◊ I love ice cream, spaghetti, and chicken nuggets.
  3. 3. Who am I ? ◊ I’m a zebra! ◊ I’m 3.5 ft up to my shoulder. ◊ I’m 5ft up to the tips of my hair. ◊ I live up to 25 years old. ◊ My colors are black and white. ◊ My stripes help me camouflage. ◊ My patterns make it hard for predators to see me. ◊ I weight up to 440 lbs to 990 lbs. ◊ Isn’t that heavy.
  4. 4. The Early Years ◊ As a young zebras can travel outside the herd as long as they are near the female. ◊ They nurse from there mom and do not have a hard time finding there mother.
  5. 5. Habitat Sweet Habitat ◊ Zebras live in southern Africa so they live in grass area where there is twigs, plants, and more. ◊ They live where the grass is high because then the predators won’t see them as well as they will see them in short grass.
  6. 6. What’s On the Menu The zebra eat grass. Zebras are herbivore so the eat grass . They drink water like you and me.
  7. 7. Making Tracks ◊ The zebras are relatives to the horse. ◊ So when the zebras leave tracks they often look like the horses hooves. ◊ Just like horses the zebra has hooves.
  8. 8. Simply Irresistible ◊ Zebras are costly being aware of lions and hyenas. ◊ Many zebras keep eye for danger. ◊ If an animal is attacked the others will keep defense by circling the injured animal. ◊ To scare the predators away.
  9. 9. “Where in the World?” ◊ The zebra lives in southern Africa. ◊ They live were the grass is and were it is hot out. ◊ Southern Africa is full with grass, corn, and more for a zebra to eat.
  10. 10. Did You Know? Fun Fact! Did You Know ◊ ◊ Size of the relative is 6ft ( 2 men). The zebra comes from the name Old Pentagon which comes from Zevra which comes from Wild Ass. Fun Fact ◊ ◊ Zebras are social animals they spend most of there time in herds so they can defend themselves . ◊ Zebras and there uniqueness with there strips help recognize each other.
  11. 11. Resource List ◊ http://www.myinkblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/grass-tut-no-dirt.jpg picture slide 6 ◊ http://www.slavata.com/kenya/images/zebras.jpg picture slide 1 ◊ http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/41822000/jpg/_41822452_zebra416pa.jpg picture slide 4 ◊ http://www.horsewallpapers.in/bulkupload/Horse/Other/Zebra Line.jpg picture slide 3 ◊. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f5/LocationSouthernAfrica.png/350px- LocationSouthernAfrica.png picture slide 9 http://www.planetcatfish.com/images/full/_misc/natural/guarico_espino/1 picture slide 5 http://lastlaugh.inf.cs.cmu.edu/alex/southafrica/zebraTracks2-1-29.JPG picture slide 7