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5 S Cheetah
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5 S Cheetah


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. The Fastest Animal By Danika
  • 2. About the Author My name is Danika.I like  bananas, chocolate syrup, strawberries, kiwi, and a whole bunch of other fruits. My hobby is drawing flowers and naming them. I have at least 9 of them. I am writing about this animal because it is the only animal that I looked up and the information was good.
  • 3. Who Am I The cheetah is the fastest  animal in the world. The height of a cheetah is 21/2-3 feet to their shoulders. The population today is about 9,000 to 12,000 in the world. The life span is 10-12 years in their life. The cheetah’s black lines to their eyes to their nose is to keep the sun out of their eyes. A lot of cheetah’s live on farmlands because plains are being turned into grasslands. Since most of the plain is farmland the cheetah lives on the farm.
  • 4. The Early Years The baby stay’s in the moms  stomach for 3-4 months. When the babies are born they don’t look exactly tan and brown, instead they are grayish with hair that is long and fuzzy and puffy. That is supposed to hide them in the grass. The mother moves them very often to different places to hide. At 5 or 6 weeks the cubs follow their mother and eat there kill. They are about 4 cubs per litter. A baby cheetah cub can walk when they are about 2 or3 weeks old.
  • 5. Habitat Sweet Habitat The cheetah lives in  a grass land on a plain. They live on a plain so they can run fast and its where they are found.
  • 6. What’s on the Menu The cheetah eats staples -  gazelle, wild beast calyces, and impales. Cheetah’s like to hunt small hoofed animals. Cheetah’s like to hunt in the late morning or early afternoon, so they can hunt animals that are out then.
  • 7. Making Tracks A cheetah track has  3 toe pads and a big pad at the bottom. You can find them on the savannah. There are claw marks with every paw print because, the cheetah can’t draw in their claws.
  • 8. Simply Irresistible Wow! The cheetah’s  top speed is 70 mph. can you believe that? Their body is actually built for speed with their long legs, and body they can run fast.
  • 9. Where in the World? The cheetah is found  in Africa and Aisa, south Africa to India.
  • 10. Did You Know? The cheetah’s  population dropped in 1990 to today. The biggest threat  to cheetahs is habitat loss.
  • 11. Fun Fact The cubs wooly hair  is called a mantle. Sometimes lions or  hyenas eat cheetahs.
  • 12. Resource List! picture slide 6   Zoological Society London.jpg slide 3  picture slide  4 picture slide 5  picture slide 7  Satellite  small.jpg picture slide 9  marking-tree-cs-namibia.jpg picture slide 10 picture slide 11  picture slide  1