All Hands on Deck: An Integrated Approach to Career Development- Part I


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All Hands on Deck: An Integrated Approach to Career Development- Part I

  1. 1. Getting Your Entire Campus Community Engaged in Career Development All Hands on Deck:
  2. 2. • Session 1: External Forces: Pressures impacting Career Services • Session 2: A New Framework: How to develop a new integrated approach that engages the entire campus • Session 3: Moving Forward: Implementing an “all hands on deck” approach Learning Objectives Lakeisha Mathews, CPRW, CPCC, GCDF
  3. 3. Who is Here? South Plains College • Olivet Nazarene University • Bryant & Stratton College • Missouri S&T • Ryerson University • Minot State University • Mesa Community College • William Jewell College • Stephen F. Austin State University • Sarah Lawrence College • Ozarks Technical CC The Career Center at East Carolina University • Spalding University • Marist College • Vincennes University • Frostburg State University Apollo Education Group • Columbia State Community College • Millikin University • Bronx Community College • Webster University • Butler University College of Business SCNM • Salem Community College • The Culinary Institute of America • Colorado Technical University • Rasmussen College • Babson College • Spelman College • Career Planning-The College of Wooster Lakeland College • MCPHS University • Alverno College • Skidmore College • Fairleigh Dickinson University • Brigham Young University • Onondaga Community College Texas Christian University • Neumann University • Lawrence University • Lake Forest Graduate School of Management • Catawba College Eastern CT State University • Macalester College • UNC Charlotte - University Career Center • California State University • San Marcos Cuyahoga Community College • McDaniel College • Westminster College • Selkirk College • Hagerstown Community College • Wor-Wic Community College • Durham College • Radford University Career Services • Richard Stockton College of NJ • Temple University Indiana Tech Career Center • Auburn University Career Center • Lakeland Community College-Career Services Center
  4. 4. Lakeisha Mathews, CPRW, CPCC, GCDF Session I “President Obama outlined an ambitious new agenda to combat rising college costs and make college affordable…His plan will measure college performance through a new ratings system so students and families have the information to select schools that provide the best value.” Session I: External Forces Pressures Impacting the Office of Career Services
  5. 5. Getting Your Entire Campus Community Engaged in Career Development Agenda External Forces Identify external forces Identify national trends in employment & higher education Understand internal forces Define Integrated Approach to career development4 3 2 1 Lakeisha Mathews, CPRW, CPCC, GCDF
  6. 6. The average student loan debt nation wide is between $26,000 - $29,000 Out of 37 countries, the United States ranks _____ in the world in the percentage of young adults who complete college The US DOE’s College Scorecard for prospective students includes costs, graduation rate, loan default rate, median borrowing and ____________ The nations student loan debt surpassed: (a) $1 billion or (b) $1 trillion in late 2011 The Higher Education Act (HEA) which governs federal student aid is up for congressional renewal What skills do employers see as the most important for professionals to succeed in the workplace What Do You Think 1 2 3 4 5 6 Lakeisha Mathews, CPRW, CPCC, GCDF
  7. 7. External Pressures Lakeisha Mathews, CPRW, CPCC, GCDF Higher Education Act Student Loan Debt High Unemployment/Underemployment Undecided Students Skill Gap
  8. 8. Internal Pressures Lakeisha Mathews, CPRW, CPCC, GCDF Student Success Student Retention Enrollment Management Academic Disconnect Lack of Collaboration
  9. 9. Change in Labor Market • Knowledge trumps pedigree • Education is just a part of the professional package • Neither companies nor professionals are loyal • Technology and connectivity • Globalization • Diversity “The education and labor market institutions that were the foundation of a 20th century system are out of sync with the 21st century knowledge economy” --Failure to Launch Lakeisha Mathews, CPRW, CPCC, GCDF
  10. 10. Business Leaders Say Knowledge Trumps College Pedigree Knowledge about field 84% Applied skills 79% Major 28% College/University 9% What Employers Want
  11. 11. • Adult learner • Distance education • MOOCs • Cost effectiveness • Financial Aid • Funding • Help connection education to careers • Adopt policies that promote gainful employment Change in Educational Landscape
  12. 12. Questions
  13. 13. The Answer – Integrated Approach Transformation All Hands on Deck Integrated Approach
  14. 14. Goals and Objectives Integrated Approach • Maximize campus resources to develop students and ensure employability. • Provide unified services (experiential learning, career advising/coaching). • Ensure cost-effectiveness; lower costs. • Ensure high level employer relations. • Increase/ensure gainful employment. • Connect all students to career services.
  15. 15. Education to Employment by: McKinsey Center for Government The Skills Gap 3 Part-Framework Enrollment Building Skills Finding a Job Finding a Job Matchmaking | Credentials | Coordination Enrollment Access | Completion | Student Decisions Building Skills Accountability | Delivery | Curriculum
  16. 16. Three Part Framework Finding a Job Matchmaking | Credentials | Coordination Enrollment Access | Completion | Student Decisions Building Skills Accountability | Delivery | Curriculum Admission Financial Aid Choosing a Major Classroom/ Faculty Experiential Learning Learning Outcomes Services/Programs Professional Dev. Employer Relations Employability Skills
  17. 17. Influences on a college student’s major Power in NumbersIt Takes a Village… Experiential Learning Faculty Parental/ Family Walmsley, Wilson & Morgan
  18. 18. Career Services has an impact on: – Retention – Student persistence – Academic success – Graduation Rates – Enrollment – Placement Return On Investment Career Services Matters Major Congruence Students who base their college major in interests and personality are more likely to: - Earn higher grades - Stick with their choice - Graduate on time - Be more satisfied and successful in their career --Lawrence K. Jones, Ph.D Choosing a College Major Based on Your Personality
  19. 19. Who Moved My Cheese Change Happens They Keep Moving The Cheese Anticipate Change Get Ready For The Cheese To Move Monitor Change Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old Adapt To Change Quickly The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese
  20. 20. Revolution • Wake Forrest • Rethinking Success
  21. 21. 1. Connections with student and faculty communities 2. Connections with alumni and parent communities 3. Connections with employer communities Leading the Way Stanford’s Career Connections Model
  22. 22. Institutional Focus: Imagine your future – Design your career • Academic majors: focused on real world • Experiential Learning: outside of classroom experience • Career Services: placement rate Leading the Way Stevenson’s Career Architecture
  23. 23. Institutional Focus: Knowledge that works • Developing students employability skills • Engaging the entire campus community • Connecting students to alumni and employers Leading the Way University of Baltimore’s Career Cycle
  24. 24. • Interim Solution • Consultant • Campus wide input How Did We Get Here • Total enrollment: 6,518 • Full-time: 48.7 percent • Part-time: 51.3 percent • Average Age: 28, 32, 27 • Student-faculty ratio: 15.2:1 • USM system • Urban education/Heart of Charm City • Finish4Free UB At-A-Glance:
  25. 25. • Multiple ways to implement an integrated approach • Not one size fits all A Word of Wisdom
  26. 26. • The plan to make college more affordable • A Road Map for Transforming the College-to- Career-Experience • Failure to Launch • College Productivity: Four Steps to Finishing First Key Reading for Today
  27. 27. Questions Next Session: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Lakeisha Mathews, CPRW, CPCC, GCDF University of Baltimore, Career and Professional Development Center