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Information network  why ithos
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Information network why ithos


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Information Network
  • 2. Information Network: Overview •Information Network consists of compliance related web-based business applications that access a Compliance Library (regulatory content repositories) for managing product compliance. •It is comprised of Sources of content and the applications that act on that stored information (Sources include: Internet based, company specific information, data from content and regulatory information suppliers, government and information from industry associations).
  • 3. Information Network: Overview •With Ithos Information Network (IIN) an unlimited number of users can access the Compliance Libraries constructed to enable the company to ensure product compliance. •The Compliance Libraries are built with Taxonomies (for guided navigation) and Thesauri (for handling multi-lingual requirements, searchable Legislation, and content that needs to be loaded into other business applications).
  • 4. Information Network: Components Details
  • 5. Information Network: Components Search (Information Retrieval)- organizes unstructured content to enable enterprise-wide users to access hard to find information fast and easy. PLM
  • 6. Information Network: Components PLM Compliance (Regulatory PLM)- provides access to documentation on formula ingredients. Rules are designed and constructed for aiding recurring workflows. Document Mgmt
  • 7. Information Network: Components Document Management (Integrates Regulatory with PLM)- reduces the cost and integrates compliance document creation with design and development functions. Content Mgmt
  • 8. Information Network: Components Content Management (Maintained Content)- achieve product compliance with expert systems, product screening, and application integration all with one centralized repository. Discovery
  • 9. Information Network: Components Discovery Discovery: simplify the process of finding enterprise information that is “hard to find” and maintained in large, disparate repositories. Authoring
  • 10. Information Network: Components Authoring Authoring: stores and manages substance information to be used in template driven hazardous document creation. Mining
  • 11. Information Network: Components Mining Mining: the detailed analysis of document collections. Users can “find” more relevant content, in its context. Supply Chain
  • 12. Information Network: Components Supply Chain Supply Chain: sustainability begins with the supply chain. Ensure compliance and reduce the potential for liability. Why Ithos
  • 13. Information Network •International Food companies are increasingly challenged to quickly “Find, Interpret, and Maintain” Global Regulations that are imposing restrictions on Ingredients. •Food Processing companies need enterprise software solutions to ensure traceability from their suppliers who leave them vulnerable to RISK: Damages and Costs due to recall & Negative impact on Brands •Ithos develops software automation and advanced SEARCH technologies that will change these conditions by providing fast and easy access to Global Regulatory Content and solutions that Reduce Risk due to unknown supplier issues. |